ghost bong

Ghost bong

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The bong itself is so thick that my circle jokes about it being cursed for the amount of times it’s gotten knocked over and broken both the bowl and the down-stem (which was great before it broke) but been otherwise fine. The ash-catcher bowl was awful, which is to be expected with that type. I only used it a couple times bc it got the bowl wet any time the water moved. I thought to order a fat bowl and a funky little diffuser bubbler that also had a sick lil bowl that fit this bong. It hits about like you’d expect for a classic bong without crazy diffusers. It’s great for the money and I stress INSANELY hard to break, though the shape of the base combined with the weight distribution of the tipped glass makes it super easy to knock over, at the expense of whatever bowl and/or down-stem you put in it. So, yeah, be careful where you put it when you’re not smoking it. It WILL kick your ass at least a few times at first because you can’t see the smoke in the blue part, but you can get a smooth hit if you respect and fear the Ghost enough.

I am very disappointed with this purchase it had multiple pin sized holes

We are sorry to hear you received defected product. We will send the replacement water pipe excluding parts.

Your team at the Customer Care Centre

So today was my 5th purchase from bongoutlet. It’s been a great company to order glass from in canada, they ship fast and have reasonable prices. I’ve only had minor slip ups that I don’t really mind with one order out of the five. Yesterday, I ordered this bong (and 5 or 6 other items) and my order had not been processed. I quickly realized I did not have quite enough money for the exchange rate as a Canadian resident, and I emailed to cancel. Instead of cancelling the order, they offered to take 20% discount off the entire purchase just so I could afford it. This goes above and beyond in the customer service department. The person replying emailed back very quickly and instantly had it dispatched and on its way. This is absolutely amazing as a customer, and it was highly appreciated. Thanks guys. Everything I have purchased has worked well and you will DEFINITELY still have my business and recommendations for years to come. Super excited about this order, I’m sure my friend will enjoy his birthday gift that will be here MORE THAN ON TIME:) THANKS GUYS!

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Order 18 in. [GHOST] GLASS WATER BONGS – BLUE SNK from Ghost Glass of Blue color. It features a Detachable stem diffuser, Ice Catcher and Ash catcher for 14 mm female Joint.