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Super Speedy No-Sew Ghost Finger Puppets

Little fingers are going to wiggle with excitement for these Super Speedy No-Sew Ghost Finger Puppets!

These ghost finger puppets are perfect for bringing some fun into your Halloween celebrations or story telling time. Little ones will love popping them on their fingers and playing BOO!

These little spooky puppets are the perfect last minute Halloween craft. You’ll love how quick and easy it is to make these spectres. You can make a ghost finger puppet in just a couple of minutes, seriously! You’ll have a whole handful before you know it! And to top it all off these Halloween finger puppets are made from recycled materials so cost next to nothing!

Because these ghost finger puppets are no-sew and easy, fast and cheap to make they’re a great Halloween craft to do in a group or classroom as well as at home.

The instructions are really simple so even very young children can make these with little adult help and all kids, big and small, will love to decorate their ghost finger puppets with all sorts of fun, cute and scary spooky faces!

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Materials To Make Ghost Finger Puppets

  • Plastic Bottle Tops (Like you often find on shampoo bottles. See photo above.)
  • An Old White T-Shirt or Bought White T-Shirt Fabric US / UK
  • Glue
  • Pinking Shears

How To Make Super Speedy Ghost Finger Puppets!

You and the kids will be able to craft up a whole handful of these ghost finger puppets before you can even say BOO! They are super easy, super quick and super fun!

Start by drawing a pencil circle onto your t-shirt fabric and cut it out with pinking shears. (The zig zag edge is great for the bottom of your ghost puppets.) I drew round a cereal bowl.

Next dab some glue around on the top and upper edges of your plastic lid. (Make sure the plastic lid is plenty big enough for a finger to go in and out of, we don’t want any stuck!)

Put the plastic lid upside down onto the middle of your t-shirt fabric circle. Flip the whole thing upside down and press the fabric onto the glue around the edges of your lid too.

Use a black sharpie of felt marker to draw on your ghost finger puppets’ spooky faces.

I think it’s fun to give each little ghost finger puppet a different expression!

Now your ghost finger puppets are finished you can pop them on your finger and BOO all your friends!

Why not make ten little ghosts and use them to play along with this fabulous Halloween book Ten Timid Ghosts? It’s great for building early number skills and rhyme recognition.

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No-Sew Ghost Finger Puppets are a great last minute Halloween craft for bringing fun into your celebrations or story time. Kids love playing boo with them!