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Dip-N-Grow Rooting Hormone

Dip ‘N Grow’s exclusive, proven formula contains both rooting auxins recognized as root inducing (IBA and NAA). Because alcohol is used as the solvent for the active ingredients, Dip ‘N Grow is self-sanitizing. Cross-contamination problems are eliminated.

With Dip ‘N Grow, all desired concentrations are obtained from one bottle. A 1:10 ratio with a 3-5 second dip is a good start for most cuttings. The ratio can be varied for the type of cutting or to suit the individual grower’s climate or growing conditions. As a liquid concentrate, Dip ‘N Grow allows the rooting hormones to be absorbed into the cutting stem more evenly and easily, increasing rooting success over the leading powders.

Mix only for immediate use. For best results once diluted, Dip ‘N Grow should be used within 10 hours. Read and follow the directions for use and precautionary statements. Applicators and other handlers must wear: long-sleeved shirt and long pants, chemical resistant gloves, such as barrier laminate, butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, polyvinyl chloride, or viton, and shoes plus socks.

One Pint Container.

Additional Information

Important Note

Due to regulations, we cannot ship this item to customers located in the following areas:

  • California
  • Canada
  • Alaska

Orders placed requesting shipment to any address within the above listed areas will not be processed.

Dip 'N Grow is one of the most effective rooting hormones available. This one pint bottle of liquid concentrate is easily diluted with water to obtain the necessary strength.

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    A grower here Pm’d me and showed concern over the use of Dip N’ Grow and other cloning products that contain the popular rooting agents Indobutyric acid (IBA)(synthetic) and napthaleneacetic acid (NAA) to name a few.

    Should you have similar concerns, this page gives a bit of info and is a place to start fretting about it all.

    I have no personal concerns. Petro chem ferts and inhaling butane on every toke are as much of a risk, IMO, as the VERY occasional use of a cloning agent.

    But. to be fair. there ya go. a bit of *info* so you can decide on your own what is the best course of action to take for your own bad self.

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    Expose the clone to 70-75 degree air temps. up to 80-85 is OK..but watch them closer at these temps for stem rot. I do NOT use a heating mat. it will FRY EM. If it’s WINTER and the room is below CAN use a haeting mat..but you need to place a few layers of TOWELS in between the tray and the mat to keep the temp in the 7–80 degree range. Many mat internally set for 15-20 degrees over the ambient AIR if it’s 75 in yer room the may may get to 95..again..NOT GOOD.

    For light. I use floros..but HID can be used from a distance of 4-5 FT. Think “way off to the side”. barely getting any light really. if you DO use HID. For floros or CFL’s. the same rule applies. keep em a few feet away..just offering a good amount of indirect lighting. If it’s side light and the cuts bend to the light after a few days. rotate the tray 180 degrees.

    Once the clone has rooted. generally in 7-14 days. you can then begin to SLOWLY take the dome off the tray. I do it over a 2 day period..making sure the cubes are WELL WATERED..thenleaving the lid ajar overnight. then a bit more the next day. removing it fully that night or the next AM.

    At this point the clone can be planted in soil..hydroton, coco, etc. etc. etc. and can start to be fertilized. About the only thing you can’t do to it at this point is get it out of it’s cube/RR home.

    The clone will be an EXACT representation of the plant it came from. Given the *same* conditions and growing approaches repeatedly. it will be roughly the same size as the mom and will offer the same amount of bud time and time again as the parental plant offered.

    Contrary to the beliefs of some, you can take a clone of a clone of a clone of a clone etc. etc. etc. to nifinity and not lose yield or potenct as ong as the cut/plant/strain REMAINS HEALTHY.

    You can keep a “mother plant” and take cuts from her every 8 weeks on an 8 week strain..or you can simply take cuts from the bottom of every plant in your garden every 8 weeks on an 8 week strain and root those and continue on forever that way. It all depends on your preference and you available space.

    I will edit this as needed. but that is the GENERAL idea of the process.
    If you have an additional approach to taking clones or would like to illustrate how you approach/carry out the process you are familair with, please start a new thread and share your knowledge there to keep this tutorial intact.

    Remember, this is not the only way, this is just one of the ways I have done it successfully.

    good luck. and remember. CLONING IS SHARING.

    Dedicated to medical and legal cannabis ]]>