gold fumed pipe

Gold & Silver Fumed Inside Out Glass Dry Hand Pipe

Heady American glass dry pipe ready to impress & stress-free to smoke.

Heady, small batch design means expertly hand-blown with American glass, colors & techniques for a truly one-of-a-kind glass pipe.

Ready in a moment since it’s a dry pipe. Simply pack your bowl & light it up. No need for water, which makes it easier for travel or storage.

Intuitive grip thanks to the classic shape. Ergonomic color marbles give you a full, comfortable & secure hold for stress-free seshes.

No hot ash will reach your mouth with the integrated ash catching mouthpiece. It’ll stop those awful scooby snacks from ruining a great bowl.

With this heady, inside-out gold & silver fumed hand pipe, you’ll see amazing colors & patterns in the glass the more you smoke out of it! It’s a classic American crafted design & a high style upgrade to your standard glass spoon pipe. The added teal glass marble on the side gives you a nice ergonomic hold so your pipe feels sturdy & secure while smoking, plus it adds a beautiful pop of color to the design. And since its a dry pipe, it doesn’t require water making it portable & convenient to smoke anywhere you go.

Features & Specs:

  • Height: 1 ¼”
  • Width: 2”
  • Length: 4”
  • Special heady colors
  • Single bowl hole
  • Built in ash catcher mouthpiece
  • Carb on left when in use
  • Made of thick Schott glass
  • Handmade in California

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

How does it work?

Buy it & try it for 30 days – risk free! If you’re not 100% satisfied with the handcrafted quality & function of your Purr glass product, just email or contact us for a full refund.

Why do you offer a guarantee?

You should buy with confidence. We’re certain that our craftsmanship will deliver better performance & an easy-to-use experience that’ll improve your smoking. We want you to be happy & satisfied, so much that you want to shout if from the rooftops. That’s why we’re the only glass brand & store bold enough to offer this 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

  1. Valid on glass products purchased from, 30 days from the purchase date. For example, if you place an order on July 1, you can contact us through July 31 to claim a full refund. Shipping costs are non-refundable.
  2. Products must be returned in original condition, void of scratches, cracks or any damage.
  3. Products must be returned in 100% clean condition, void of resin, water stains, cleaning solution particles, etc. Learn how to clean your glass here. Dirty returns will be refunded 50% less.
  4. Buyer assumes all responsibility if a return is received damaged from shipping, etc. Damaged products do not qualify for a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & the buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs.
  5. Returns must be received within 7 days of authorization.
  6. Not valid on Purr2Go, Bundle Deals, quartz products, non-glass accessories, glassblowing supplies, repairs, customs or wholesale orders.
  7. International customers are responsible for all shipping fees, import taxes, & duty fees.

What is our warranty?

Our 1-year warranty is a service we offer for purchase to provide you with peace of mind when ordering our glass. The warranty covers any damage for an entire year from date of delivery. If anything happens, you’re eligible for one full repair or replacement. To protect your glass, add the warranty with your piece when choosing your product options.

Why do we offer it?

Let’s be real, glass is glass. While we strive to produce the highest quality glass products available, the nature of glass can lead to unfortunate accidents. Whether your pet decides to give your piece a tumble, or your friend fumbles that brand new slide, we want you to be confident in your purchase knowing that we have you covered.

How do I claim my warranty?

In the event that you need to claim your warranty, please fill out the form below so we can get to replacing or repairing your glass as soon as possible.

Once your request is received, please allow 24-48 business hours for us to reach out with next steps.

*Warranty must be purchased alongside the product.
*Policy excludes Bundle Deals, non-glass products, glassblowing supplies & services.
*Not valid on wholesale orders.
*International customers are responsible for shipping (when applicable), customs & import taxes.

Heady American glass dry pipe ready to impress & stress-free to smoke. Heady, small batch design means expertly hand-blown with American glass, colors & techniques for a truly one-of-a-kind glass pipe. Ready in a moment since it's a dry pipe. Simply pack your bowl & light it up. No need for water, which mak

Gold fumed pipe

*Offer does not apply to shipping or sales tax (if any)

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What Is Fumed Glass & Why Does It “Change Colors”?

Posted by Jack Daniel (Edited by Jay Dreadhead) on 22nd Nov 2017

Ever heard the Mitch Hedberg joke about how Pringles used to be a tennis ball company, but one day an accidental shipment of potatoes arrived and the laid back Pringles people said “Fuck it, cut ‘em up!” Turns out, Mitch wasn’t too far off. Potato chips themselves were originally a mistake. A chef, tired of a customer’s complaints of the taters being sliced too thick took them back, sliced them as thin as he could, then fried them and doused them in salt to try to piss off the patron. Instead, a snack food favorite was born…

It’s not just chips that started out as a mistake though, Post-It Notes, penicillin, and pacemakers too! Even chocolate chip cookies and color-changing fumed glass pipes! Yep, that’s right. We’ve all hit a fumed pipe or bong, right? It all began as a mistake in the humble studio of the legendary artist, Bob Snodgrass. Ol’ Snoddy accidentally dipped a bit of silver in front of his torch while working away one day and boom, or rather *FUME*, a new style of glass art was created.

Fumed glass is as popular as ever these days. When glass artists place precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver in between their torch flame and the glass they are working with, the ultra-high temp of the flame vaporizes the metals, releasing fumes that are then carried by the flame to the glass to make some awesome looking iridescent designs that are often then encased with more clear glass.

Check out this dope spoon pipe from Custom Creations below, available now in our store. This twisted fumed pipe is thick and solid and is accented brilliantly with a sweet millie cluster mib on the side of the bowl.

Though gold and silver are most commonly used, the skill of the artist can pull a killer variety of shades and hues of colors from the metal into the glass. When you hold your new, or sparkling clean, pipe up to a lighter colored background, you will see the transmitted colorful patterns in the glass. As you darken the background, often those patterns “pop” even more giving the effect of the colors actually changing. This is why as a fumed pipe fills with dark resin, people often talk about the newly visible spectrum of color. Unlike more recently popular UV-reactive glass, fumed glass does not actually “change color”, it just reveals more with use.

Here at The Dab Lab, we have a heady selection of fumed pipes, bongs, bowls and slides, as well as dab rigs and more, all from the artists you love and prices you love too. Show us your before/after color-changing fumed glass pics on Instagram! #thedablab

Fumed glass pipes, bowls, slides, bongs, and dab rigs are as popular as ever as glass artists push this time-tested technique to the max. Check out this blog from your buds at The Dab Lab to learn a bit about how “color changing” glass is made and how it works – then pop into our online store to scoop some heady new fumed glass of your own!