double chamber glass bubbler

Double chamber glass bubbler

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  • 7″ Double Chamber Bubbler – Black



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10 customer reviews

Solid piece for the price!

Not the most visually appealing piece but a pleasure to smoke out of. Its built solid. I accidentally left it in the freezer with water and it didnt crack. Defrosted and it hit like new.

Packing the bowl is a bit clumsy. I roll one and fit in the bowl. Works really well and no mess. Cleaning it easy enough with iso and salt.

Great experience

I ordered this standard delivery and it made it to FL in exactly a week. It was packaged with 4 layers of protection- very impressive.

This thing hits smoothly and provides awesome flavor, but for its small size, hits like a bong. This is without a doubt my favorite piece.

Love it

Awesome piece. Came well packaged. Hits great, super smooth! 10/10 would buy again.

Excellent Product, I Highly Recommend!

Beautiful design and very well crafted. I purchased this last summer and was very disappointed that I dropped it on concrete this winter. I’m back today to purchase a replacement.

Great product

This product shipped quickly and is of beautiful quality

Arrived a day early

All the items in my order arrived a day ahead of schedule, which is awesome. The double bubbler seems like it is sturdy and the styling(shape, color, and etc) match the image of the item I purchased.

I’m not certain if the bubbler is made to be crooked from front to back but the mouth piece tilts to the right while the bowl tilts to the left slightly. It’s not aesthetically pleasing being misaligned from front to back. If you are OCD then you would want to pass on this pipe. Other than that, it bubbles and functions nicely.

Sherlock bubbler

Excellent glass piece that arrived promptly for 4/20/18. Very fair pricing for the intricate details and patterns that have gone into this. Definitely a center piece and conversation piece for the home.


The quality of the bubbler is superb. And for the price, it’s a steal. However, the bubbler that came is slightly different than the one in the picture. I would have preferred the one that is shown in the photos, but it’s still a beautiful piece none the less.

Awesome piece

Good piece, solid too. Surprisingly for the price, lol

Great buy

I bought this about a year ago and all I can say is great. Great craftsmanship, great function and great price, just an all around great product. The only con about this piece is the difficulty cleaning due to its construction, but all you need is isopropyl alcohol, course salt, hot water, some q-tips and some shaking. Unfortunately, due to some carelessness on my part, I dropped and broke my piece yesterday and I loved it so much I came back and bought another one lol- let that speak for itself.

It is like having 2 bubblers in 1! Double the filtration, Double the smoother smoke! Made of thick and high quality borosilicate glass. This piece is an absolute beauty and a steal for the price. Double chamber bubblers not only look cool, they actually h

14mm Double Chamber Bubbler

When the smoothest, cleanest hits are required from a handheld package.

Feature rich design makes this glass piece the ultimate handheld bong or rig. Perfect for your favorite slide or nail.

Made for consistency, because we know how important it is to get the same great experience each time.

Effortless diffusion with the twin chambers, each sporting our signature Showerhead downstem for two independent stacks of cleaning bubbles.

Built for a lifetime of happy seshes. We pay attention to the smallest details because we believe thats what makes a piece truly great.

We wanted to give smokers a personal sized, handheld water pipe that with superior efficiency for cough free, gentle hits. We achieved our goal by using two of our multi-cut angled showerhead percolators to filter more of your smoke through more water. With two completely separate chambers cleaning your hits, the Double Chamber Glass Bubbler Bong gives you double the diffusion, filtration and smoke capacity. The versatility & power of a bong in a compact package. Please be aware that due to the nature of showerhead downstems, we do not recommend snapping your bowls through your piece. This perc thrives on wide open airways to thoroughly diffuse your smoke, and can be impeded by clogged slits.

Features & Specs:

  • Height: 6 1/2″
  • Length: 6″
  • 14mm female ground joint, 90º design (where applicable)
  • Perc: Two Showerhead Downstems fixed & angle cut design for small expansive bubbles
  • Made of thick Schott (clear) or borosilicate (colored) glass
  • Handmade in California

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

How does it work?

Buy it & try it for 30 days – risk free! If you’re not 100% satisfied with the handcrafted quality & function of your Purr glass product, just email or contact us for a full refund.

Why do you offer a guarantee?

You should buy with confidence. We’re certain that our craftsmanship will deliver better performance & an easy-to-use experience that’ll improve your smoking. We want you to be happy & satisfied, so much that you want to shout if from the rooftops. That’s why we’re the only glass brand & store bold enough to offer this 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

  1. Valid on glass products purchased from, 30 days from the purchase date. For example, if you place an order on July 1, you can contact us through July 31 to claim a full refund. Shipping costs are non-refundable.
  2. Products must be returned in original condition, void of scratches, cracks or any damage.
  3. Products must be returned in 100% clean condition, void of resin, water stains, cleaning solution particles, etc. Learn how to clean your glass here. Dirty returns will be refunded 50% less.
  4. Buyer assumes all responsibility if a return is received damaged from shipping, etc. Damaged products do not qualify for a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & the buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs.
  5. Returns must be received within 7 days of authorization.
  6. Not valid on Purr2Go, Bundle Deals, quartz products, non-glass accessories, glassblowing supplies, repairs, customs or wholesale orders.
  7. International customers are responsible for all shipping fees, import taxes, & duty fees.

What is our warranty?

Our 1-year warranty is a service we offer for purchase to provide you with peace of mind when ordering our glass. The warranty covers any damage for an entire year from date of delivery. If anything happens, you’re eligible for one full repair or replacement. To protect your glass, add the warranty with your piece when choosing your product options.

Why do we offer it?

Let’s be real, glass is glass. While we strive to produce the highest quality glass products available, the nature of glass can lead to unfortunate accidents. Whether your pet decides to give your piece a tumble, or your friend fumbles that brand new slide, we want you to be confident in your purchase knowing that we have you covered.

How do I claim my warranty?

In the event that you need to claim your warranty, please fill out the form below so we can get to replacing or repairing your glass as soon as possible.

Once your request is received, please allow 24-48 business hours for us to reach out with next steps.

*Warranty must be purchased alongside the product.
*Policy excludes Bundle Deals, non-glass products, glassblowing supplies & services.
*Not valid on wholesale orders.
*International customers are responsible for shipping (when applicable), customs & import taxes.

When the smoothest, cleanest hits are required from a handheld package. Feature rich design makes this glass piece the ultimate handheld bong or rig. Perfect for your favorite slide or nail. Made for consistency, because we know how important it is to get the same great experience each time. Effortless diffusion with t