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10 Secret Cannabis Containers That Will Truly Hide Your Stash

Is there any better feeling than doing something sneaky and getting away with it? The answer is no. So when it comes to your cannabis, it’s always nice when you can hide it in plain sight and know that people have NO idea. Because of that, I’ve compiled a list of 10 places to hide your stash and be in complete stealth mode. Check it.

Smuggler Belts

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Smuggler Belts are dope (no pun intended) because you can walk around with that eighth on you, and still get a fit off with no one being any the wiser. Imagine rocking it out to the bars one night and someone being like, “Man, I wish I had a joint right now” and you snatch your belt off like Pootie Tang and pull a joint out of the back stitching.

Stash Underwear

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Stash pockets are the wave. You can grab a stash-pocket hat or a stash-pocket hoodie, but these stash-pocket underwear are the future. If you think I’m not copping these for Coachella 2018 then you are sadly mistaken. Only way someone’s catching you with these is if they walk up and grab your crotch, but then you get to claim that’s all you (and not a sack of cannabis), so it’s a win-win.

Lipstick Pipe

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Oh, you thought this list was gonna be all about men-type stuff? Nah, son. Ladies is pimps too. This lipstick pipe is perfect for the on-the-go woman who wants to keep her cannabis on deck, but not have it be obvious. Or for the on-the-go man who likes to feel pretty and witty and gay. Ya boy is very gender-fluid over here.

Fake Tampon Doob Tubes

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I REPEAT: LADIES IS PIMPS TOO. We all know how weird dude-bros get at the sight of tampons, so if a woman wants to hide her goods, these are perfect. Twist your joints, throw ‘em in these, and continue to outsmart us one time-of-the-month at a time.

Pitch-N-Puff Combo Pack

Listed it on my recent broiest items list too, but it’s also very applicable to this one. The Pitch-N-Puff hollow golf ball and tee one-hitter combo is one of the smoothest and sneakiest way to hide your cannabis in plain sight. Literally not a single person would take a second look at either item (unless they were closely examining them like a super-narc) and think, “Oh yeah, there’s a gram of Blue Dream in there.”

The Cigarette One-Hitter

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The one-hitter, especially when complete with a dugout, is one of the most common, yet still most stealthy ways to hit a little smokey-smoke on the go. Pull out, light it up like a cig, then put it right back in your pocket before anyone notices.

Fake/Hollow Bible

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Books with hollow centers are a must-have if you’re talking about hiding your cannabis in plain sight. And though you can pick any ol’ book to do so, Bibles are perfect because people don’t ever really open those. No offense. I’ve seen Bibles collect so much dust on so many tabletops, so you’re good.

Fake Soda Stash Can

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These come in multiple forms as far as cans, bottles, and so on. The point for all of them is the same: a hollowed-out soda container is something no one will think twice about. Toss a bag of that green goodness in the middle, sit in on the coffee table, and then smile to yourself about the fact that people have no clue that you’re loaded up and ready to smoke at any moment. For added safety, find one of a soda that no one ever drinks. You know, like Mountain Dew.

Urban Wraps Rolling Papers

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Rolling papers that look like cigarettes. Enough said.

EZPipe Discreet Lighter Pipe

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And for the best item on this list, we’ve got the EZPipe. Basically, it’s a dugout with a built-in pipe, complete with a lighter holder that puts the flame right at the top of the dugout. That make sense? If not, just know that with this, you can flip out a little pipe, light your lighter, and get a nice hitski before sliding it right back into your pocket. Hit one of these, exhale, then smirk to yourself as people try to figure out where the smell is coming from.

From smuggler belts to hollow bibles to lipstick pipes, there are plenty of ways to hide your stash in plain sight. Here, Dante Jordan lists his top 10.

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Stash Spots: Best Way to Store Weed

Your weed is an important part of your day or evening. It’s what gets you through those sleepless nights, pulls you through those painful days, and much more. If you’re lucky enough to live where recreational use is legal, then it’s something that helps you end or begin your day in the right way.

Your weed stash brings you so much joy and comfort that the last thing you want to happen is for your children to get a hold of your stash or for it to go stale. You need to know the best way to store weed while keeping it out of reach. Both situations are ways for your weed to get ruined, but it’s not out of your control.

Our little ones seem to find the craziest of ways to get into just about anything. So hiding your stash away from them while still keeping it fresh can get a bit difficult. You need to find a way to keep your stash out of the eyes of your children, but in something that’ll keep it moist and fresh when you’re ready to open it.

Are you ready to ensure your marijuana stays fresh and hidden? Continue reading below for the best ways to store weed!

A Box and Key

A box with a lock is the first option you have. It’s an obvious choice, but it gets the job done. If it’s smaller children you’re worried about, this is a great option.

The little ones won’t be able to get into the box or have a good idea of where the key is. If you have older children, then this option might not be the best one. Older children will be curious to know what’s inside the box and will want to find a way into it.

Older children do have a knack of finding hidden items such as keys. Unless you know you can hide them well, you might want to consider another option. A similar alternative that you have is a lockbox with a combination code on it.

Use a combination that isn’t easily figured out (like your birthday) and you won’t have to worry about little or older ones breaking in. Just remember to place your stash of weed inside a glass jar or other airtight container before putting it inside the box. This is the best way to ensure it stays fresh.

A Child Resistant Bag

Child resistant exit bags for cannabis are another good option for you if it’s the little ones that you’re worried about. These bags are made with the requirements for meeting child safety packaging regulations. They are the bags given to you when leaving the dispensary.

They’re airtight and child-resistant, so they’re perfect for keeping your weed in. If you’re given one of these bags after making your weed purchase, consider keeping it around. Once you open these bags, you can always reseal them.

You won’t have to worry about smell or your weed going stale.

A Home Safe

If you already have a home safe, then you can consider using this as a place to store your weed. If you don’t have one, then purchasing one might be a good decision. Home safes are the ideal place to store things that you don’t want other people getting their hands on.

However, there’s one downfall of curiosity. Children and guests in your home might become curious to know what’s in the safe just as they would with the lockbox and key. With that being said, make sure the key to the safe or combination code is hidden well where no one will find it.

Some safes will time out after 3 failed attempts and some even require a fingerprint to get into. Just remember that when storing your weed inside a safe, you’ll want to first place it inside an airtight container first.

Novelty Hideaway Hole

If you’re looking for something a bit more clever, then a novelty hideaway hole is right up your alley. These stash-away holes are good at deterring people from becoming curious in any way. They look like normal everyday items, but in reality, hold your precious stash.

Do take into consideration, however, that just because it’s disguised to look like something else doesn’t mean your children won’t stumble across it by accident. So it’s best to still take proper precautions.

With that being said, these hideaway holes are pretty awesome and one of the most clever ones is made to look like a light socket on the wall. When you unscrew it, your precious stash is displayed.

Glass Mason Jars

Glass mason jars are a great storage unit for your weed stash. Plastic containers aren’t as airtight, even if they’re your favorite Tupperware pieces. Glass containers are the way to go.

No matter where you decide to hide your weed stash at, just be sure to keep it in something like a glass mason jar before hiding it away. The glass mason jar will protect your weed from going stale and it’ll also keep all of the smells inside it. If your hideaway place is big enough for a mason jar, then you’re set.

If it’s not, then consider purchasing smaller mason jars. The standard jar that we think of isn’t the only size on the shelves. There are much smaller or larger ones to choose from.

Mirror Cabinet With Lock

Now, many of us have medicine cabinets above our sinks in the bathroom. You might think this is a good place to store your weed, but if there isn’t a lock on it to keep people out, then you should assume that there’s some snooping going on. Even your children could stumble upon your stash by accident if looking for a bandaid or ointment.

To prevent this from happening, you’ll want a mirror cabinet with a lock attached. The lock will keep anyone from getting into the cabinet without your permission. As long as you keep the key in a safe hidden place, you shouldn’t have any problems.

The cabinet won’t keep your weed fresh though, so do place it inside a glass jar first.

Medicine Container

Some dispensaries will sell their edibles or other marijuana items inside of a medicine container. The containers we’re talking about are the ones that you’d normally see pills in. These containers are both airtight and childproof.

If the little ones running around your house are the only ones you’re worried about, then medicines containers are a simple and affordable option. You won’t have to worry about the smell of the weed getting out and your little ones won’t be able to open the container. These containers are so tricky that adults have a hard time getting into them sometimes!

Tackle Box and Lock

If you need a quick solution to your weed stashing needs, then there might be some things lying around the house that will work pretty well. For example, using a tackle box with a lock is one great alternative to a lockbox or safe. It essentially does the same thing, so all you need to worry about is what you’re going to place your stash in to keep it fresh.

Remember to stick with glass containers and stay away from plastic as much as you can. However, placing your weed inside a medicine container and then putting it inside the tackle box is a great idea if you only have a small amount.

Books With Locks

If deterring your guests and children from finding your stash is your number one goal, then purchasing a book box with a lock should work great. You can purchase a box with a lock that’s disguised to look like a dictionary.

How many people come into your home and decide they want to pull the dictionary down from your shelf? Chances are, your kids won’t want to either.

But just to be safe, you can always buy a real dictionary and place them on the shelf together. What looks like a boring book actually opens up with the help of a key and holds your weed stash.

What’s the Best Way to Store Weed?

After reading our guide, we now hope you have an idea of what’s the best way to store weed. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to hide it and their own preferences of hideaways. The choice is up to you, but with so many great options to choose from, there’s sure to be something that suits your needs!

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