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How to Use an OK Ego Vape Pen Starter Kit

Ego E Cig Instructions

How to Use A Vape Pen

If you’re new to vaping or haven’t tried a vape pen style kit before, these ego e-cig instructions should help you get started.

1. Charge Your Battery

To use an ego vape pen, you’ll first need to charge the battery. To do this, screw the battery part onto the included USB charger. You can then plug this into a USB port on your computer or a mains adapter with no more than 1A/5V output.

You will notice the blue light on the battery’s button will flash 3 times and the small LED on the charger will go red or green, depending on the level of charge in your battery. If it goes red, leave your battery to charge checking it every 30 minutes or so until the charger light goes green. If the LED stays green as soon as you plug it in, good news; your battery is fully charged and your ready to vape!

Make sure to read our battery safety information and never leave any type of rechargeable battery on charge for longer than necessary.

Your vape pen battery has a locking function so that it can’t be activated by accident when not in use. To lock and unlock your battery, press the button 5 times in quick succession. The button LED will flash 3 times to show it has been activated/deactivated. If your battery isn’t working straight out of the box, this is usually the reason.

2. Fill the Clearomizer

Once your battery is charged, you will want to fill the clearomizer with your e liquid. We’ve got loads of amazing e liquid flavours to choose from to suit all tastes. So, get your flavour of choice to hand and start by unscrewing the metal section at the bottom of the clearomizer. You will see that this section has the coil screwed into it. Ensure that this is screwed tightly into the base. The image on the right shows the three main parts of the clearomizer; the tank, coil and base.

Holding the tank upside-down, carefully squeeze your e-liquid in, aiming it down the side. Make sure not to get your juice into the metal tube that runs down the middle of the tank (the ‘chimney’). If you get liquid in here you’ll probably end up with it in your mouth (this is not dangerous but can be a little unpleasant). Also be careful to only fill the tank enough that it doesn’t go over the level of the top of the chimney.

Note: This style of e cigarette is suitable for use with e-liquids with at least 50% PG content. All the e-liquids in our 50/50 range contain a 50PG/50VG ratio and are perfect for use with this kit. Please click here for more information on e liquid ingredients.

Once you’ve filled the tank, screw the metal base back on and leave it to sit (upright) for a few minutes. This is calling ‘priming’ the coil and is important as it allows the coil to soak up your juice. If you vape too soon after filling it you could burn out the coil; it will taste horrible and you’ll have to throw it away and use another one. Please note that you only need to ‘prime’ a coil before you use it for the first time.

Once you’re clearomizer is filled and you have left the tank to stand for a few minutes, screw it back onto your battery and you’re ready to go!

You can read more about filling your tank and changing your coils in our guide to using the CE5-S Clearomizer.

4. Get Vaping!

The final step in our ego e cig instructions is simply to enjoy your new vape kit!
To vape, put the mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale gently for a few seconds whilst holding down the button on the battery. You may hear a few pops and crackles – this is perfectly normal and is just the liquid heating up. You should get a nice flow of delicious tasting vapour!

Make sure to always keep your tank topped up and don’t let the e-liquid level get too low.

For more detailed instructions on filling the CE5-s clearomizer and changing coils, click here.

How to Use Other Types or Brands of Vape Pen

These instructions are fairly specific for ego style vape pen kits. However, most vape pens work in a similar way so you can use this information as a rough guide to using your specific kit. Check the instructions included with your vape pen for more information, or head to our Product Guides area for specific guides to using other kits.

Read our ego e cig instructions & learn how to use a vape pen starter kit. From charging your vape battery to filling a clearomizer & safely using your kit

eGo-t Starter Kit ECig

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Vape Heaven
eGo-t Starter Kit ECig
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Joye Style eGo-t Starter Kit Electronic Cigarette

The eGo T electronic cigarette starter kit is arguably the most popular and “classic” electronic cigarette innovation that has come out of the eGo family. The eGo-t vape pen comes with tank cartridges, which hold 1.1ml of juice, drips e-juice directly into the atomizer without the need of traditional cartridge fillers. This process produces phenomenal vapor and maintains a strong taste for the user. This Ecig is definitely a must have for all vapers and at this price, these vape starter kits are undoubtedly the best cheap vape pens online.

Tank System

The egot vape pen clear atomizer is the combination of eGo-w and eGo-T. The clear vape tank allows for easy refilling directly from your E-Juice bottle or by using a squeezable needle tip bottle . (Blunt tip needle bottle is recommended). The tanks 2ml capacity lets you enjoy a longer period of use before a refilling is needed. The black cylinder shaped object included in your kit is a 1100mah battery which connects to your tank and supplies the necessary power enabling you to enjoy a “Puff Count” of up to 1000 before needing to be recharged. The eGot tank, also know as a CE4 clearomizer / atomizer and lasts up to 5 times longer than the poorly made e-cigarettes usually found at your local gas station which looks like a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Charging Your eGo Starter Kit

The eGo t vape pen starter kit uses a 3.7 volt 1100mah rechargeable battery with a power saving / safety function which prevents an accidental discharge and overcharging. It takes roughly 3 – 5 hours to fully charge the battery. To charge your battery, gently screw the battery into the USB cable provided in your kit.

You may then plug the USB cable into any USB port on your computer. The USB cable may also be plugged into a USB wall charger with the correct power rating. The button on your ego vape pen will begin to flash for a few moments letting you its beginning the charging cycle. The light on your USB cable will be red while charging and later turn green once the charging cycle has completed indicating you now have a fully charged battery.

How to assemble the eGo-T

You may have already noticed your new e-cig consist of two main pieces which are the battery and the tank. To assemble: Gently screw the battery compartment clockwise onto the tank until it’s hand tight. Do NOT force them to together, if it seems difficult to screw the two pieces together, simply loosen apart and retry.

The battery life on the ego vape pen is quite remarkable. On only one 3 hour charge, the egot 1100mAh batteries will hold up for 10 hours of normal vaping. No more scurrying for another battery when one dies and no more taking 50 spare batteries on the go!

The eGo-t Starter Kit includes:
• One eGo-t Vape Tank
• One 1100mAh eGo Vape Pen w/ 5 Click Protection
• One Rapid USB Charger

Screw thread, compatible with 510, egot, egow, egoc battery .

Please Note: You should only use the dedicated USB charger cable provided to avoid damaging the battery. Not all USB chargers are the same and may cause irreparable damage to your device. Do not use your standard USB chargers such as your Iphone charger or standard car chargers, doing so will void your product warranty.

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The basics. but worth the price.

Posted by Kitty Costello on Oct 23rd 2019

This is an inexpensive, easy to use vape pen. The tank holds enough vape juice, the battery usually lasts a day and it is easy enough to change coils. Nothing fancy, but basically a good value!

Ego-t starter kit

Posted by Martha A HardyHoward on Aug 13th 2019

This is one one the best. have had mine for several months with no issues. I’ve ordered more for my friends. They also are pleased with this product. I’ll continue business with Vape-Heaven. Give them a try, you’ll be happy you did .

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