gum roll

Packaging chewing gum rolls

It’s a wrap. Present your chewing gum tabs and pellets in luxurious packaging with chewing gum roll packaging machines from LoeschPack. Our equipment ranges from fold wrapping machines for primary packaging, such as the RPM-S, to our F-Series horizontal fold wrapping solution for multipacks and wrap-around display cartoners. We deliver everything you need to package your taste chewing gum rolls.

Chewing gum roll packaging machines from LoeschPack:

Fold wrapping machines

Fold wrapping machine with wrapping head

Roll and stick wrapping machines

Special advantages:

  • Tight package, excellent wrapping quality
  • Special models for special product shapes and properties (e.g. sherbet tablets)
  • Second packaging material for band wrap possible

Fold wrapping machine with wrapping head

Automatic high speed roll wrapping machine

Special advantages:

  • Extremely gentle product handling
  • Maximum format and pack style flexibility
  • Highest performance range

Chewing gum roll packaging machines from LoeschPack: Learn all about our packaging machines & packaging lines for rolls. Read more!

Gum roll

Text secret messages and Emojis on your gum! Flavors: Strawberry, Tutti Frutti, & Blue Raspberry.

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Outer Case Dimensions 15.8″ x 13.8″ x 9.5″
TI x HI (mfg only) 9 x 9
Case UPC 686464827706
Display/NRPK UPC 686464827201
Unit UPC 686464827003

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