grav labs glass blunt small

Grav labs glass blunt small

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Glass Blunt from Grav Labs | Glass Blunt UK

Glass Blunts have become one of the must have items of the year and this Grav Labs Glass Blunt is one of our absolute favourites. The Grav Labs Glass Blunt is an innovative and stylish product that allows the user to really get a taste and enjoy the dry herb without all the mess associated with rolling process! It is also a much healthier way of consuming your dry herbs as there is no need for any papers or tobacco. There’s little to no learning curve with this Grav Labs blunt, nearly anyone is capable of picking this thing up and enjoying it immediately. All that needs to be done is to simply pack the Grav Labs glass tube with your desired herbal blend, once packed up tightly all that you need to do is light it as you would a joint and then kick back and enjoy!

Glass Blunts UK; Innovative, Paperless Blunts

This Grav Labs Glass Blunt is made out of heat resistant, scientific borosilicate glass, making it extremely robust and durable. This Twisty Glass Blunt also comes equipped with a sliding feature which helps to ensure that the user always has the desired amount of smoking herbs in the tube at all times. Grav Labs have ensured that when you are holding this Glass blunt, you are holding a 10.5cm long glass pipe with a highly functional glass mouthpiece. The shape and design of the mouthpiece ensure that you get the smoothest of draws allowing you to keep momentum high while enjoying a fine conversation with your buddies and friends.

Easy To Pack And Easy To Clean

This Twisty Glass Blunt is super low maintenance and is really easy to clean and keep clean. It is so much easier in comparison to awkwardly fiddling about with papers and roaches and then having to clean up the mess once the rolling process is done. This leaves it so much easier in that you can pack a glass blunt in a few minutes, you simply push your herb blend into it. Once the Grav Labs Glass Blunt has been packed all you is gently tip out the ash and carefully wipe away to the built up resin and grime. Easy peasey.

Grav Labs

Being innovative and ahead of the trend is something Grav Labs have always been renowned for and specialise in. When you tire from using the same old smoking methods and feel that you are in need of something new, Grav Labs is the best place to turn to.

Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass is used by all the best dry herb smoking pipes, bongs and rigs as it is scientific glass and is some of the most reliable and durable smoking materials that can be used. Borosilicate glass is a lot more heat resistant than other types of glass, which makes it so much less likely to fracture or crack from thermal shock.

Glass Blunts have become one of the must-have items of the year, offering effortless smoking pleasure without the fuss. Available at NamasteVapes UK. Buy Now!

Grav Labs Glass Blunt

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Today we’ll be reviewing the Grav Labs Glass Blunt.

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    Rounded mouthpiece High-quality borosilicate glass Can also be used for vaporizing Budget friendly Available in a range of colors
    Requires frequent cleaning

Grav Labs Glass Blunt Product Review

Grav Labs Glass Blunt is perfect for when you have no time to roll!

This glass blunt couldn’t be easier to use, simply slide out the inner chamber, fill it with weed and light up! As you smoke, push the tube in to get rid of the ashes.

This high-quality pipe is handmade by Grav Labs in Austin Texas, using borosilicate glass.

You can also use this glass pipe for vaping by placing your smoking material inside the tube and lighting it from underneath rather than applying the flame directly to the pant from the open tip.

The small glass blunt measures 3 inches in length with the inner tube pushed all the way and the Grav Labs logo decal is applied along the tube in red, green, black, blue or orange.

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