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Evod Twist II 2 VV Battery Electronic E Cigarette for Ego 510 Atomizers Cartridge Vape Pen Kit – Purple With a Charger



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1. 1600mah larger capacity(actual about 1300mah+).
2. Personalized button design,flash colorful variable voltage button.
3. Red line spin dial at bottom along the scale adjustable voltage from 3.3V-3.8V-4.3V-4.8V.
4. Bottom scale indicates the position of voltage level.
5. 3.2v to 4.8v smooth turning voltage adjustment dial by evod twist bottom and button.
6. Short-circuit protection:
When short circuit,the battery shut down.battery won’t go back to work until short circuit ends.
7. Switch protection: Pree the button 5 times within 1.5 seconds. Lock/Unlock.
8. Atomizer protection: If you press the button for 10 seconds, the battey will be locked until the next press.
9. Low Voltage protection: When the battery voltage is lower than 3.3V, the battery will shut down.

The Package:
Include 1pc * Battery

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Evod Twist II 2 VV Battery Electronic E Cigarette for Ego 510 Atomizers Cartridge Vape Pen Kit

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EVOD Twist 2 Battery 1300MAH

Available Options

The EVOD Twist 2 is a vape pen battery and it’s perfect for eGo or 510 thread cartridges and atomizers. The EVOD Twist 2 has a sleek design with the stainless steel finish and a textured feel towards the top. The EVOD Twist 2 features the 510-thread and eGo connection, the 1300mAh battery and the variable voltage between 3.3 and 4.8V. The EVOD Twist II has a sturdy easy to read rotating dial at the bottom that allows you to adjust your voltage setting between 3.3V, 3.8V, 4.3V and 4.8V, the higher voltage you set the more vapor the battery will produce. The EVOD Twist 2 is equipped with the intelligent IC chip and the protection suit including overcharge, low-voltage, short-circuit protection. Once the battery is drained it can be recharged with eGo USB charger with 0.5-1.0A wall adapter, a full charge will normally take 3-4 hours. The EVOD Twist 2 is perfect for a vape pen kit or to utilize eGo or 510 thread cartridges.

5-Click Lock/Unlock Function – Click the button rapidly five times to turn the battery on or off. The power button will flash three times when it’s on. Press the power button five times again, the LED light should be off meaning that the battery is turned off and the button is disabled.
Cutoff/Atomizer Protection – If the power button is pressed and held for more than 12 seconds the power button flashes five times and then powers off. Release the power button and then press again.
Short Circuit Protection – If a short circuit happens, the battery will shut down and won’t work until the short circuit is removed. Most of the time the reason is that the coil or atomizer is bad.
Low Voltage Protection – The device will monitor the battery voltage and will automatically turn it off when the battery is discharged, preventing the damage to the battery from the over draining. The power button will blink 15 times indicating that it needs to be charged.

EVOD Twist 2 Features:
Brand: EVOD
Connect: eGo | 510 Thread
Capacity: 1300mAh
Output Voltage: 3.3V – 4.8V
5-Clicks: On/Off Switch
Atomizer Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Low Voltage Protection
Overcharge Protection
Charging: eGo USB charger 0.5-1.0A
Length: 125mm
Diameter: 16.5mm
Weight: 40g

What you get:
1x EVOD Twist II 1300mAh Battery

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The EVOD Twist 2 is a vape pen battery and it’s perfect for eGo or 510 thread cartridges and atomizers, featuring the 510-thread and eGo connection, the 1300mAh battery, and the variable voltage.