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Chameleon Glass Cyclops Eyeball Pipe, Teal

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The Cyclops Eyeball Glass Pipe can see into your soul and demands you to smoke! Another sculpted piece by Chameleon Glass, the Cyclops Eyeball Glass Pipe is crafted with a large eyeball at the front of the pipe, complete with detailed iris and eyelids.

From Chameleon Glass:

Cyclops, Inner Eye, Third Vision, the Griffins’ Aoxomoxa or Fillmore Flying Eyeball; these are part of our subculture, so, as a nod to the things we all think are pretty cool, we designed this pipe to represent a functional version of the windows on our soul.

Hand Made in the USA

Straight from California, USA, Chameleon Glass sculpts some very awesome glass pipes. Seriously, we love these guys! Every piece is closely inspected for any defects before leaving their workshop, and that high quality is passed on to you. Because these pipes are made by hand, the one you receive may differ slightly from what’s pictured above.

This pipe can peer deep into your soul…and it knows you want to smoke! The Chameleon Glass Cyclops Eyeball Pipe is sure to delight, it's an eye-catcher!


Well look what we have here, it’s an Eyeball Pipe (see what I did there?)! This handmade pipe is pretty dope. There’s a very realistic and freaky AF eyeball on the end with wrinkly eyelids and everything. Is it scary? EEEEEEEEEK. But you’ll be okay.

Each one of these spooky-looking Eyeball Pipes is handblown in Oregon at an artists’ collective and each one is totally unique. The colors are awesome, it smokes great, and the veiny shaft feels great in your hand (see what I did there?).

If you’re looking for a unique and cool pipe, you should take a look at the Eyeball Pipe with your own eyeball. Don’t be scared.

You can pick one of these handmade beastly beauties at Grasscity, click below for details. And be sure to check out our list of 7 SPOOKY WEEDGADGETS FOR HALLOWEEN!

A cool glass smoking pipe that looks like an eyeball! Definitely a weed gadget worth keeping your eye on (zing!).