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The Alternative Vaporizer Experience

Who Said Vaping Needs Batteries? Meet the VaporGenie

When you think of dry herb vaporizers, it’s likely that you imagine a battery-powered unit which heats the herbs with electricity. However, if you prefer to benefit from the advantages of vaping but don’t have time to mess around with charging and waiting for the chamber to heat up, or if you just prefer to use an open flame for a more authentic experience, the VaporGenie is your answer.

How Does the VaporGenie Work?

This vaporizer works in combination with a lighter, but unlike pipes, does not expose your dry herbs to an open flame and burn them via combustion. Instead, the VaporGenie uses a silicon carbide flame filter to prevent this, infusing the heat of the lighter with cool air from the surroundings, heating up the chamber evenly, resulting in the vaporization of your herbs.

Why Choose a VaporGenie Over a Battery-Powered Vape?

The VaporGenie vaporizer is dramatically safer and more pleasant to use than a conventional combustion pipe. It vaporizers your herbal blends instead of burning them, thereby greatly reducing tar and particulate inhalation. The pipe provides a much smoother vapour compared to traditional combustion pipes; there should be no coughing caused by the VaporGenie and no burning-throat sensation. It feels like you are inhaling warm, flavored air.

Benefits of the VaporGenie:

  • It is used with a lighter and is portable. There are no unnecessary frills with this product – all you need is a lighter, your chosen herbal blend, and the pipe itself.
  • It is easily transported and slips inside a bag or a back pocket no problem.

    It does not rely on electricity for vaporization. It is simple to use and reliable, with no need to charge or replace batteries!

    It provides a lifetime warranty and you are protected against defects.

    The build-quality of the pipe is of very high-quality – it is made with beautiful high-grade North American Oak wood and looks great. This makes it is a durable product that will provide you with many years of satisfying vaporization.

    User Guide

    Using the VaporGenie is easy!
    Check out the Video below for a demonstration.

    Follow these 3 easy steps:

    Load the bowl with loose ground herbs.

    DO NOT PACK! Ground herbs have a high surface area that aids the vaporization process.

    Inhale constantly while supplying flame to the flame filter. Your toke should be about 6-8 seconds long. Use a lighter flame about 1 inch tall. It is helpful to move the flame around to get the most uniform heating. We recommend using an electronic ignition lighter. Do not touch the flame to the ceramic filter. This is important because touching the flame to the ceramic filter will create soot that can eventually clog the filter. Soot will also create a bad taste.

    Find out more about the dry herb vaping alternative here at Australian Vaporizers. If you want to vaporize your herbal blends, but don't want the hassle of charging your vaporizer or spending hundreds of dollars, check out the VaporGenie. Simple to use with a traditional pipe design, buy today at our online store.