dr dabber e rig review

Boost eRig Review:

The Dr Dabber Boost eRig made headlines by making it easier to dab concentrates and waxes. Now, Dr Dabber is ready to shake things up again with their Dr Dabber Boost eRig Mod. If you’re not familiar with the Boost eRig, it is an attachment that includes three different interchangeable nails that you can use with any 510 thread battery to create your own dab vaporizer pen device. Read on to learn more about its benefits and drawbacks.

  • Provides more potent benefits similar to dabbing
  • Water filtration provides good flavor and smoothness
  • More compact and easy to carry than a traditional e-nail
  • Multiple nails included for customizing the experience
  • Compatible with all 510 vape pen batteries
  • Not quite as potent as dabbing
  • Can be difficult to load for beginners
  • Price is expensive compared to most units for wax
  • Glass is fragile and could get damaged
  • No warranty on most parts

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In-Depth of Dr Dabber Boost eRig Mod

Price – This model costs $110, making it more expensive than most vaporizers for wax, and to purchase a high quality battery to go with it, you’ll need to pay even more. Although the price of this eRig is expensive, there isn’t anything else like it on the market today, so for the right person, the Dr Dabber Boost is well worth the money.

Vapor Quality – The Dr Dabber Boost gives you an experience that is more similar to dabbing with a traditional nail in terms of the potency of the vapor produced; however, because the wax vape pen battery is not as powerful as a traditional torch, it is not quite the same. You’ll definitely notice more of the effects of the material than you will with a traditional wax pen, though. To give vapor great taste and smoothness, the rig has a glass water attachment built into its design.

Guarantee – Unfortunately, the Boost eRig Mod does not come with a warranty. Dr Dabber only warranties batteries and chargers, which are not included. You’ll need to handle the rig carefully, as the glass could break.

Prep Time – It may be a little complicated for a beginner to use, as dabbing onto a nail is a bit more challenging than loading a waxy oil vaporizer pen; however, once you master it, you’ll be able to load the unit easily. The portable vaporizer nail gets hot very fast and begins producing vapor quickly.

Portability – Provided that you take steps to protect the glass, the Dr Dabber Boost eRig attached to a battery is every bit as easy to carry as a wax vaporizer pen. The glass attachment does make the unit more conspicuous than the average vaporizer pen, as it’s clear you’re not using an e-cigarette when you inhale.

Ease of Use – The Boost eNail is simple to use once everything is set up. You’ll simply need to push the button on your battery to heat up the nail and then draw through the top.

Heating and Temperature Regulators – With the Dr Dabber Boost, heat is controlled by the battery. You can use a variable voltage battery to get the ability to customize the heating level.

If you’re a true wax enthusiast who wants to be able to dab, but still enjoy the convenience of a vaporizer for wax, the Dr Dabber Boost eRig Mod is the perfect compromise. While its price point might make it out of reach for beginners, experienced enthusiasts will agree that it can outperform the best vape pen for wax and is well worth the investment.

Dr Dabber Boost eRig Mod is dabbing on-the-go. Battery-Powered with water filtration, this wax vape eNail is not bulky, & capable of large clouds, or is it?

Dr. Dabber Boost Review


Dr. Dabber just announced a new version of the Boost, called the Boost EVO. While we do not know a lot of details on the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO, we are sure that it will be a hit as many of Dr. Dabber products.

We recommend not buying the Boost now, and waiting for the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo release date of November 2020!

Kit and Accessories

  • Dr Dabber Boost
  • One titanium nail
  • One ceramic nail
  • One quartz nail
  • Water bubbler
  • Magnetic carb cap + magnetic dab tool
  • Two silicon storage containers
  • Micro USB charging cable + keychain
  • Carrying case

Compatibility: The Dr Dabber Boost is only compatible with wax extracts.

Official Accessories

The Boost has a wide array of beautifully designed, hand-blown, glass water bubblers to choose from. They’re all designed to function as nicely as they look, and they’re a great way to add some flair to the homogenous design of the Boost battery. There are also replacement parts for all of the accessories available for sale, all of which can be purchased on the Dr Dabber website.

Design and Features

Overall Design: The Boost has the same overall design as other e-nails, so if you’ve seen one, then you’ve seen this one. The signature black color does stand out pretty nicely though. It’s a little simpler than other e-rigs because the lack of precise temperature control means that there is only a single power button on the battery body. It does have a narrower base than other e-rigs, so you need to be careful not to tip it over while you’re assembling or using it.

Ease of Use: Assembly is quick and easy, and swapping out the different nails is pretty simple. As I said previously, there is no precise temperature selection, so using the Boost is very easy, even for first timers.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Water Bubbler: Remove it from the rest of the Boost and fill it about a quarter full with isopropyl alcohol. Gently swirl it around until the glass is clean and then rinse it out by pouring water into the mouthpiece until all the alcohol is removed. Remove the water by blowing through the mouthpiece.

Nails: After using a nail, wait for it to cool down and then wipe down the dish with rubbing alcohol.

How to Use

  1. Remove the bubbler from the rest of the unit, fill it a quarter of the way with water, and then reattach it.
  2. Turn on the device by pressing the power button three times for the titanium nail or five times for the ceramic and quartz nails.
  3. Once heating is complete dab your wax onto the nail.
  4. Cover the nail with the carb cap while inhaling through the mouthpiece.

You can take a look at the official instruction manual here.

Seasoning the Titanium Nail: Titanium nails should be seasoned before using them in order to avoid an unpleasant metallic taste. You do this by selecting the highest temperature, coating the dish of the nail with a thin layer of wax, and allowing it to burn off. Let the nail cool down and then repeat the process three or four more times. In addition to removing the metallic taste, seasoning helps the wax to stick to the nail instead of rolling around.

Performance and Vapor Quality

E-nail Performance: The nail only takes about thirty seconds to heat up, which is about average for e-nails. This goes for whichever of the nails you use, so none of them have an advantage in this department.

Titanium Nail Performance: Titanium nails aren’t usually my preference because of the metallic taste, but in this case, the titanium nail was my favorite. The reason is that it gets heated and vaporized more thoroughly by the Boost. The vapor quality is pretty good and there wasn’t too much of a metallic taste. Even if you don’t usually like titanium nails, you might prefer it in this case because…

Ceramic and Quartz Nail Performance: I lumped these together in the same category because they both have the same problem. The Boost doesn’t heat them up enough to completely vaporize the wax. I never got enough vapor from either of them and I would notice that there was a small puddle of concentrate left after each session. This is annoying for many reasons, including the fact that it takes longer to clean. The vapor is nice and smooth, but I didn’t feel like I got enough of it because the wax never vaporized completely.

Battery Performance: The Boost uses a removable 18650 battery so when it dies you can replace it with another one. It lasts for about twenty to thirty sessions before it needs to be recharged. When it is time for a recharge, I recommend you invest in an external charger because charging via the USB port can take up to six hours.

The lack of precise temperature control makes the Dr Dabber Boost an e-nail that is great for beginners. Learn more about it in the review.