frisbee pipe

Say hello, to the original Humboldt High Flyer Frisbee Pipe!

At Humboldt High Flyer™ Inc. we are always working on new and fun ways for you to take your smoking pleasure to new heights. Our Original High Flyer frisbee pipe is the perfect example of what we’re all about.

For the Humboldt High Flyer™ we used a lightweight, transparent disc which made it easy for any smoker to throw and catch. It also works great as a tray to sort your favorite blend or block the wind at the beach.

The pipe in the middle is called the M.U.P. (multi-use-pipe). Our little M.U.P. can go anywhere you go. Whether its on the disc or in your bag, the M.U.P. fits just about anywhere. Just because he’s small and convenient, don’t count him out. The M.U.P. has a large bowl capacity you won’t find in any other small pipe of this kind. We have a full line of accessories in the works for this little guy so keep an eye out for those.

We hope you enjoy the Humboldt High Flyer™ Disc as much as we do!

Humboldt High Flyer Frisbee disc smoking pipe: green or clear. Perfect for anywhere you have fun. Use with your favorite blend