grenade vape pen

Grenade vape pen

Replica M84 Stun Grenade
Tactically developed to blow you away

Restricted flow pump

One of the quickest, cleanest and most efficient ways to dispense your juice without spills or mess.

Refillable and Reusable

No one in their right mind would throw this away, right? This dispenser can be endlessly refilled with your favorite juices (Flashbang, of course). Sure, you can fill it with… “other” juice; we won’t look.

Durable Protective Casing

The durable casing protects the glass from breaking and your juice from light and heat exposure.

Child Safety Closure

We took extra measures to ensure our juice is for you and only you. Call us overprotective. We don’t mind.

Pull Ring

Just hook the pull ring to your belt, backpack, lanyard, keychain or whatever you want to take your dispenser anywhere you go.

Spring Loaded Handle

Here is the fun part – Hold down the handle when pulling the pin then release for the handle to fly off. Watch your eyes though.

What is an M84?

The M84 was originally designed by the US Army over 25 years ago to aid in the safe return of hostages without injury or harm to them or their captures.

The M84 device is intended to confuse, disorient and momentarily distract potentially threatening or dangerous individuals. When initiated, the components within the M84 produce a blinding light that temporarily removes the subject’s vision. The grenade also produces an intense “bang” at noise levels above 170 decibels that confuses the enemy and fills their ears with a deafening ringing.

Today, the M84 is not only used by the military but is also used by Swat, Police departments and video game enthusiasts worldwide, all of whom are very familiar with it’s effective ability to temporarily disorient and confuse a perpetrator.

Giving Back

Flashbang is a proud supporter of various organizations
Spread the word – Join the fight

Flashbang Vape is a distinct line of ultra premium e-liquid exclusively available with a replica M84 dispenser.

Riot Squad Mango & Lime Grenade E-Liquid Short Fill 50ml

A sparkling sub ohm e-liquid with crisp green apples and fizzy lemonade

Riot Squad E-Liquid Mango & Lime Shortfill

Expose your taste buds to the nuclear blast that is Mango & Lime Grenade! This delectable delight from Riot Squad is armed with layers of luscious tropical mango and finished with a generous splash of lime for a total barrage of zestiness.

Check out the full range of Riot Squad E-Liquids

Technical Details:

50ml E-Liquid
70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG)
Available 0mg nicotine strength only

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Riot Squad Bubblegum Grenade E‑Liquid Short Fill 50ml

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About Riot Squad

Riot Squad are a UK-based e-liquid manufacturer with a passion and talent for delivering explosively-delicious flavour!

Using naturally-derived vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol with pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, Riot Squad’s juices are renowned for their supreme quality and ability to deliver huge, flavoursome vapour clouds which are so scrumptious they could start a war!

Shop the range at Vapestore today and pick up some sub-atomic flavour for your vape kit

Riot Squad Mango & Lime Grenade E-Liquid Short Fill 50ml. Order now at Vapestore