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At Thick Ass Glass, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best selection of glass pipes in the industry. While other brands might be content to give you cheap materials that can’t stand the heat, as our name suggests, you’ll only find one kind of glass here: THICK. Our glass pipe collection is unmatched, giving our customers the durability they need at the prices they love. Grab a super thick spoon pipe or any of our other high-quality glass pipes today!

What Is a Glass Spoon Pipe?

Glass spoon pipes are used to smoke dry herbs or tobacco, and as their name suggests, they are generally shaped like spoons. While all different types of glass pipes exist, this common shape features a bowl at the top, followed by a tube and mouthpiece. The carb hole, or carb, on the side of the bowl is covered to bring in smoke, then released so the user can inhale it. Another popular style is the glass Sherlock pipe, named after the pipes used by literature’s greatest detective. Sherlock glass pipes have a larger bowl and a fanciful arched stem.

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