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How much Fox Farms nutrients do I feed to my marijuana plants? (in soil)

Question: How much Fox Farms nutrients do I feed to my marijuana plants?

So I have the Fox Farms growing nutrient trio for soil-based plants.

I was wondering how much to feed to my plants which have been in the vegestative stage for about a week now. My plants are in small plant pots for individual plants so I’m not sure how much to use and how.

Do I mix all three nutrients in one container or do I add one at a time?

Answer: In soil, you can usually wait for a few weeks before you need to start feeding nutrients, as high quality soil usually has enough nutrients to get your plants started. If you were growing hydroponically, you’d want to start feeding nutrients almost right away.

If you started with quality soil (not dirt you found outside), you probably won’t need to start adding nutrients until your plants are about a month old. Or you can start right away if the soil was low-quality. When you do start with nutrients, here are some guidelines in soil.

Follow the feeding instructions at half strength, but only add nutrients to water with every 2nd or 3rd watering.

Like I said, follow the chart they provide except add the nutrients at half strength, and only every 2nd or 3rd watering. This nutrient line is very strong, and too much at once will burn your plants.

Only raise the strength if your plant is a heavy feeder.

For example, if you notice a lot of lower leaves are turning yellow and falling off (before you reach the last couple of weeks before harvest when that’s normal), then it’s a sign that your plant wants more nutrients. At that point, you may consider raising the dose.

Still, treat the official guidelines as a MAX level of nutrients. Never go above the amounts listed in the feeding schedule or you will burn your plants.

Never mix the nutrients together.

Always add nutrients directly to your water.

And even when you’re giving plants plain water, remember to continue managing your pH or you may get nutrient deficiencies from pH lockout.

[Answer inside!] I was wondering how much to feed to my plants which have been in the vegestative stage for about a week now…

Fox Farm Nutrients

Fox Farm Nutrients are used in the vegetative and flowering / budding stages of growing marijuana, as they are formulated specifically for marijuana plants, giving each plant the proper amount of nutrients it needs to grow healthy. Fox Farm plant food nutrients are a very popular brand of indoor marijuana growing chemicals and nutrients. Fox Farm is sold in most every grow supply store as well as online (where I prefer to buy due to price). Fox Farm product line consists of Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, Open Sesame, ChaChing, Beastie Bloom and Bush Doctor Sledgehammer. The last 4 Products are used in small quantities and only at specific times during the grow.

Fox Farm Feeding Schedule for Soil

Here’s the FoxFarms Feeding Schedule for Soil… Hydro is MUCH more complex, unless you use bubblers then you can follow a Phasic feeding schedule (At end of weekly schedule)

Sprouting and week 1–2Tbs week 2– 2tsp Grow Big + 2Tbs Big Bloom Week 3–3tsp Grow Big + 2Tbs Big Bloom Week 4–JUST 3 tspGrow Big + 1/4 tsp Open Sesame

Week 5 same as week 4 unless going 12/12– Week 5- OR–day 1 of 12/12– 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/2 tsp Open Sesame Week 6–same as above Week 7– 2 Tsp Grow Big + 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/4 tsp Beastie Bloom

Week 8– 2Tsp Grow Big + 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/2 tsp Beastie Bloom
Week 9– 2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/4 tsp Cha Ching

week 10– Same as above
Week 11–2 tsp Tiger Bloom +1TBS Big Bloom + 1/2 tsp Cha Ching

At beginning of week 11–Check Trichomes– Flush if ready.. otherwise, continue as with week 11 every week until you do the final flush.

Also recommended–but not a necessity–
Bush Doctor Sledgehammer (prevents lock-out use 2 drops per gallon of water between feedings starting in week 4 of 12/12

Using Fox Farm for Hydroponic Growing

PHASIC SHEDULE: (per gallon)
(follow this for bubblers, OR you can use these amounts when watering in soil but is not as good as the weekly schedule for soil)

New Clones, or when seedlings get 3 sets of leaves- 1tsp Grow Big + 2tsp Big Bloom
Week 3 of veg (unless going 12/12) ADD 1tsp Grow big + 2 tsp Big Bloom
4 Days Before going 12/12- Add ¼ tsp Open Sesame
Day 1 of 12/12 Drain Reservoir & refill. Add 2 tsp Tiger Bloom + 1TBS Big Bloom + ½ tsp Open Sesame
Week 3 of 12/12Add ¼ tsp Beastie Bloom
Week 5 of 12/12Drain and refill reservoir Add 2 tsp Grow Big + 1 tsp Tiger bloom + 1 TBS Big Bloom + ¼ tsp Cha ching
3-5 Days Before harvest– Drain and refill reservoir add 2 drops Sledgehammer

keep the res filled in between feedings with ph adjusted water–

The reasonFox Farms doesn’t list nutes for weeks 2 & 4 is that it ASSUMES your res won’t go down, so you won’t NEED any additional nutes (if your res stays full- great!)..
but if the plants are pretty big, or the room is warm/dry– they can need refilling up to 3-4x a week. The chart doesn’t take that into account–
Remember– feed AT MOST 1x each week– only water in-between!
Use additional nutes from week one at 1/2 rate until in flower (between recomended feeds) then in flower– for additional feeds, use the nutes from the 1st week of flower at 1/2 rate in between…again–NEVER feed more than 1x a week!

Bubblers MAY use the weekly Schedules– BUT ONLY if you use an ec/ppm meter to keep the levels where they should be….
an ec around 1.2-1.5 in veg.. then 1.5 -1.7 in flower unlitt the last 2-3 weeks… then can go as high as 2.0. Watch your plants! they’ll tell you if you are over/under feeding!
Fox Farm Nutrients are best for soil growing!

Using Fox Farm Nutrients to grow Big Buds. Feeding Schedules. Mixing instructions & ratios, Big Bud harvests are easy to achieved using these marijuana growing tips and tricks