folding pipe stands

Folding Leg Pipe Jacks


B&B Folding Pipe Jacks are backed with almost 20 years of manufacturing experience and all Pipe Jacks and Pipe Stands are rated with at least a 2:1 safety ratio that is 3rd party tested. and increased square tube legs to 1 ¼”, we’ve made B&B Pipe Jacks the strongest, most durable product on the market. B&B also offers more head options than any other manufacturer, because we feel pipe fabricators can never have too many options. We are confident B&B has an available head style for any pipe fabrication application.


  • 2,500 lbs. standard V-Head capacity with higher load rating available.
  • Two Sizes, 27” – 48” Standard. 22” – 39” Low Profile.
  • Third party tested with at least a 2:1 safety ratio.
  • Oversized 10” V-Head for increased safety.
  • Oversized square tube legs and braces for increased durability.
  • 1 ½” Acme rod is the largest in the industry.
  • Quick lock washer height adjustment for easy use.
  • More head options than any other manufacturer.
  • Increased width instance for better stability.
  • Safety washer can be locked on to the base for increased operator safety.
  • Unique bottom lock T-Handle reduces fit-up wobble.
  • Fully welded carry handle doubles as security lock point.

Note: All Folding Pipe Jacks are black in color.

B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools offers pipe jacks and stands, pipe beveling machines, pipe clamps and fit up, pipe purging equipment, and pipe rigging equipment.


28″ to 52″ height adjustment

Locking ring for quick vertical height adjustments with a T-handle screw for additional safety

2500 lb. load capacity for pipe up to 24″ in diameter


  • 5″ V Head for pipe up to 24″ in diameter
  • 2500 lb. load capacity
  • Height adjustment range of 28″ to 52″
  • Independently tested for safey
  • Locking ring is provided for quick vertical height adjustments
  • Large adjustment screw turns easily
  • Suitable for all pipe support applications
  • Folding design allows for easy transport and storage
  • Soft plastic handle for carrying comfort
  • Powder coated


Sawyer’s Folding V Head Pipe Stand

The Folding V Head Pipe Stand is simple to use and can quickly be setup at a job site for welding or fitting. It securely supports pipe for a variety of applications, including use with threading machines and roll groovers. The pipe stand’s folding legs make it easy to transport and takes up less storage area. The square tube legs create a wide, sturdy base so the pipe stand remains securely grounded when in use.

The Pipe Stand has a 28” to 52” height adjustment with a locking ring for quick vertical height adjustments and a T-handle lock for additional safety. It supports a maximum pipe diameter of 24” and has a maximum weight capacity of 2500 lbs. (1134 kg). It is also independently tested for safety.

Sawyer's Folding V Head PIpe Stand features a 5" V Head for pipe up to 24", a height adjustment of 28" to 52", and folding legs.