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How to Make a Homemade Nectar Collector

A homemade nectar collector is great for emergency dabs. You can make it when you lost your nectar collector, or when it gets broken while you wait for a replacement.

Making a homemade nectar collector

Materials you will need will be:

  1. 6mm reusable stainless steel straw
  2. A hard vegetable such as a carrot or potato
  3. Plastic medicine bottle. You can get either a straight cylindrical pill bottle or a refillable medicine dropper.
  4. 3-edged file
  5. Cutter/knife
  6. Sandpaper

  • 8mm borosilicate glass tube
  • Hack saw
  • Torch or fine sandpaper
  • Food grade silicone sealant

  1. Make a small 12mm-diameter cylinder about 2 inches long using your vegetable.
  2. Push in the metal straw, sharp edge first until it reaches the other side. Allow about half an inch of straw to peek through.
  3. Measure approximately 4-6 inches of straw from the surface of the vegetable and mark it. Take it out of the vegetable.
  4. Use the hack saw to cut the straw. Smoothen the cut edges with sandpaper and push out the vegetable stuck inside the straw. This will be your dab nail.
  5. Cut the cap of the medicine bottle so that your cut vegetable will fit through. Use food grade sealant if there are holes on the lid.
  6. For the mouthpiece, cut a small hole at the center of the bottom end of your pill bottle.
  7. You can use the other half of the metal straw as your mouthpiece. Insert the smooth part of the straw halfway through the bottle.
  8. Measure about 3-4 inches of straw from the surface of the bottle and mark it.
  9. Cut the straw and take it out. Smoothen the edges and insert the straw back to the bottle, cut side first. Or:
  10. Get your glass tubing and insert it about half an inch through.
  11. Measure your desired length and mark where you want to cut the tube.
  12. Cut the glass tube and smoothen the edges using your torch or fine sandpaper. Make sure the edges are smooth to prevent cutting yourself.
  13. Insert the glass tube inside the bottle.
  14. Use food grade sealant to plug any gaps.

Now you have your very own homemade nectar collector. You can use a socket instead of the vegetable. However, be careful about heat transfer. Reusable metal straws are thin. They can heat fast and conduct heat at the same rate. Depending on how hot your straw can become, also heat up the socket, causing the plastic to melt. The vegetable serves as a coolant and/or insulator to prevent this from happening.

Re-purposing broken nectar collector

You can also use the nail from your broken nectar collector.

  1. Get the titanium nail of your nectar collector.
  2. Place it on the mouth of a small plastic water bottle. Check the fit. Use duct tape or food grade sealant to secure the nail.
  3. Cut a small hole at the bottom end of the water bottle and insert the mouthpiece of your nectar collector. Seal any gaps.

If you will notice, these homemade nectar collector systems do not allow for you to use water in them. Also, the setup is not advisable for high-temperature dabs. As with all of the other DIY smoking devices, we advise that you use your homemade nectar collector sparingly. Dispose of the plastic parts immediately after use.

Do you have your own homemade nectar collector? Show them in the comment section below!

Making a homemade nectar collector is easy. You can use simple materials that you can find at home. Use it while you wait for your special nectar collector


How to Celebrate 7/10 if You Don’t Have a Dab Rig

Oil Day, or 710, at its core, is an inclusive holiday—a time for people of all stripes to come together under the gorgeous green banner of dabs.

Yet not everyone will be to be able to celebrate this July 10. Did you know that as many as one in 10 Oregon households doesn’t contain a single functioning dab rig? Well, July 10, 2016, marks the first 710 since cannabis concentrates became legal for recreational users, which means there are a lot of people who might struggle to make the leap up from 4/20.

To address the lack of dab access for too many Oregonians, we’ve gone into overdrive looking for functional alternatives to buying an expensive dab rig. The darker recesses of YouTube are abuzz with instructional videos for makeshift dab rigs—we tried two of the most basic and found the best.

At first, we wanted to create something that would really pop. Something with style and form and a little bit of edge. So we got a light bulb.

The light-bulb pipe, a method first popularized by methamphetamine enthusiasts, seemed like the perfect place to start. Most people can find one lying around the house, and in theory, all you have to do is open it up with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers, take out all of the innards, give it a little rinse, heat it up, and put a piece of wax or shatter in the bottom,

Unfortunately, opening up a light bulb is not as easy as the videos suggest. Despite multiple attempts on multiple bulbs, the casing simply would not budge. And when one of my light bulbs shattered so violently that I nearly took a shard to the eye, it was time to accept that this method was deeply flawed.

As I returned to the drawing board, it quickly became evident that the simplest approach was the best. The knife hit employs common household objects, minimizes risk of bodily injury and functions just as it’s supposed to.

For people who don’t have a fancy rig, the the knife hit is a classic trick—all you need is a metal knife, a paper clip or pen, and a disposable plastic water bottle.

Cut the plastic water bottle in half, and notch the bottom of the top half of the bottle. Take off the cap and stand the half bottle on a flat surface. Put a li’l dab of cannabis oil on your paper clip, or any other small, pointy metal object. Heat up a butter knife, preferably with a blowtorch—a stove top, Bunsen burner or campfire will also suffice. When you’re ready to take your hit, stick the hot knife through the slot you’ve made. Touch the oil to the hot knife, and inhale through the top of the bottle.

Potlander How to Celebrate 7/10 if You Don’t Have a Dab Rig Oil Day, or 710, at its core, is an inclusive holiday—a time for people of all stripes to come together under the gorgeous green ]]>