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How to Smoke Meth using a Light Bulb?

How to Smoke Meth With a Light Bulb?

This is very similar to smoking meth with a glass pipe, however, since glass pipes are not always available, sometimes, a light bulb can be used to substitute the glass pipe. This does require some preparation by the user and that is why it is a little less popular than a glass pipe.

Step 1: Obtain a Light Bulb, Screw Driver and Pair of Pliers.

The first thing you need is to obtain the tools you will use to prepare the light bulb to be used as well as obtaining a light bulb. This will require a Light Bulb, Pliers and Screw driver or small pocket knife.

Step 2: Remove Bulb Top.

The second part you need to remove the top part of the light bulb. This can be done by using the pliers and gently twisting the top part. BECAREFUL: Not to break the glass and cut your fingers. Alternatively, you may cut through the top part of the light bulb to create a hole.

Step 3: Remove Bulb Inner Parts.

It is important we now remove the inner parts of the light bulb. This isn’t very tricky to do and can be done by using a screw driver or small pocket knife. Simply slip the screw driver or knife into the hole you created and pull out wards the center coil, this should automatically remove all off the inner parts of the light bulb.

Step 4: Clean the Bulb.

Using a piece of cloth clean inside the light bulb, be sure to remove any dust or Glass that may be in there. It should be sparkling clean.

Step 5: Add some crystal meth.

Add some meth (Approx. 0.1 – 0.2 grams) into the light bulb from the top you created.

Step 6: Seal the bulb top to be Air-tight.

Once everything is in place, you will require a straw to use and tape it around the top part of the bulb to make it air tight.

Step 7: Gently heat the bottom of the Bulb.

Apply gentle heat from your lighter to the bottom part of the bulb to start vaporizing the drug and use the straw to inhale the drug.Warning: Do not over heat as that will let off much of the drug that can cause an overdose if inhaled at once.

It is not a simple process to prepare the light bulb, however, once prepared it is simpler to use than the foil. Make sure that it is clean and no pieces of glass or metal shavings are inside the bulb.

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Date of Post: Apr 24, 2010

The method and practice to smoke meth using a home made light bulb.