grav labs bubbler for sale

Grav Labs

Grav Labs Glass Blunt 4″

Grav Labs

The Grav Labs Glass Blunt is an awesome little piece for on the go. It measures around 4″. The GravBlunt has a sliding glass tube that is pushed up.

Grav Labs Concentrate Taster

Grav Labs

1 Grav Labs Concentrate Taster

Grav Labs 7″ Vapor Straw & Dish

Grav Labs

Grav Labs Dab Straw Kit – 7″ Color of Grav Decal will vary

Gravitron Gravity Bong

Grav Labs

The Gravitron is one of Grav Labs original products and what put them on the map. This all glass gravity bong is an absolute beast. No more milk ju.

Grav Labs Mushroom Spoon

Grav Labs

Features: Length:6″ Roll Stop to prevent rollovers Black with White spots Thick Boro Glass USA Made

Grav Labs Boro Vape Pen

Grav Labs

The Boro Pen has been designed for size, for, and function. The borosilicate mouthpiece is tooled with precision. The atomizers are made with paten.

Grav Labs Helix Chillum

Grav Labs

The Grav Labs Helix Chillum was featured in the May 2015 Nug Cargo and one of our personal favorite little pieces. The Helix Chillum has 3 micro h.

Grav Labs – Mini Steamroller Glass Pipe – 5 Inch

Grav Labs

Pocket-size scientific glass steamroller, from Grav Labs! Made in the USA High grade borosilicate glass Colored glass feet Ash guard at mout.

Grav Labs IONIX Vape System

Grav Labs

The IONIX T101 is a semi-portable vaporizer made for the tabletop or carrying in a backpack. The product is easy to use, made for any tolerance lev.

GRAV Labs 6″ Sherlock

Grav Labs

Grav UHPF 6in Glass Sherlock Pipe The GRAV Sherlock is 6″ long and made on 32mm tubing. Its inverted mouthpiece catches ash, and its thick walls ad.

Grav Labs x Snic Beaker 10mm

Grav Labs

Designed by Snic Barnes. Known for his attention to detail and creative use of copper, Snic has become a major force in the glass world. Includes.

Grav Labs IONIX Portable Vape

Grav Labs

The second family member of the Ionix family, the P101 brings compact Ionix tech to the pen format. The borosilicate mouthpiece showcases our new a.

Grav Labs x Bear Mountain Studios Upline Recycler

Grav Labs

Designed by Bear Mountain Studios. Bear Mountain is quickly becoming a household name in the glass blowing community. Each new design shows their f.

GRAV Labs 6″ Spoon

Grav Labs

Each Standard Grav Large Spoon features an inverted-cone mouthpiece to ensure a clean hit every time. Inverted-Cone Ash Catcher Mouthpiece Sandbla.

Grav Labs Fire-Button Portable E-nail

Grav Labs

The Grav Labs Fire Button is one of the best electronic dabbing solutions on the market. Provides a torchless dabbing experience that requires very.

GRAV Labs 4″ Mini Sherlock

Grav Labs

GRAV Labs UHPF 4″ Sherlock The small GRAV Sherlock is 4″ long and made on 25mm tubing. Its inverted mouthpiece catches ash, and its small footprint.

Grav Labs Helix Portable Vape

Grav Labs

Product Features: Waxes & Concentrates Swirling Action Carb Activated Color Of Grav Logo Varies

Grav Labs 8″ Turbine Bubbler with Showerhead

Grav Labs

ABOUT GRAV LABS TURBINE DAB RIG The Upright Turbine by Grav Labs is a beautiful little dab rig. The turbine disc paired with the showerhead down.

Grav Labs 5″ Upline Hammer Bubbler

Grav Labs

Another great product from the Grav Labs Upline lineup by Micah Evans. The 5″ Grav Labs Upline Basic Bubbler features forced stacked percs all the .

GRAV Labs Grinder 3 Piece

Grav Labs

GRAV Labs Grinder 3 Piece 1.25 The GRAV� Grinder is 1.25″ tall and made on CNC aluminum. The 15 teeth and holes in its upper chamber are well-space.

GRAV Labs 3″ Mini Spoon Doughnut Mouthpiece

Grav Labs

Nothing says on the go like a pipe you can wear around your neck. The GRAV® Mini Spoon has a donut mouthpiece that can be threaded with a string or.

GRAV Labs 4.5″ Hammer Hand Pipe

Grav Labs

The Grav Hammer Hand Pipe is yet another new addition to the glass hand pipe from Grav (formerly Grav Labs). It’s unique designs adds something dif.

GRAV Labs 3.25″ Pinch Spoon

Grav Labs

Looking for a handy on-the-go size spoon but want to avoid cheap, thin glass? The new Pinch Spoon from GRAV offers just that, a convenient size mad.

GRAV Labs 4.5″ Bauble Spoon

Grav Labs

The GRAV® Bauble Spoon is a fun and funky take on our standard spoon silhouette. It has a distinctive glass maria near the bowl so you won’t lose y.

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Grav Labs Grav Labs Glass Blunt 4″ Grav Labs The Grav Labs Glass Blunt is an awesome little piece for on the go. It measures around 4″. The GravBlunt has a sliding glass tube that is