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Vype ePen 3 Kit Vape Kits

Introducing the new Vype ePen 3. Vype ePen 3 boasts a new powerful system with 650mAh battery to deliver a rich vapour and intense taste for a sensorial vaping experience.

This elegant design is stylishly compact, with a soft touch finish and comes in a range of dynamic metallic colours. Its ergonomic shape fits your hand perfectly, with the control button right at your finger tip and flavour cartridges that simply click in and out, so you can switch flavour and nicotine level almost instantly, or pop in a cartridge whenever it’s empty.

Vype ePen 3 offers an exceedingly powerful vaping experience with a high-performance battery, with reliable all day use.

The VIP E Cigarette Starter Kit is our best selling kit and has been created especially for those new to the world of electronic smoking or ‘vaping’.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Vype ePen 3
  • 2 x Vype ePen 3 Pods
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 x User Guide – please read before use


  • Visually inspect the battery before use/charge, if you notice any damage please do not use the product.
  • We recommend to charge your battery as soon as you receive it.
  • Avoid Charging the battery for longer than 2 hours will reduce life span of the battery.

About your Refills / Cartomizer Filters:

  • You do not need to buy a new kit when refill or cartridge filters are finished. Simply order fresh cartriges from our online store.
  • Additional Cartomizer refills are available in Tobacco and Menthol flavours.

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Always avoid the risk of static electricity
Always use the supplied USB and mains plug
Always avoid exposing your device to extreme heat/cold and direct sunlight
Always avoid contact with water
Never use a single disposable clearomizer for more than 30 days
Never use a single coil for more than 30 days
Never leave your device charging overnight
Never charge your device for longer than stated
Never leave your device charging unattended
Never carry a device or battery in your pocket
Never leave or store your device near keys, coins or other metal objects
Never charge your device with a damaged plug or USB
Never attempt to modify your device
Never use third party equipment to charge your device
Aged devices/batteries can become unstable and for safety reasons, should be replaced when they begin to degrade
Cartomizer/Coil/Clearomizer lifespan is subject to individual use

Vype ePen 3 boasts a new powerful system with 650mAh battery

ePen 3

USB charging port

  1. Mouthpiece
  2. Battery
  3. USB Charging port
  4. Casing
  5. Activation button
Vype ePen 3 is a closed vapour system.

This powerful device uses coil and wick technology to deliver vapour. It features click in and out pods that are pre-filled with flavoured e-liquid.

How we tested the Vype ePen 3

Let’s see how the ePen 3 performed when put to the test by our scientists.

Behavioural studies

Behavioural studies can help us understand how people use Vype. Puffing on a vapour product might seem simple but it involves a number of separate actions – all of which may affect what the consumer is exposed to. We have conducted 27 different kinds of studies to help us understand how consumers use this product.

Our results show that smokers and Vype consumers use their products in very different ways, and the behaviour of vapour consumers depends on the type of product they use.

These results inform how we programme our vaping robots in the lab, thereby ensuring that we produce Vype vapour in as realistic a way as possible for further analysis and studies. This means we can be confident in the results we get when we test the vapour.

Around 99%* reduced toxicants

Chemistry tests tell us what’s in the ePen 3 vapour. This is important because this is what a consumer is potentially exposed to when they use it. Vapour devices like the ePen 3 don’t contain tobacco and therefore should have less toxicants in their vapour than smoke.

We performed a series of chemical tests designed to look for specific compounds in the ePen 3 vapour, and we compared the results with what is in cigarette smoke.

Our results reveal the ePen 3 vapour to have fewer and lower levels of certain toxicants than cigarette smoke. Some toxicants found in smoke are not in the ePen 3 vapour at all and others are much reduced by around 99%.*

Our results confirm the simple composition of the ePen 3 vapour, compared to smoke. ePen 3 consumers should therefore be exposed to less toxicants than smokers.

Low or no impact on human cells

Biological tests tell us what the ePen 3 vapour does to human cells in the lab and how that compares to what smoke does to cells. We already know from chemical testing that the ePen 3 vapour contains less harmful chemicals than smoke. In theory therefore, cells exposed to the ePen 3 vapour should experience less toxicity compared to smoke. We performed 35 tests to determine if this is the case.

We use living human cells in the lab as models for tissues and organs in the body and test the impact of the Vype vapour on these cells and compare it to the impact of cigarette smoke.

Cells exposed to smoke exhibit many responses relevant to disease development, whereas those cells exposed to ePen 3 either exhibit much lower responses or no response at all*.

This quality does not necessarily mean this product is less harmful than tobacco products, but may add to growing evidence that ePen 3 has the potential to be reduced risk compared to conventional cigarettes.

Clinical tests

We have conducted 20 clinical tests to help us understand the impact Vype can have on the human body.

Clinical tests involve real consumers – often hundreds in one study alone. These consumers are monitored over a set period of time whilst using our products, and we collect readings for certain chemicals in urine, blood, saliva and breath samples. These readings can then be compared to the readings for consumers in the study who smoke traditional cigarettes.

A number of short-term studies revealed that Vype can deliver nicotine efficiently to the consumer. We have also seen that switching completely from smoking to Vype can significantly reduce a person’s exposure to certain harmful chemicals.*

Effectively delivering nicotine could make Vype a viable alternative to a cigarette. Reducing exposure to harmful chemicals when smokers switch to Vype does not necessarily mean this product is less harmful than tobacco products, but may be an indicator of reduced risk potential.

Population studies

Population studies help us understand how Vype might impact public health. Products like Vype are relatively new, and there is not a lot of information about their health effects. It took decades of use of cigarettes to fully appreciate their health effects. Rather than waiting decades, we are developing a computer modelling approach to assess whether making products like Vype available to smokers could have a beneficial effect on public health.

We used a mathematical model to investigate the impact of the availability of new category products like vapour on public health.

Our results indicate that if vapour products, like Vype, were available and were seen to help reduce smoking prevalence, it would provide a stepping stone towards quitting smoking, and/or to increase smokers’ likelihood of quitting.

Explore the science behind the Vype ePen 3.