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14 Weed Grinders That Are Actually Super Cute

Looking for a weed grinder that’s actually cute? We’ve got you. After searching through Amazon for the best marijuana grinders, we rounded up some of the cutest options so you can rep your personal style every time you smoke.

Pin Up Girl Grinder

This titanium herb grinder is only 2 inches but is massively adorable. It’s artistic, a tad bit feminist, and just plain cute. It’s coated in zinc so it’s indestructible, won’t chip, or wear away. It’s a strong, badass female….just like you.

Smoking Girl Grinder

Ladies, how fabulous is this grinder? And it comes with this fancy little carrying bag? How adorable! It’s 2.5 inches, has a laser etched design that won’t wear away, diamond sharp teeth, and a grip for smooth grinding. It also has a 30-day money back guarantee. But honestly, who would want to return this super classy piece?

Cookie Herb Grinder

OMG…this cookie grinder couldn’t get any sweeter. It’s 2.16 inches, made of stainless steel, and has a magnetic top so that it stays shut while you grind. Be warned, you’re going to get hungry just looking at it.

Rainbow Grinder

This 4-piece zinc alloy weed grinder is full of color. It has a rainbow exterior that makes it pretty, but it isn’t all about looks. The Poly O-Ring makes the grinding smooth and consistent. And, it’s small size (52 mm x 42 mm) makes it easy to carry around.

King Top Rose Gold Marijuana Grinder

All gold everything. This one is for the ladies who like a little bit of class with their grass (ok, we’ll stop being cheesy) but seriously, we love how elegant this grinder is. It’s 3in in size, made with zinc and alloy, and comes with four pieces. The 45 sharp teeth will give you a smooth and consistent grind while the magnetic top makes it easy to maneuver. There’s also a cash back guarantee!

Blue Mandala Herb Grinder

This 4-piece grinder is made of titanium and zinc and anodized for a durable finish. It’s super durable so it won’t chip or stain. You can remove the pollen screen to turn this piece into a grinder with storage space too. Size is 2.5” wide and 1.75” Tall.

Carved Flower Grinder

This heavy duty herb grinder is made from alloy and zinc so it’s super durable. It’s 2.2 inches and is comprised of four pieces so you know it has everything you need. An added perk is that the company offers a money back guarantee.

Purple Carved Flower Grinder

This herb grinder is made from premium aluminum and is 2.2 inches. It’s made up of four pieces that are all resistant to fingerprints, chips, and scuffs. It’s lightweight, has razor sharp teeth, and comes in four different colors and designs. There’s also a lifetime warranty.

Fancy Rainbow Marijuana Grinder

This heavy duty grinder consists of four parts and is made with zinc alloy. It’s 2.48″ Diameter x 1.88″ Height so it’s ultra portable, making it easy to grind on the go. An added perk is the money back guarantee.

Tree of Life Cannabis Grinder

This large cannabis grinder is made of zinc alloy so it’s ultra durable. It features a laser etched design that won’t fade away. It features diamond-shaped sharp teeth and a textured grip on the outside for a smooth, seamless grind. It also features a stainless steel pollen filter. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Purple Elephant Grinder

This laser engraved herb grinder is perfect for all of those animal lovers out there. It’s bold and bright so it’s hard to lose. It’s durable, efficient and comes in a size, 2.2” in diameter x 1.8. The top is spill-proof and has a magnetized cover so your herb will always stay fresh. It features 28 sharp teeth that will give you the perfect consistency, and a stainless steel pollen catcher to keep everything in order.

Octopus Laser Etched Grinder

How cool is this sea creature? I mean, who wouldn’t want to see this every time they roll a joint? This large grinder is made with zinc and alloy so its durable, strong, and ready to help you out with all your smoking needs. The etched design won’t fade away, and the lid has a grip texture for a smooth grind. Don’t forget about the stainless steel pollen filter!

Wooden Herb Grinder

Whether you’re outdoorsy or consider yourself a minimalist, this wooden herb grinder is a great addition to your cannabis toolkit. It’s 2.5 inch in size, has sharp diamond-shaped teeth, and features a pollen filter and cleaning brush.

Sun & Moon Grinder

Astrology lovers, gather round’…this one’s for you. It’s 2.5 inches of beauty, and comes with four different parts. The etched design won’t fade away, and the super sharp diamond teeth will always give you the perfect grind.

There you have it! Weed grinders don’t have to be dull. In fact, they can be an extension of your unique, beautiful personality. Which one will you choose?

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14 Weed Grinders That Are Actually Super Cute Looking for a weed grinder that’s actually cute? We’ve got you. After searching through Amazon for the best marijuana grinders, we rounded up some of

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