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Ghost vaporizer kit vs. light vaporizer kit

Ghost vaporizer kit vs. light vaporizer kit – Dr Dabber

Do you like oil vaporizer pen convenience, but you would rather vape wax instead of oil? The Dr. Dabber line-up is abuzz to fans. Both Dr. Dabber Ghost and Light Wax pens have excellent vapor consistency and enhance and fulfill wax concentrate pleasure. One of these models provides the ideal solution for you as Doctor Dabber vaporizers achieve high expectations and outstanding functionality for the state of the art technology.

Ghost and Light dab models are designed to look like pens and are suitable for people who love today’s waxy oils — each Drdabber vape pen features a handy, shatter-resistant silicone wax storage container and a dabber tool that makes it easy to fill the chamber. You will find glamorous praise for the titanium technology used in these vaporizers in most Dr. Dabber reviews since they are among the very few that have a titanium heating element. Titanium is an excellent heat conductor and a rare precious metal, but it warms up slower than other metal elements.

A Breakthrough Design

The titanium heating element is not the only impressive feature of the design. Both dab pens have a specific design for the heating chamber, in which the heating coil fits far below the standard position. Therefore Ghost and Light models can hold more waxy concentrates than vape pens of similar size, and your wax will vaporize far more efficiently. In addition to traditional cotton, Dr. Dabber uses glass fiber wick to make the chambers more durable. Even the exterior is designed with a smooth finish that will make it less likely to slip out of your hands while you are vaping.

The engineers rethought each part to make Dr. Dabber vape models beyond anything that was ever created before. The design maintains absolute low temperatures to prevent combustion while providing highly efficient vaporization so that no single drop of the material is lost. It can be challenging to fill concentrates using other wax vaporizers, but the issue is solved by setting the atomizer extra small. You can, therefore, comfortably dab without fussing over the positioning. A lightweight, ergonomically designed mouthpiece simplifies all draws from Drdabber vaporizers and optimizes airflow to reduce the resistance to a reasonable drawing. You can use these powerful units by pressing just one button

Light vs. Ghost vape kits

Dr. Dabber Light and Ghost vape pens can both provide you with sweet, ample vapor from your favorite waxy concentrates, but the designs are not identical. However, the components and basic features are similar in quality. The Ghost is as user-friendly as any standard model. You press and hold the activation button for 5 to 7 seconds while inhaling into vapor, after filling your vape pen with your wax. You will preserve battery life between uses by pressing the same button five times to lock the battery. Five more clicks will unlock the battery.

For those who want to recharge less often and spend more time vaping, Dr. Dabber Ghost is the best choice because a large heating chamber on it can accommodate more stuff, allowing longer sessions without refilling. A lithium-ion battery is also larger and powers the vapor on a single charge for a very long time.

Dr. Dabber Light is right for you if you are more concerned about having a little fitting vaporizer in your pocket. It is a bit larger than regular vapes, and the size of the ultra-compact unit is almost as large as most wax vaporizers. Moreover, for those on the budget, it is a little more economical.

An assortment of accessories

You can use a variety of accessories to improve the use of any of your new Drdabber Vape Pen. How about you seeing your vapor form? Dr. Ghost vaporizer pen can be updated to your experience through a globe atomizer and glass globe attachment. This CBD cartridge has been specifically designed for use with the Ghost and provides many benefits to boost your vaping sessions. Would you want hotter, thicker smoke? Check the percolator from drdabber, which works with the Ghost well.

Drdabber Vaporizers are sold with a 3-month replacement warranty and have a powerful lithium-ion battery. Each kit includes a USB charger to recharge the vape pen from a computer or a USB hub. They have several replacements for all of Dr. Dabber’s models on the website, and you can add these to your cart when shopping.

Do you like oil vaporizer pen convenience, but you would rather vape wax instead of oil? The Dr. Dabber line-up is abuzz to fans. Both Dr. Dabber.

Dr Dabber Light Vape Pen Review

This is the Dr Dabber Light vape pen and it’s not too much bigger than a cigarette. It’s basically one of, if not the most discreet vape pens I’ve reviewed so far. It’s very easy to store, carry, travel with, and use on the go. Now what’s very interesting about the Light is that the coil inside of it is pretty much like a mini version of the Ghost coil, which I really like. The performance and the vapor quality is very similar, it’s basically on the same level. Obviously the capacity is not as high with the Light, you can’t fit as much concentrate in there. This pen is made strictly for use with wax and oil concentrates by the way.

The atomizer in the Dr Dabber pens is a titanium coil wrapped around glass wick fiber, and I think it performs really well with it. It’s a really nice balance of vapor taste and strength, and it provides really consistent draws. The overall experience that you get from a pen with a coil like this one is really cool. I just find this to be a very versatile, easy to use pen in a variety of situations and circumstances.

It actually comes apart into a few different pieces like most pens. You have the mouthpiece tip you can just pull out, it’s held in by a little o-ring. Then the second piece also comes off, this is sort of like a sleeve or cover to the atomizer. Then you have the actual atomizer with the coil and this part will also unscrew from the bottom part which is the battery.

So these are really the three main parts: mouthpiece, atomizer, battery. The battery is where the power button is, and you hold the button down while you take a draw. Any time you press the button the tip is gonna light up blue. Now the button is one of the only areas that I thought maybe there’s a little bit of room for improvement. I think it sticks out a little too far, like a couple of millimeters. I think if it was a little more flush it would be cooler.

The capacity of the Light atomizer is less, it’s probably about half of what the Ghost coil is, I’d say somewhere around .1g of concentrate. Loading it or packing it is pretty much the same though, you’re basically just gonna put a little bit of your concentrate right on top of the coil. Then what you can do is give the power button a few quick hits just to let it melt down into the wick. The Dr Dabber pens specifically are pretty versatile, they work well with both tiny amounts and larger amounts of oil.

You could put enough on the coil for just one or two draws, or you could pretty much fill it to the top and the vape is still gonna work well. You can take short draws, short little pulls, and you’ll get a nice little puff of vapor, or you can take a big rip from it and get a huge cloud of vapor if you want, so it’s also versatile like that.

Another thing I like about Dr Dabber pens is the air flow through the mouthpieces when you’re drawing from them. A lot of different pens now will have either extra air flow or adjustable air flow, but I kinda think that Dr Dabber nailed with the default thing they got going on here. There’s no adjustability, but it’s very comfortable, it’s easy to pull from. It feels natural. It doesn’t feel like you’re pulling too hard, and it doesn’t feel like it’s too free flowing, it’s a very natural draw.

Dr Dabber Light Vape Pen Review This is the Dr Dabber Light vape pen and it’s not too much bigger than a cigarette. It’s basically one of, if not the most discreet vape pens I’ve reviewed so