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10 Best Beer Bongs For The Tailgate Party Reviewed

Everyone knows that beer bongs are an essential part of the tailgate party experience, mainly because the activities in the parking lot take place in a small window for fun. Then you have to leave your beer, bbq and games and go sit in the stadium. So you need to get a sinful skinful and get buzzed faster than the normal rate of sipping from a Solo cup. Here’s a list of the best beer bongs out there – sure you could use any old funnel and tube but who knows where that’s been? And what’s the fun of that when you could potentially be drinking out of a spine!

The golden rule with all these items is to make sure you clean and dry them before use. If it really worries you, run some vodka through as that really sterilizes those hard-to-reach places.

You need to look at the capacity (anything bigger than you can drink will be wasted), the length of the tubes and whether it has a tap or not.

Here are the few ways to jazz up what is essentially a siphon, a funnel and a tube. My favorite is obviously the 6-seater arrangement around the pole, but each item on this list has merit either for its low price or functions.

Barbuzzo Russian Roulette Beer Bong

Great idea but leaks and doesn’t siphon properly plus breaks easily. The barrel/funnel part never really opens wide enough to get a good flow. Holds up to 72 ounces of fluid.

Cute though and cheap enough if you buy it with other items so that you get free shipping.

Skull Beer Funnel

Finish him! If you’re into cold beers and Sub-Zero is your Mortal Combat hero then this beer bong is for you! With this bad boy you can skål a Skol in a skull! Beer goes in the head and down the spine-tube so technically the beer bong can double as a Halloween party item. Make sure to wash it well before and after use and air dry it before stashing it in your tailgate party kit. Get a buddy to help you fill it then let the fun commence!

Pink Flamingo Bird Beer Bong

It’s never a bad thing to cater specifically for the lady-drinkers on your team. This is certainly a girly item and performs a lot slower than most manly beer bongs. As a novelty item to bring out at your tailgate party, it says fun for the girls and that makes it worth a spot in your tailgate party kit. You chug from the bird’s beak with the bottle attached underneath. Very simple.

The Double Header

The Double Header has twin 2 foot hoses with taps so you and your best (or worst) bud can race to a stupor. Have another friend top it up and another clean up the spill. A hint is to put plumbers’ tape (Teflon) on all the joins to avoid spilling a drop of that precious amber ale. It’s not a high-priced item and so it isn’t built like code plumbing, but is a fun thing and does the job. Nice to be able to turn your favorite activity into a legitimate contest.

Extreme Beer Bong

Similar to the basic funnel/hose/valve (tap) combo, this version has a 6 foot hose and works well. The hose is somewhat narrower and you may find a build-up of foam but hey, just keep sucking hard and fast and that will calm down.

Very inexpensive so you can throw a few of these in your tailgate party kit. Wash and dry well prior and after use and if it develops any leaks at joins, apply the Teflon tape as discussed above.

Bongzilla Beer Bong with 6 Tubes

OK, this one is almost unbeatable for a fun party-starter. It’s pole mounted on a sturdy base which, when filled with water, keeps it all anchored to the ground. Best of all, it allows six people to slam down the beer simultaneously and darn fast. From the Head Rush Beer Bong ultimate party people, it features a six-way funnel, six hoses and six valves. The pole is adjustable so you can either sit or stand. I guess most start standing, gradually sliding into a seat and maybe eventually playing at floor level. Just keep adjusting the pole closer to the ground. You can plug any tube that is not being used with one of the supplied stoppers. Capacity is 12 cans of beer or half a gallon (5 or six beers), so keep those growlers happening and get a friend to top it up as I know my friends will drink more than the starter funnel full.

Head Rush 18ft Balcony Beer Bong

I’m including this as I know there are some who have their tailgate parties near balconies, roof-gardens, home-gating in some cases. Naturally, it is a ‘must-pack’ for your trip to Cancun and Cabo, but idea for some situations where the beer can flow fast from a height of 18 feet. Yes, that is what it says. 18 glorious gravitational feet causing the beer to flow so fast that your alimentary canal will be challenged in the best way possible. Do I need to explain more? It has the Head Rush Beer Bong quality and good design and will give you hours of fun. Not that you will remember much of it till the hilarious photos are featured on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Beer Bottle Bong

If your beers come in bottles, then this is for you. It can pump the beer from the bottle in seconds without loss of quality. Suck it in fast! The gadget fits over the bottle and the tube goes in the bottle and the small part of the tube (of course) goes into your mouth. You have to see one to know what I am talking about. Super fun and everyone gets his or her own. You can hold contests to see who can drink the fastest. There are no negatives with this invention which has taken what was a college students’ makeshift gadget and finessed it so that it is reliable and well made. Inexpensive and you can use it many times. Wash and air-dry before and after use. No moving parts. Oh, that is the drinker also. Note that you get one,, not the whole container full of these for the advertised price.

Russian Roulette Revolver Shots Drinking Game

Neat way to play Russian Roulette and nobody gets hurt!

The handle holds a shot (2.5 ounces) and when the trigger is pulled, the barrel will go around, allowing one chamber only to shoot the liquor into a lucky drinker’s mouth. A one in six chance to be … Winner! It’s a bit dinky but a very fun accessory to have at a tailgate party to mix up the ways and methods of taking a swig of liquor in amongst all that beer. Inexpensive for the laughs you will get. And the gratitude the winner will show you after a shot of tequila or whatever you want to fill it with. Again, wash and air dry before and after use or it could become nasty.

Glow In The Dark And Under Black Light Beer Bong

This Beer Blaster Beer Funnel is the one you will take out when the sun goes down or on those Friday nights. Guaranteed fun for everyone this Funnel & Tube Beer Bong is the classic style Beer Bong. Holds just a smidge over 2 beers and comes with a 2 feet long hose. A nice novelty at a low price. Doesn’t have a tap so if you stop to belch then you’ll be wearing your booze.

Everyone knows that beer bongs are an essential part of the tailgate party experience – so check out these best beer bongs before you get yours!