ghost mv1 review

Ghost MV1 Review & Vaporizer Tutorial

We’re taking a look at the Ghost MV1 vaporizer today and giving it a proper review. Take a look at the video above for a full review, usage instructions and we compare it to the Mighty and Firefly 2.


  • Pure convection with incredible vapor
  • Vapor comes out very cool
  • Instant on-demand heating
  • Exact temperature control
  • Good battery life
  • Crucibles allow microdosing

Typical Price: $299.00

  • Can be expensive with accessories
  • No pass through charging
  • Not very portable

If you’re looking for the best vapor quality, you need to go with the Ghost MV1. Its pure convection oven dishes out the best vapor of any portable we’ve tested. It hits super hard and it looks damn cool.

I’m going to show you:

In the Box

Here’s what’s included when you open up the box:

1 x Ghost MV1 vaporizer
1 x Battery pack
1 x Charging cable
1 x Quick start guide
1 x Extra crucible with lid
1 x Concentrate pad
3 x Picks
3 x Alcohol wipes
3 x Cotton swabs

Ghost MV1 Review

Initial inspection

The GHOST MV1 feels really good right out of the box. It feels really well made and it’s heavier than a lot of vaporizers but in a good way. You can tell that it’s well manufactured.

✅ Vapor quality

The vapor quality you get from this thing is incredible. It hits super, super, super hard. You can get massive clouds from just a small bowl. The crucibles in here only hold .1 grams of dry herb, but you can pull huge rips from that. So it is kind of worth the hype.

I haven’t had as good of hits from any other vaporizer or portable vaporizer than the MV1. And the flavor you get from it is also really, really good.

✅ On-demand heating

It heats up almost instantly or within around 10 seconds. So that means you can go from just nothing to vaping really quickly. That also means that you can take microdoses from it as well. So if that interests you, then definitely look into GHOST MV1 because you can put a crucible in there and then only take one hit and then put it away if you only wanna take a smaller amount at once.

✅ Build quality

It feels really good in your hand. You know that it’s well built from the moment you pick it up. It feels like a really, really high end device. It really does. And it also fits perfectly in your hand and they specifically designed it that way. There’s the thumb notch which fits perfectly where you press to inhale. It just feels really good.

✅ Can handle concentrates

While I usually stick to dry herbs myself, the Ghost MV1 can handle concentrates. There is a specific heat setting that you go to in order to use concentrates. Just add a bit of your concentrate on to the concentrate pad in the crucible and you’re good to go.

✅ Crucibles can be good

This is a contentious argument since they can be finicky, but I actually like the crucibles. The reason why is because you can keep a few of them with you at once. If you’re even just sitting at the couch, it’s easier to just have a few crucibles handy rather than packing a whole bowl. It also lets you use less material at once, which I’m a fan of.

✅ Battery life

While other vaporizers demand that you’re always plugged in, the Ghost MV1’s battery is long enough for plenty of sessions. The battery life myself after testing it has lasted around 60 to 70 draws. This highly depends on the temperature that you use it at as well as other factors.

❌ It’s finicky to load

On the con side, the crucibles are kind of finicky. When you’re using this thing it’s not easy to get the crucibles in there. I think they could have designed that a little bit better and also let these crucibles have a snap on. The lid just kind of lies on there and it’s tough to get it in properly. You get the hang of it after a while but I wouldn’t really recommend that to anybody with dexterity issues or anything like that.

❌ Not very portable

The Ghost MV1 isn’t that pocketable. It does have a glass piece and I’d be kind of worried about breaking this in my pocket, especially if you spent that much money on it. So it might be good if you wanna throw it in a bag to take to a friend’s house or something like that, but I wouldn’t bring it on outdoors excursions with me.

I keep my MV1 as an at-home vaporizer. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, depending on what you want to do.

❌ Can get expensive

The third negative I have about the GHOST MV1 is their really pulling the Apple card when it comes to the accessories.

This fast charger is pretty much a necessary accessory. It cuts down the charging time from eight hours to two hours. I know you can do it overnight, but having this is definitely nice to have.

Then you also have the crucible holder, which lets you keep extra crucibles with you. The crucible dispenser is super handy to have around. But that’s another thing you need to add on.

Then you maybe want a battery to add on to that, too. So it’s kind of like they’re doing the Apple dongle thing, which I’m not a huge fan of. f you have the money to spend though, you can’t really go wrong with it.

❌ Cleaning is a bit of a nuisance

You need to keep it clean. I mean, if you spend this much money on your vaporizer you want it working at its peak. So every eight to 10 charges we recommend definitely cleaning it out. This is the case with most portable vaporizers like this but it’s trickier to clean than the Firefly 2 or Arizer Solo 2. Don’t take this as a huge negative though, as long as you don’t mind doing the work.

Ghost MV1 vs. Mighty

The Mighty is a session vaporizer, meaning that you need to cook the entire bowl. The Ghost MV1 is an on demand vaporizer, which means that you can take just one puff and basically put it away and save the bowl. Generally, on demand vaporizers are more efficient. But if you’re planning on using a whole bowl, then the Mighty is just as good. It depends on what you want to do. They both perform very, very well.

The Mighty does have pass-through charging though, and the Ghost MV1 doesn’t. So that’s good if you don’t want to keep worrying about batteries and you just wanna charge it while you’re sitting on the couch. The Ghost MV1 really kind of makes you buy the fast charger and an extra battery, so that can be kind of annoying, it can get kind of expensive. Ideally a vaporizer would have pass-through charging and replaceable batteries.

The Mighty’s easier to clean and maintain and use than the MV1. Really you just need to clean out the bowl and keep everything kind of spic and span with the Mighty. With the MV1, it can be a little bit of a nuisance to clean. It’s not hard but it can be a little bit annoying to keep having to do that instead of just wiping out the bowl with ISO to keep them maintained.

That being said, the MV1 does have better vapor quality. It ends up being cooler and I just get bigger clouds with the Ghost MV1, but the Mighty still performs really well.

Ghost MV1 vs. Firefly 2

When it comes to the Firefly 2 a few of the differences are.

That the MV1’s battery lasts longer. So just on one charge it’ll last you more puffs than the MV1. But like I said before, the Firefly 2 does include a free battery. So that means that you can replace it right away. If you wanna spend the money on an extra battery and the fast charger for the MV1 I’d pick it. If money wasn’t an object and I could have all those things then I’d pick the MV1.

If you wanted to save a few bucks and have an extra battery right away, I’d probably pick the Firefly 2. The MV1 also has less draw resistance than the Firefly 2. I haven’t had another portable vaporizer that has such little draw resistance with such cool vapor. But the Firefly 2 does perform really well, just not quite as high as the MV1.

The Firefly 2 is smaller than the MV1. Maybe it’s not super obvious right away, but this is a much lighter unit than the MV1. I think the Firefly 2 could fit in your pocket if you wanted it to. I don’t think this would fit in my pocket. I think I’d have to put it in a bag or something else in order to make it work and take somewhere.

Also, the Firefly 2 is easier to clean, just like the Mighty. It’s really, you take off the lid, and then inside you just have to clean out the bowl in there, with some iso and then let it dry. You don’t have to take apart all of the parts of the MV1 in order to give it a thorough clean.

The Firefly 2 is also a little bit easier to use. You just basically pop in your herb into the chamber there.

All of this considered though, you’d think I’d prefer the Firefly 2. but that’s not true. I’d pick the Ghost MV1 all day because the draws you get are so much better than the Firefly 2.

How to use the Ghost MV1

Let’s show you how the Ghost MV1 works:

1. Load the crucible with your herb or concentrate

Press the button to pop the chamber open. Then just grab the crucible and add your herb inside. Put the crucible back in the vaporizer and make sure the lid is on properly. Then just press the chamber closed.

2. Press the home button 3 times

Once you press the home button 3 times the MV1 will start to heat up.

You can adjust the temperature from 140°C – 220°C by holding the home button until you see the battery light. Then let go and hold it again. Once it starts flashing you can go through the different heat settings.

Tip: You can change between Celsius and Fahrenheit when you connect the app to the vaporizer.

3. Pull out glass mouthpiece and press the thumb button to inhale

Pull out the mouthpiece. The glass mouthpiece affects the airflow: the more you pull it out, the more airflow you’ll get. Keep that in mind when you’re using it.

Hold the button in the thumb notch which will make a buzz. When it’s ready for you to draw it’ll buzz again.

Then take a big pull from your Ghost MV1 – enjoy!

Once it’s done it’ll buzz one more time and that’s when you should stop inhaling.

How to clean the Ghost MV1

Since you’ve spent so much money on your Ghost MV1 you’ll want to make sure that it’s properly maintained. You should probably be cleaning the heat-sink once every 8-10 battery charges.

1. Push out the heat sink

Apply pressure to the silicone to push out the heat sink. The whole heating chamber will pop out.

2. Pull apart the heating chamber

The heating chamber should come apart pretty easily:

  • Pull out the glass mouthpiece
  • Pull off the top of the heating chamber
  • Remove the rubber gasket
  • Pull out the white ceramic piece

3. Clean the mouthpiece and heat sink

Pour some isopropyl acohol in to a small dish and wash around the following parts for a minute or two:

  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Crucibles
  • White ceramic piece
  • Ceramic heating chamber

You can rub down the inside of any of these parts with q-tip and iso. You can also rub out the inside of the unit itself with a small amount of iso on a q-tip.

Do not put the top of the heat sink and the rubber gasket in rubbing alcohol. It may ruin them.

4. Put the heat sink back together and push it in to Ghost MV1

The heat sink should be relatively easy to put back together. Just assemble the pieces the same way that you took them apart.

Pop the heat sink back in to the unit and you’re good to go!

Wrapping it up

The Ghost MV1 is one of our top recommended vaporizers right now. If you want to get huge hits from your vaporizer, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

If you have any questions about the unit, feel free to ask us in the comments down below.

We're taking a deep dive in to the Ghost MV1. It's a full convection vaporizer that's been making waves. Is it as good as you've heard? Find out in our full Ghost MV1 review.

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review

The Ghost MV1 is a portable convection vaporizer made by Ghost Vaporizers. The Ghost comes with a full temp spectrum, great battery life, and produces some of the best flavors that you can currently get out of a dry herb vaporizer. The MV1 is also one of the best portable vaporizers for heavier users because of vapor production and long battery life. While I’m a big fan of the flavor and the vapor production, there are some downsides to this vaporizer.

With that said, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this device, and over time, I have developed techniques that make this device much easier to use.

The MV1 has also come a long way since the initial release of this device. When it first came out, I was not a fan, but they have made some key improvements that make the device easier to use and more user-friendly. I will talk about those tips and upgrades later on in this Ghost MV1 vaporizer review.

UPDATE 4/11/20: GHOST is shutting it down which means these units will be going for cheap! The good news is that you can get a great vaporizer for a third of the retail price. Puffitup currently has the Ghost MV1 for $119. Pick it up here. The bad news is that you won’t be getting parts once the stores run out. So if you decide to pull the trigger on this one I would pick up an extra battery, charger, crucible dispenser, and extra crucibles.

UPDATE 11/18/19: One of the biggest downsides I talk about with this vaporizer below is the price. Since I’ve written this article they have dropped the price a few times and I think it’s a much better buy. You can buy the MV1 directly from Ghost for $175 and that includes a crucible dispenser. This is a great vaporizer at that price. I still recommend picking up the charging cradle and an extra battery which I talk about more in my “extra accessories” section below.

MV1 Review Continued…

Before we jump into the review, we should talk about the price of the unit and accessories. I think the crucible dispenser is an absolute MUST for this vaporizer and I highly recommend picking up the external charger with an extra battery. With all that, you’re looking at a device that costs roughly $395 when you get the MV1 Power Bundle + the Crucible Dispenser. I would not buy this device without the power bundle package because if you come back to buy the faster charger and extra battery at a later date, they are $60 a piece instead of $70 for both. Having the extra battery and charging cradle allows you to use the device while a battery is on the charger and the $30 crucible dispenser allows you to use the device more often without having to clean and repack crucibles. The device still works without any of these accessories but waiting eight hours for a vaporizer to charge via USB ruins a day full of vaping for me.

You can check out the Ghost MV1 directly from Ghost Vaporizers here and read on below to get the full MV1 Vaporizer review.

Mv1 Size, Portability, and Build Quality:

Size and Portability – This is one of the categories that I tend to grade the harshest because I’m always using my vaporizers out on the go. I’m camping, biking, hiking, skiing, paddleboarding…etc. You get the idea. I want something that can easily fit in my pocket and won’t weigh me down.

The Ghost MV1 weighs roughly 345 grams. By comparison, the Mighty, another big vaporizer, weighs roughly 230 grams. That’s about the weight difference of a bar of soap which might not seem like much but the Mighty is slender whereas the Ghost is a bulky design.

The MV1 is the perfect vaporizer to use around the house, especially for taking quick but potent rips during short breaks playing video games. I also really enjoy taking it over to a buddies house for some sessions.

Build Quality – The overall build quality is top-notch. The design of this vaporizer is one of the things I like most about it. I always enjoy getting a new vaporizer that looks nothing like the rest of the market. It’s exciting to see a company come in a design something completely different from anything else.

While the device itself seems pretty strong and durable, the crucibles and method of loading can be pretty tricky sometimes.

App Info – While you can change between pre-set temps on the device without it, the App is easy to use, easy to change temps and allows you to pick two custom temp settings.

What’s Included with the Ghost Mv1 + Accessories:

Included in the Box In the box, you get the MV1, a USB charging cable, one spare crucible with lid (2 total), one concentrate pad, three picks for stirring, three ISO wipes, and three cleaning buds (aka q-tips). Like I mentioned above, I highly recommend picking up the MV1 power bundle. The power bundle will come with a spare battery and the external charging cradle for an extra $70. If you were to buy the charging cradle and battery separately after the fact, they run $60 a piece. So you’re saving $50 by picking them up together with the device.

Extra Accessories Other than picking up the external charging cradle and the extra battery, I highly recommend picking up the crucible dispenser as well. The dispenser was an absolute game changer for us. The crucibles tend to get pretty dirty quickly. Now they aren’t hard to clean at all. Just throw them in some ISO and let them sit but you don’t want to be doing this all the time. So the crucible dispenser will give you five extra crucibles. Having the extra crucibles cuts down on the amount of cleaning tremendously and allows you to use the device much longer. The crucible dispenser also allows you to preload bowls to take with you on the go which is much easier than emptying a bowl and repacking on the go.

MV1 Heating, Vapor Path, and Temp Options:

Heating The MV1 heats up in about 10-12 seconds, which is one of the fastest heating portable vaporizers on the market. I think the only vaporizers that heat up faster are the Grasshopper and the Firefly 2+. The session timer is set for 15 seconds so you can get in a full hit in under 30 seconds, which is awesome if you’re trying to get medicated quickly.

Vapor Path The Ghost MV1 features an isolated air path free of any contact with electronics. All parts are medical-grade, and the Ghost produces some of the best vapor quality you can currently get out of a portable vaporizer. The 100% pure convection heating allows you to take a rip here and there without wasting herbs in between draws which are perfect for micro-dosing.

Temp Options The temp range on the Ghost MV1 vaporizer runs from 284F to 428F. You get three preset temps with the first one starting at 338F, the second is 365F, and the third is 392F. You get two customizable temps which can be set to any temp within the range, and it also offers a concentrate setting.

Chamber Info and Draw Resistance (Ghost MV1):

Chamber Info (Bowl Size) A full packed MV1 bowl will hold about .1 to .15 grams depending on packing techniques, and I’ve had the best results with a fully packed bowl. The good thing about this is you don’t have to vape the entire bowl in one session. You can hit it once, stir it, and then come back to it later. This technique, paired with the crucible dispenser, basically gives you a massive amount of rips without having to load while on out the go. You can have up to six crucibles loaded and ready to go and swap them out when you’re ready for a session. Overall I would say this is a very efficient vaporizer, I get a strong effect from the size load.

Draw Resistance The MV1 is one of the freest flowing vaporizers that you’ll ever use. I’m talking barely any draw resistance from this device which makes it perfect for anyone and especially those that don’t want to be pulling super hard on a vaporizer.

Ghost Mv1 Battery Information:

Battery Specs The MV1 vape uses a proprietary battery system with two 18650 batteries.

Battery Life I’ve been averaging around 6-8 crucibles on a fully charged battery and I get anywhere from 4-8 draws per crucible. So there’s potential for 60 draws on a fully charged battery but it all depends on temp settings, loading techniques, and how strong/weak your draw is. You can crush a bowl in a couple of hits on max temp and long rips, or you can start at low temps and take small microdoses. It all depends on your preference and your experience with this vaporizer.

Charging Times This is one of my least favorite categories with the Ghost MV1. The Ghost takes anywhere from 6-8 hours to charge from a dead/low battery via USB fully. If you don’t pick up the “Power Bundle” kit, you might be limited on when you will be using the device. I also don’t like that they charge $60 for the charging cradle and $60 for a battery. That’s the price of a few decent introductory vaporizers these days. This is why I highly recommend buying the Power Bundle kit right off the bat, which saves you $50 and will allow you to use the device more regularly daily.

Ghost Vaporizer Cleaning and Maintenance:

Cleaning and maintenance with the Ghost MV1 are also one of my least favorite categories. The Ghost MV1 uses a lot of different pieces to make it all come together. The Crucibles are super easy to clean, but the disassembly and cleaning of the mouthpiece portion is a time-consuming process.

On the flip side, I’ve been able to run at least 20 crucibles through the device before I need to disassemble the mouthpiece components for cleaning. It helps to heat the device and draw from it before taking everything apart.

Comparisons (Ghost MV1 vs Firefly 2 Plus):

Firefly 2+ These two are direct competitors and both competing for the best flavor out of a portable dry herb vaporizer. As some of you know or don’t know, there are two of us that run We both individually test every single vaporizer, compare notes, and come together on a final review with thoughts before we release it.

One of us enjoys the flavor and vapor quality from the Firefly 2+ while the other prefers the vapor quality and heavier vapor production from the Ghost MV1.

One of us would rather use the Firefly 2+ because of the cumbersome process of using the MV1 crucibles while the other prefers to use the Ghost and crucible dispenser to swap bowls on the fly. The ghost is a bit more expensive, especially when you add in the accessories so if the Ghost is outside your price range you should definitely consider the Firefly 2+

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Overview/Summary:

Overall I think you can tell that I’m not completely sold on the Ghost MV1 vaporizer at its price.

UPDATE 4/11/20: GHOST is shutting it down which means these units will be going for cheap! The good news is that you can get a great vaporizer for a third of the retail price. Puffitup currently has the Ghost MV1 for $119. Pick it up here. The bad news is that you won’t be getting parts once the stores run out. So if you decide to pull the trigger on this one I would pick up an extra battery, charger, crucible dispenser, and extra crucibles.

UPDATE: Ghost Vapes Official has the Ghost MV1 for $175 with a free Crucible Dispenser. This is the lowest I’ve seen it and definitely a good buy at this price.

However, if you’re looking for some of the best-tasting, free-flowing vapor out of a dry herb vaporizer, and the price point isn’t an issue, by all means, you will love this vaporizer. However, you should consider getting the entire kit to make the vaporizer more worth it.

They’ve come a long way from the initial version of this vaporizer. Upgrading the door latch, the mouthpiece, the firmware, and a few other things, but if you are concerned with maximizing value, there are better options. This is not the vaporizer for the average user or the person buying their first vaporizer, this is for someone willing to pay extra for some of the most free-flowing and best vapor quality offered from a portable vaporizer, you will not be disappointed. Just be prepared for a bit of a learning curve and take the time to learn how to use it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Ghost MV1 vaporizer review. I would love to hear your thoughts on this vaporizer. Feel free to hit me up in the comments below or shoot me an email via the contact page.

I'm a big fan of the Ghost MV1 because it packs a punch but the cost of the device plus needed accessories might be too much for some people.