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Tyler, The Creator Does An Hilarious Desiigner Dab Impersonation

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The only thing upcoming Brooklyn artist Desiigner may be best known for, other than his chart-climbing single “Panda,” is excessive, passionate dabbing.

Any live video of the 19 year old performing will do if you’re in the mood for a furious dabber. Corny or cute or both, Desiigner never disappoints.

Seasoned funny man Tyler, The Creator has taken it upon himself to do a little Desiigner rendition of his own, to the tune of Kanye’s “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2.” Kanye sampled “Panda” on the song from TLOP, which definitely didn’t hurt its success.

Tyler, The Creator Does An Hilarious Desiigner Dab Impersonation

Desiigner Went So Hard During This ‘Panda’ Performance That He Threw Up

We’ve all been there

Desiigner has given new meaning to the phrase “puke and rally.”

Over the weekend, while performing his hit “Panda” at Emporium in Long Island, the rapper came down with a classic case of Going Way Too Hard, symptoms of which include unhinged dabbing, dislodging your head from your spine, and throwing up. In this case, it was all three (or at least two).

The scene was both gross — the dude threw up onstage mid-performance — and beautiful. He acted like the vomiting was just a way to personally season his dab, giving it a distinct flavor.

Something tells me this won’t even be the craziest Desiigner-related stage moment of the month.

Desiigner throws up while performing "Panda," but that doesn't stop him.