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Pax 3 Vaporizer Is Like The Heated Seat In Your Midsize Sedan

California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine just legalized recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana has been legalized in North Dakota, Arkansas, Florida and Montana. What does this mean for the marijuana industry? It means the obvious. It means that the industry is about to expand once again. With every expansion there is a new contingent of users who slowly realize the Cheech and Chong stereotypes of marijuana users aren’t totally accurate. Not everyone is ripping bong hits and filling the air with sometimes acrid smoke. Technology has entered the cannabis industry just as hard as any other. This is evident in devices like the Pax 3, a slick vape pen for dry herb that will change perceptions and your mind, just like some select strains of marijuana.

Vaping is super cool. When I walk around using my Vertx people look at me and say, “damn hipsters.” Aside from being a social pariah, vaping is damn efficient. With the Pax 3 every pull is smooth and rarely induces a coughing fit (no matter what dry substance you are using). Vaping doesn’t create the stink cloud around you, your clothes don’t smell and if you are using it for marijuana you get all the THC your medical condition or recreational need asked for.

I’ve been using the Pax vape since the Pax 2, so not that long. The point being, is that this thing doesn’t look like a vape. It looks like some futuristic remote control for a television that hasn’t been invented yet. There are a couple changes between the versions, but if you’ve never used either you won’t notice the changes. It’s like telling me that my feet will feel different if I start putting gummy bears in my shoes, something I’m never going to do again.

One of the notable new features is the ability to use extract in the Pax 3, with an additional insert for concentrates. This is a handy feature for those of in states where concentrated anything is readily available. The Pax 3 also works with an app (many vapes have apps these days, most of which I find pointless) which lets you control temperature to the degree, play games (who cares) and most importantly — lock your Pax. The Pax 3 is my slick vape, you aren’t gonna get a tug off this one bro. I’m not sharing. I’m that guy.

The battery on the Pax 3 is killer. I’ve had it for two weeks with regular use and have yet to lay it on the charger. It’s probably getting low. I could probably check that in the app if I’d bothered to install the app. Like I said, I’m not too keen on apps to control every single thing. Selecting a heat level by holding down the button until three out of four lights glow is good enough for me at the moment. The Pax 3 heats up within 15-20 seconds and gives a satisfactory vibration when it’s heated up. When you bring it up to get a solid draw, it stays heated and cools when you set it down. Give it a little shake and it heats right back up. This isn’t your grandfather’s pipe.

There are a couple things to keep in mind when using the Pax 3, especially with cannabis product. The first is that any loose leaf stuff must be broken up nicely and well packed. The Pax 3 comes with a little scraping tool and I find that herb lasts longer if you flip it in the oven before disposing of it. Obviously the dryer the herb is, the better it will heat and the better draw you’ll get. The other important point about the Pax is that you have to keep it clean.

This isn’t some cheap pipe that you picked up at the Dollar Store or made out of a Coke can and a ballpoint pen. This is a $275 piece of high-grade technology that you can quickly ruin if you don’t have a stock of pipe cleaners on hand. It comes with a few replacement screens and a 10-year warranty, but I can’t stress enough how much monthly or even weekly cleanings can extend the life of such a device. Not to mention, the cleaner it is, the better pulls you’ll get. A clogged up and dirty device will end up with you just wasting herb and not getting the results you want.

There are many ways to ingest cannabis or dry herb (but we’re really talking about cannabis here). The Pax 3 is a highly functional and modern way to do it. Like a warm butt in a Ford Fusion (see, now the header makes sense) it’s not completely necessary but is pretty damn nice. I can’t think of a better way to move into a new era of cannabis in the mainstream than with the Pax 3 in hand. Yes, you can also rip fat clouds.

The Pax 3 is to vape pens what Kanye West is to music, if that makes any sense. The Cannabis industry is now a high tech accessory playground.

Does PAX Vape Smell?

Smell is a tell-tale sign of cannabis use. One of the primary appeals of vaporizers is their discretion, so it makes sense that many consumers want to know if vaping produces the same unmistakable scent. PAX vaporizers , for example, may be designed for use with both dry herb and cannabis concentrate material, but does vaping minimize the smell? To better understand the answer, we need to dive into the causes of those aromas in the first place.

Does it smell?

Before vaporizing your material, it might already have a distinct odor. Mostly, this depends on what type of material you are using. Dry herb will have a different scent than concentrates, like oil and wax. No matter which type of cannabis you are vaporizing, it is likely to have a detectable aroma. The odor of un-vaporized material will be highly localized, varying in intensity based on the specific material but never traveling very far beyond the material itself.

But what about during and after vaporization? If you vape in an enclosed space, where vaping is permitted, are you going to be doomed to sit in the stench for hours to come? The answer is no. Although vaping your material will likely result in a subtle scent, it will quickly dissipate after your session.

Why does vaporizing produce little smell?

Vaping doesn’t produce the same kinds of smells as other forms of consumption, nor do the aromas linger after use. However, you should expect some light smells while your vape is initially warming your material. Moreover, the aromas produced by vaping will be lighter and true to the nature of your cannabis material, rather than a harsh, intense smell like that produced by smoke.

Vaping does produce an aroma, but it does not linger like the smell of smoke . Where there is smoke, there is incomplete combustion, meaning there is not enough oxygen to burn the material. Smoke is made up of leftover particles known as volatile organic compounds. These compounds are evaporating hydrocarbons broken down into water and carbon dioxide; these are not necessarily compounds found in the original material. Smoke is dense and sticky, causing a “coating effect” that clings to many materials and leaves a persistent smell that is hard to get out. For example, if you were to light a campfire indoors, it would be extremely difficult to get the smell out of clothes, furniture, and carpets.

Vapor, on the other hand, is simply the same material you loaded into your device, just turned into its gaseous form. Unlike smoke, the compounds in vaporized material are precisely the same as those found in the material prior to vaporization. Vapor is also much lighter and dissipates quickly, without the coating effect of smoke. Consider a pot of boiling water in contrast to the campfire; there might be a light aroma as the water boils, but once the heat source is cut off the vapor will dissipate, and no distinct smell remains.

How to minimize a vaporizer’s cannabis smell

While vaporizing cannabis materials reduces smell compared with combustion, you may still want to reduce the subtle aromas produced by your dry herb or concentrate materials. PAX portable vaporizers offer features that can influence smell during your sessions. For example, both the PAX 3 and PAX Era include five dynamic modes , accessible through the use of the PAX Mobile smartphone application. One dynamic mode, the “stealth mode,” is useful for rapid cooldown after usage, reducing vapor production and the associated odor. Another mode, the “efficiency mode,” offers fine-tuned settings designed to preserve material, similarly controlling smell.

Vapor smell can also be minimized by air fresheners and candles, unlike the smells left behind by partially combusted material. Another approach could be to spray air freshener or light a wick to minimize odor further.

If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer that emphasizes discretion and efficiency, a portable vaporizer from PAX is the right fit for you. Here’s a look at some of the most popular PAX vapes on the market today, which include all the features you need for a rewarding session that doesn’t cause a big stink.

Does PAX Vape Smell? Smell is a tell-tale sign of cannabis use. One of the primary appeals of vaporizers is their discretion, so it makes sense that many consumers want to know if vaping produces ]]>