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  • Oct 14, 2014
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  • Hello everyone!
    I am new to vaporizing and this forum and have only vaped 2 times and smoked 3 times before that. Basically I started vaping because it doesn’t smell as much and it is good for a big city. A health benefit is also a reason I did a lot of research on vaping and found many answers to many of my questions. I just bought the new G pro vaporizer because it was affordable and very portable. I know it might be a copy of Titan but it seems that it has some improvements.
    Here are some questions that are still unanswered and I will appreciate any help from you guys!

    1) Does vaporizer give off weed smell after you vaped and cleaned it and you just have it somewhere in your room? ( if it does how do you eliminate the smell?)
    2) Is G pro really a convection vaporizer and is there any way to test it?( their websites and many others claim that its true convection)
    3) Do all plastic/rubber vapes have a very slight plastic smell and taste at first even when you’re not vaping and just try to smell it inside? It seems to be coming from the little rubber piece right above the chamber. the silicone rubber mothpieces also have very similar smell.( Does it go away?)
    4) How many hits do you get from 0.3-0.5g and are you supposed to be able to see the vapor?
    5) when you vape is it better to start at a low temperature and increase it as you vape? If yes why?
    6) do I have to pack the herbs tight? Is it ok if I pack 0.3g if the chamber is 0.5?
    Thank you very much for your help!
    I appologize if I asked something that has been covered here before or if I sound like a total noob lol

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    • Oct 15, 2014
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  • Welcome to the site!

    There’s a lot of information on this site, it can take a while to digest everything (hell, I’ve been here about 6 months and just barely scraped the surface of this forum’s useful information!).

    I really haven’t heard of that vape (doesn’t get mentioned around here often) – but I think I found the proper thread on this site (doesn’t seem to have much information. )
    Edit – if it really is a rebranded Titan – here’s the link to that thread –

    I’ll try to break down some of these questions, but it’s all subjective to you and your habits.

    1) Depends on the vape. Some vapes have removable parts which can be soaked. Others may accumulate vapor resin in unreachable places and develop some odors. I have noticed odors from one of my PV’s, while my others have no smell. But again, it also depends on usage and how frequently you clean it. Some of my vapes have no noticeable odor.

    2) Don’t really know how the Gpro works, can’t comment – I suggest you check out the Gpro thread and ask your product-specific questions there

    3) So far as I can tell, most electronic vapes will have a normal robot-fart smell for the first week as it airs out. Usually the standard procedure for any PV is to charge it, clean it with ISO where possible, then do several “Burn-Offs” at high/maximum temperature. Sometimes an additional ISO clean is necessary after the burnoffs. – If a vape still smells like melting plastic after a few weeks, it’s probably not a good thing. Preheat the vape to maximum while the chamber is 100% clean and look for any off-gassing/smoke by shining a bright flashlight over both ends of the vapor path.

    4) Jesus man – 0.3 to 0.5. depends on what temperatures you start at, and where you end. With 0.4g – I think I’d oose count after 150 on my Davinci Ascent (Seriously – 0.4g is a solid 30 minute session on my Ascent). Note – I usually pack between 0.1 and 0.2 in my Desktop Log-vaporizer

    5) HIGHLY suggest perusing this thread –
    Different temperatures have different medicating effects. It’s all about personal preference my friend!
    (FWIW – I usually prefer low temperatures in the morning, and high temperatures after work)

    6) Vaporizer specific. Some vapes work best loose, some work best moderately compacted. Typically I’ve found that vapes which use Conduction heating prefer a dense load (to help transfer the heat). True (not some marketing bullshit) Convection vaporizers which preheat the air before hitting the herbs seem to work best when they are loosely packed

    Hello everyone! I am new to vaporizing and this forum and have only vaped 2 times and smoked 3 times before that. Basically I started vaping because it…