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Kanger Evod Review

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Is The Kanger EVOD As Good As Reviews Suggest?

Update: Since we wrote the Kanger Evod review there has been a new EVOD 2 kit release (improved kit) and the Kanger EVOD Mega. This is a great bit of kit that offers triple the battery capacity! I will link to the the Mega at the end of this review along with the Evod 2.

The Kanger EVOD 2 comes from the stable of products made by Kangertech, one of the best e cigarette brands out there. I knew from past experience that they make some of the best e-cigarettes – like the iTaste VV/VW – so was especially looking forward to how the Kanger EVOD would compare.

In the box

The packaging for what is essentially a starter kit is a no-nonsense yet attractive affair – branding is discreet and understated, rather than garish. What actually comes in the box are the following essential pieces of kit:

• Two 650 mAh-rated batteries (manual);

• Two EVOD “clearomisers” (several different ones are available), plus two spare atomisers;

• Seven 2.2 ohm atomiser heads (two of which are part and parcel of the supplied clearomisers;

If you are new to vaping, these descriptions may seem a little bewildering at first, but – trust me – all will become clear later.

The two 650 mAh batteries have an eGo thread – making them suitable for both eGo and 510 devices (quite simply, the larger, chunkier size of e-cigarettes, capable of housing longer-life batteries). Battery casing are available in Black, brushed steel, creamy yellow and wine red – all with a subtle and non-overbearing logo.

The colour you choose, of course, will be entirely a matter of personal taste – I happen to think that some colours work better than others, but it is entirely up to you. They all weigh and feel pretty good to the touch and between your fingers.

One of the great advantages with the manually-operated battery, of course, is that you can also turn it completely off – thus preventing accidental switching on and battery depletion. To turn either on or off, you just have to press the battery’s switch 5 times in quick succession.


As mentioned, the Kanger EVOD uses a 650 mAh battery that provides enough power to deliver up to six hours of use by a moderate vaper – that relatively long time, of course, is one of the principal advantages of the higher capacity battery.

Since there are two batteries supplied in this starter kit, therefore, a sensible arrangement is to keep one on charge whilst you are using the other. Each one only takes around 4 hours to charge up, so that should give you ample time to keep using the battery being used in the device.

A light on the charger turns from red to green when the battery has been fully charged.

Verdict: The Evod battery ensure that you will be vaping for most of the day, with a second one for back-up. They perform well, look good and feel just as comfortable in your hand – 10/10.

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Given that this is billed as a starter kit, you might find it a little odd that no e-liquid is supplied, but needs to be bought separately. This gives you the freedom to choose absolutely any e-juice or e-liquid you want, of course, but might be an unnecessarily additional decision for novice vapers to have to make.

Further confusion might also be raised by the description of the e-liquid’s case, tank or cartridge as a “clearomiser”. It is just that, however – the tank that holds whatever e-liquid you choose to use.

Two of the clearomisers supplied in the starter kit already have atomisers screwed in and connected, but there are a further five atomisers for use as and when you need them.

The final part of the assembly is a base to the e-cigarette, also containing the heating coil.

All this might seem to make assembly of the Kanger EVOD unnecessarily complicated – especially for the novice – though a helpful instruction manual is also supplied. After the first couple of times, of course, assembling and dismantling the device should seem straight forward enough.

Thanks to the atomiser being a separate piece of kit, of course, you do not have to empty the tank or clearomiser simply to change the atomiser – though you might still need to guard against any spillage.


The combined performance of the clearomiser and EVODs 2.2 ohm atomiser may well depend on the e-liquid you actually choose to use. All I can say is that the e-liquid I was using came through with an especially full flavour, along with impressive clouds of vapour. I noticed some degree of condensation inside the transparent mouthpiece – but not so much that if affected the overall performance of the e-cigarette.

I had to replace the atomiser after 10 days – not an unreasonable length of time – and had the choice of buying either a pack of 2 for £3.99 or 5 for £8.99.

Alternatively, I could have bought the entire clearomiser, complete with atomiser, for £5.99 apiece. Altogether, therefore, the Kanger EVOD could prove an economical way to continue vaping – and certainly a lot cheaper than smoking conventional cigarettes!

Verdict: It might depend on the actual e-liquid you choose to use in the EVOD, but I found that it returned an excellent flavour and taste, together with a satisfyingly impressive cloud of vapour.

Though the assembly might be a little complicated in the first instance, it has the distinct advantage of not having to empty the clearomiser when changing the atomiser making it easy to use for new vapers.

Provided you return the starter kit unopened, you can get a full refund if returned within 7 days.

It might seem to be one of the more complicated vape pen e-cigarettes, but in terms of looks and performance it will take some beating. The e-juice I was using tasted very good and delivered a good volume of vapour – what more could you ask.

The ability to change atomiser coils without having to empty the tank or clearomiser is a further plus.

All in all, therefore, I’d have no difficulty at all in recommending this piece of kit either to new vapers or to those moving up from cig-a-alike e cig kits.

Since this review another great option for new vapers has been released. Check out the Jacvapour Series E review here .

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Kanger Evod Review Click Here To Buy Use Coupon Code ECIGCLICK for 5% Off Is The Kanger EVOD As Good As Reviews Suggest? Update : Since we wrote the Kanger Evod review