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Glass Spoon Pipes

Glass spoon pipes that are intended primarily for use with medical marijuana or other legal smoking substances are made of durable Pyrex glass. Weed pipes are inspired by special requirements of all 4:20 friends. We know that the cannabis, also called weed, pot, marijuana etc. is legal in some countries and can be used as treatment for some diseases – so called Medical Marijuana.

Characteristics of glass spoon pipes

All glass spoon pipes should have a carb hole, be heat ressistant, because you hold it near your mouth (this is especially for smaller glass pipes) and have a pot large enough for several single shots. Hand blown glass weed pipes also have a small smoke chamber, because they are all hollow. Some glass spoon pipes need pipe screens inside the pot (for better ash retention in pot). Spoon pipes in our offer have a small pot hole so they can hold the weed even without a screen.

Cheap but great quality glass spoon pipes, how is that possible?

For us it is simply the truth, because we have design and manufacture these glass spoon pipes on our own and sell them in our online smoke shop. This is the reason why we can set the prices low and still maintain the quality. We can also make these cheap spoon glass pipes in large quantities and we offer wholesale bulk discounts.

Thick Glass Pipes

Our thick glass pipes are handmade and inside-out blown of thick Pyrex. That is perfect for using, because our glass pipes for sale are hollow and prevent the spread of heat. They also excel in size and robustness. Not only appearance but the weight is adjusted as well. Thick glass pipes are the most sturdy pipes in our glass pipes offer. These glass smoking pipes are really beautiful and well served not only for decorative purposes.

Chunky glass pipes made of thick Pyrex glass, decorated with vivid colors from the inside

Made from thicker glass, layers are deposited from the inside with color variations in the form of ribbons, or in the form of color glass fragments. The result – chunky glass pipes – look pretty, color transitions are placed inside the transparent walls of the smoking pipe.

All glass spoon pipes made of thick glass have a great-sized bowl and a carb hole on the left side. Due to its size and weight they perfectly fit in every hand.

Custom thick Pyrex glass pipes only in our HeadShop!

We can also make a custom glass pipe for you. It is one of the thick glass pipes, with twisted handgrip and large pot, that can be written on from the inside. This glass pipe has the best color changing effect (CCG) and can be bought only in our online smoke shop. It is the most unique spoon of all thick glass pipes that you can find anywhere. Ideal if you are looking for a personalized gift or like your stuff signed.

Sherlock Pipes

Our online smoke shop surely offers classic sherlock pipes. Glass pipes for sale of this type are designed for moments of relaxation. They are comfortable and allow easy use. With glass sherlock in your hand you can enjoy your thoughts during the long winter evenings near the fireplace . As well as with a group of friends, where it can serve as traditional peace pipe with a large pot . Sherlock pipe pot is separated from the mouth using a long tight curved tube. I t ensures that no unwanted rest or ash gets into your mouth. The shape found inspiration from traditional ceramic pipe and allows the same feeling in your hand .

Glass sherlock pipes are colored using inside-out technique

All glass sherlock pipes here are hand blown from durable Pyrex glass and colored by inside-out technique. Sherlock pipes are smooth and shiny on the surface.

Why are these glass pipes called “Sherlock pipes”?

The answer is simple, everybody knows Sherlock Holmes, who used to smoke a pipe. The shape of his pipe gave the name to all same shaped pipes, glass pipes included. Who knows what sort of “tobacco” did he smoke? In the common language we can describe sherlock pipes as, taken with humor, pipe used lavishly on social occasions or when musing in a rocking chair 🙂

Steamroller pipes

Steamroller is a term used by smokers of cannabis to describe a type of pipe that consists of a hollow tube with both ends opened and a bowl on one side near one end. It is presumably called like this because of its resemblance to the front wheel of the piece of machinery. All steamrollers for sale in our online smoke shop are made from durable and heat-resistant Pyrex glass.

Glass steamroller pipes – characteristics

We offers quite wide selection of steamroller pipes. From the smaller ones made of pure glass to the big ones with gentle colored designs. You can choose a steamroller with a smaller or really deep bowl. Most of the glass steamrollers have also two marbles at the bottom as small feet or simple flat bottom to prevent unwanted falls.

How do steamrollers for sale work?

Glass steamroller pipes are used by filling the bowl with cannabis, putting ones hand over the end of the pipe nearest the bowl, putting the other end in ones mouth, lighting and inhaling until the chamber is filled with smoke, and then removing ones hand from the end and quickly inhaling the collected smoke. Glass steamroller pipes are more harsh on the throat than normal glass pipes or water bongs hits.

Snowman Pipes

Snowman pipes were designed as special limited edition available only during the winter months. Our crafty glassblowers make amazing snowman glass pipes and snowman glass bongs from hard borosillicate Pyrex glass. Very cute snowman smoking products surely delight all smokers during winter and Christmas time. Snowman glass bongs can serve also as a very nice decoration and might be the best christmas gift.

Main attributes of snowman smoking pipes

Snowman smoking pipes are hand blown exclusively in our glass works and they look fantastic. Snowman glass pipes come in two sizes – a pocket size Mini Snowman Glass Pipe /being made in three color options/ and massive bigger Snowman Pipe. Both models of snowman glass pipes are equipped with a carb hole on the left side.

Snowman glass bongs and pipes in special bargain set

If you find it hard to choose only one snowman glass product or if you want to make happy one or few of your smokers friends, you can get the special discounted Snowman Family Smoking Set or Snowman Pipe and Bong Set. Save some money and pleasure yourself or your friends.

Elephant pipes

Elephant glass pipes are absolutely unique and cute pipes. The shape of an elephant with a trunk aiming up makes these glass pipes also a perfect gift for good luck. Elephants trunk is used as a mouthpiece and the elephant´s body works as a bowl. A carb hole is located on the bottom. We offer four different colors – pure glass, heavily gold fumed glass and blue and green-brown glass.

Great design and different look of elephant glass pipes for sale

Our handy glassblowers make the elephant pipes for sale from a thick and heat-resistant Pyrex glass. The trunk is long enough so you do not have to worry about burning your eyebrows. One of the elephant pipes is heavily gold fumed therefore you can have always a bit differently looking pipe as the glass is color changing after each use. Get this unique pipe and enjoy smoking more a more!

Hand blown elephant pipes as decorations?

Why not? These hand blown elephant pipes, sold in our online smoke shop, can be used as well as a great glass decoration. Its known that small elephants with a trunk up are given for good luck. Make your smoker friend happy and mix the smoking purpose with a gift decoration.

Skull Pipes

Skull glass pipes are cool glass pipes in very interesting design. Intended not only for Halloween but for all those who loves this punkish style with skulls everywhere. Be cool and get one of these. Made from hard borosillicate Pyrex glass and featuring a unique skull bowl. If you are looking for something special and don´t want just classic glass spoon pipes, then get these hand blown skull pipes. They really are an unique piece of art.

The main characteristic of skull glass pipes

A great deep bowl in the shape of a skull and a bent mouthtube. The skull bowl is flat at the bottom so it can sit nicely on the table. Skull glass pipes are being sold in few different colors, from the plain pure glass to some colorful and silver fumed ones. Each of the skull pipes is surely equipped with a carb hole on the left side.

Hand blown skull pipes in different sizes

Skull pipes, sold in our online smoke shop, are made in two different sizes. The smaller version can be easily hidden in your hand or pocket while the bigger one is a proper thick pipe. Pack the bowl with something tasteful and enjoy your smoking!

Mushroom pipes

Mushroom pipes are special glass pipes with cute and original design. Do you love mushrooms? Then you should get this special mushroom pipe. Would you like a red one in design of Amanita Muscaria? Or would you rather choose a green one? Few different designs with everything what the real pipe should have. Equipped with a carb hole on the left side. Mushroom pipes are also silver fumed, which causes strong color changing effect.

Variable hand blown mushroom pipes

Most of the mushroom pipes from our shop are fumed with silver or gold. This fuming colors the pipe into kind of yellow or orange colors. The pipe then changes its look with every single use as the dirt is building up inside the pipe. Also the dark backround changes design of the color changing pipe.

Set of 3 mushroom glass pipes for sale

Can you not decide if to get a red or green one? Or do you like all of them? Maybe you also want to give them to your friends. In any case we can offer you set of 3 Agaric Glass Pipes for better price. Do not hesitate and get them now!

Concentrate Pipes

Concetrate pipes also called Puff pipes are intended for all smokers who prefer vaporizing to smoking. Concentrate glass pipes are especially made for smoking concetrates or essential oils. They are all made from strong and durable Pyrex glass. Our online smoke shop sells these puff pipes in two sizes. You can choose either the shorter version with straight tube or the longer version with bent tube. Concentrate pipes for sale are hand made from clear glass and gently decorated with stripe patern in few different colors.

Principle of using our concentrate pipes for sale

Using concentrate pipes is quite easy. Instead of packing your bowl with herbs, you carefully dab your oils or other concentrates in the special bowl and heat the bowl with flame under the glass. Once there is sufficient vapour, you start to inhale it. Its not good to hold it in your lung for too long. Take the flame off and allow the bulb to cool.

Cleaning concentrate pipes

As the taste of residue is not nice and healthy, its good to clean the puff pipe after each use. You can use either our waterpipe cleaners or whatever you use to clean your smoking glass.

Pendant pipes

Glass pendant pipes are the best accessory for smokers. How about to have one as an amulet? These small pendant pipes have a leather strap incorporated in body so can be easily worn – hanging on your neck. You can carry your pipe anywhere with you, as a great looking talisman on your neck. Pendant pipes are made from heat-resistant Pyrex glass in few different color designs. Two of them are also silver fumed for nice color changing effect.

Stylish accessory – glass pendant pipes

Our skilful glassblowers make few different designs of the pendant pipes. Most of them are unisex and one is quite girly – orange-pinkish. Two of the pendant pipes provides very nice color changing effect due to the silver and gold fuming. With these pieces you can have differently colored accessory all the time.

The best smoking pendant pipes

Stylish accessory that each smoker friend will envy you. These amazing pendant glass pipes from our online smoke shop are so small that they can be worn around your neck and they will surely pep your outfit up. Isn´t it great to have an accessible and discreet pipe still with you, wherever you go! Even though it is so small its fully functional.

Personalized Pipes

Our online smoke shop offers you to have your very own personalized glass pipes. Surprise your friends or make yourself happy with your own personalized glass pipe. Our crafty glassblowers can write on anything you would like: names, wishes, special occasions, favourite sports team’s names and other. Just be aware please that we can put on only letters, numbers and very simple symbols. It is not possible to request any pictures or difficult symbols. You can also buy these pipes as a classic glass pipe without the writing.

More info about the letters

It is possible to choose from four basic font colors: blue, red, green or black. The inscription is always written on the bowl. Can not be done on the tube part as there is an inside twister. Maximum of 10 letters can be put on each pipe. The writing is not engraved. It is baked inside the pipe and looks fantastic.

How to order personalized smoking pipe

All you need to do is to choose the perfect font color for you, buy as many letters needed and write the original message inside the box. Check everything properly please so there is no any misunderstanding later and confirm your requested inscription by clicking the green SAVE button. Making personalized smoking pipe can take up to a week so make sure you place the order in time.

In our online smoke shop we have wide selection of glass weed pipes for sale. All glass pipes are hand made from the finest materials. Buy glass weed pipes online and get free gift.