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I’ve since broken the bong I base this on, and haven’t built another one because I have more than enough smoking devices already, but this is extremely pretty easy, and damn cheap as far as nice glass bongs go.

Step One
Go to a discount store with nice vases (Burlington Coat Factory is my paradise for this, as you won’t find a vase over $20), you can usually find ones similar to this for around $20 (though probably not quite as detailed).

Step Two
Buy a Glass drill bit or a diamond drill bit (about $8 at any hardware store)
How to Drill Glass

Step Three
Buy a correct size female piece and rubber grommet for the hole you drilled in step two, you could even get a female piece with a diffuser on the end if you wanted. Buy a bowl to fit the female piece. (Around $15 total probably)

Step Four

45 bucks
Probable cost of a bong like this in a headshop: $150 at least

I've since broken the bong I base this on, and haven't built another one because I have more than enough smoking devices already, but this is extremely…

Homemade Bongs And Pipes: An Instructional Guide

Published : May 31, 2018
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It certainly is annoying to look around the house for rolling papers, only to come up empty handed. Well, now you can stop looking because we have the perfect guide to making homemade pipes and bongs in a pinch!

One thing you must be aware of is that none of the following bong/pipe replacements should be your everyday choice. Smoking through some of these devices on a regular basis can be very unhealthy, and furthermore, you should not reuse things like plastic as this will accumulate lots of nasty stuff you don’t want. Always resort to a well-made apparatus when possible. Now, with that out of the way, it’s time to explore some wild yet convenient ways to smoke your bud when a pipe or bong is nowhere to be seen.

Before we get into how to create each of these DIY smoking devices, we’ll offer a few guidelines to make the process as safe, effective, and easy as possible.


First of all, if possible, don’t use aluminium foil as a bowl. Given its malleable shape, foil is often the go-to material to craft a bowl for various homemade smoking devices. However, when interacting directly with the flame from a lighter, the foil oxidises and is very unhealthy for the lungs. Although single-time use of a foil bowl is likely not too dangerous, it’s much better to use a socket designed for bongs, or even one from your regular hardware store. All in all, avoid making bowls out of things with toxic products or byproducts.

Using foodstuffs is always a safe option. You won’t even need to acquire a separate bowl as you can carve one right into the fruit/vegetable itself! Just make sure to choose wisely—don’t go for anything too mushy and soft like a banana. Choose a sturdy carrot or apple. Peppers will also be very handy. They’re already empty inside so crafting a pipe shouldn’t be hard.

With this knowledge in hand, it’s time to get crafty; here are three DIY smoking devices that will get you stoned in minutes flat.


It seems you can make a pipe out of almost anything. An apple is no exception. In fact, it actually makes for a very functional and safe apparatus. For this, all you’ll need is an apple, a knife or pen tube to puncture it with, and of course, your weed and a lighter.



Twist off the stem of your apple. This will reveal the “natural bowl” of this delicious fruit. Next, remove everything from inside your pen, so that only the tube is left.


Using the pen tube, puncture a hole down through the bowl until it’s about halfway through the apple. This hole should be fairly small so your weed doesn’t fall in, but large enough for smoke to easily travel through.


Next, use your pen tube to make a mouthpiece about halfway down the face of the apple. Poke a hole so that the two pathways meet. This hole should be perpendicular to the other.


Now, simply use the bowl shape provided by your apple; fill it up with weed, light, and draw slowly through your mouthpiece. You should enjoy a fruity and potent hit of cannabis every time!

Tip: If you want to go the extra mile, you can make a carb hole simply by puncturing your mouthpiece hole all the way through the apple. This will allow you to clear any remaining smoke and control your hits with greater ease.


This classic isn’t as hard to make as it may seem. All you’ll need is a plastic water bottle, a pen that disassembles, a knife, your weed, and a lighter.



First of all, empty out the pen and discard everything other than the main empty tube and the metal tip. Turn this tip around and you’ll have your bowl as well as your downstem. You can also get rid of the water bottle cap.


Next, make a hole about halfway up the bottle. You may want to heat the tip of a knife to do this instead of using the pen. It’ll give you more control over the size of the hole you make. You want the pen tube to fit snugly and be as air-tight as possible.


Now, insert your pen through the hole at a 45-degree angle. There should be enough space at the bottom so that the downstem is not submerged once the bottle is filled with some water.


Put the bottle upright so it now looks like a bong with a small bowl and downstem. Fill the bottle with water, leaving space between the downstem. Now, simply put your mouth of the bottle’s opening, light your weed in your bowl, and enjoy the water-cooled hits to come!


This last contraption is one for the skilled stoners. Not in terms of how good you are at “Macgyvering” bongs, but how high your tolerance is. This is because, with gravity bongs, you basically inhale an entire bowl’s worth of smoke in one hit. If this doesn’t make you sweat, then let’s dive right in.

For this version, you’ll need a bucket/container of water. This can be anything from the bottom half of a 2-litre bottle to an entire lake; in this case, we’ll use the 2-litre. Then, you’ll need a smaller plastic bottle, a bowl, your weed, and a lighter.



Cut off the bottom third of the smaller plastic bottle.


Now it’s time to find or make a bowl. Again, this can be done using a socket, or aluminium foil if you have nothing else. If using the foil method, puncture a decent-sized hole in the plastic bottle cap, and wrap it in foil. Then, make a few small holes in the foil for air to move through the cap into the bottle chamber. Set cap/foil bowl aside for later.


Take your larger 2-litre plastic bottle and cut the top half off so it functions as a makeshift bucket. Fill this bucket with with enough water so that the smaller bottle will be mostly submerged, but doesn’t float.


Next, submerge the smaller bottle into the bucket. Now it’s time to screw on your foil-covered bottle cap and add your weed.


This is where you must be careful. Light your bowl of weed, keeping the flame far enough away from the foil that the weed still ignites, but is not receiving too much direct heat. Slowly begin to pull your submerged bottle out of the bucket as the chamber fills up with smoke. When the camber is fully filled, you can now unscrew the cap and put your mouth over the opening. As you push the top bottle back down into the water, the smoke will be pushed into your lungs, hence the name gravity bong. And that’s all there is to it.

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