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My BAD experience with FIRECRACKERS 🙁

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I have eaten these exact same firecrackers from the exact same batch before and this last time I decided to eat a full firecracker. HUGE MISTAKE!! Now I do normally have a a high tolerance for weed. I usually smoke about 10 joints a day and have only been smoking since Oct 2010 (had smoke from age 14-22) stopped smoke since age 22 till I turned 40.

My first experience with the firecrackers I ate a full one (on a full stomach and well I was high at the time as well) I dont recall too much other then about the 90 minute mark I was feeling really good.. this last time I ate the full one. I was told it was about 3grams maybe a bit less but I knew what happened from the last time I ate them from the same batch so I was not too worried. I am not sure wtf happened from one firecracker to the other. I know the last firecracker I ate the firecracker sat for about 3 weeks and it must have metamorohe3d into something strange cuz at the 90 minute mark on these firecracker I was so damn stoned I really thought I was going to have to go the the ER. IT Flored me bad!! I cant really compare it to a mushroom buz since the mushroom buzz was much more enjoyable then the firecracker buzz. The buzz lasted from about 2pm till the next day. ( swear I woke up stoned) I am not sure if my effects were so damn strong or I was just so damn weak since I had currently lost about 10+ lbs from having pneumonia and a bad chest infection.

I swear I wanted to go into more detail about this buzz.. but honestly the buzz was lost on me at the time because I was so busy praying to any and all the gods I could think if to allow me to make it thru this and not sound like that cop who called into the PD and thought he w3as dying or dead due to eating pot brownies. BUT I can say this about the buzz..
I wont ever do that again WILLINGLY (I forced myself to eat to kinda kill the intensity of the buzz) nothing worked but time.
I can recall only a few things most of it was praying (and I am not a religious person)
I was scared.. YES. but I also knew that I was in control and was able to regulate myself by telling myself over and over..
you got your ass in this mess ride it out dont puke (oh yesss I wanted to puke for about 20 mins straight) it sucked!!
I woke up the next day feeling out of it and that may have been the firecracker and the sickness I had but.. damn.. the buzz was TOO intense.
The next day I ate 1/4th of the firecracker and it was just enuf to make me feel good.. I added another 1/4 piece about 1 hour after the first one kicked in.

I know had I bneen around family I would have been seriously questioned about what the hell was wrong.

I felt like utter HELL at some points and some points the feeling kicked ass.. (most of the time it was way too intense!)

DONT EAT more then you know you can.. test your limits, sure you cant die from the weed.. but I know it can make you want to..
I have made myself about 30 firecrackers today. I will have a helluva week coming up!!

:fire: I have eaten these exact same firecrackers from the exact same batch before and this last time I decided to eat a full firecracker… HUGE MISTAKE…