hide weed in car

Best place to hide weed in the car?

this guy gets it.

Haha, sorry about that, I totally forgot

Put it in the mirror that flips up on the sunflap. I don’t know how to explain it, but its the thing in front of your face when you drive that you can use to block the sun.

Since there is a mirror on it that flips up, you can sometimes hid it in there. A friend of mine got caught dealing and managed to hid $1000 from the deal without it getting confiscated.

whenever i watch cops, thats almost always the 1st thing they check for some reason, followed by the boxes.

Spare tire was a good idea but I dont recall my friend having that.

speaking from multiple experiences, it doesn’t help. it’ll still get confiscated.

keep it in the trunk and sealed well, and learn your rights so that you never get searched legally.

Thank god you’re just trolling.

Some many people actually hide pipes and weed in the glove box when driving. And also keep all of their registration info in the glove box. Then they get caught when they pull it out to give the cop.

all cars are different. I used to hide mine under my seat, there were weird cords and shit all over, you couldn’t see it or get your hand in there unless you knew where it was. Technically you could keep it in a bag anywhere and it doesn’t matter, roll down your windows when smoking in the car, don’t drive like a tool, be smart if you get stopped. No problems.

And at least get a pouch for your bowl. You can get a bigger one and fit and 8th in with your pipe. Or get a coke can stash safe for joints small pipes and small amounts of nugs

Friends and I just wrap it really good so it doesn’t smell and throw it under the car mat, but theres gotta be a better place? Anyone got a creative place to p

hiding weed in car for road trips.

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I am going back to college and need to hide around a half pound in my car. I have a little import car that is riced out and I have a semi good chance of getting pulled over. Was wondering if any one has any good ideas on hidding weed in my car. I have come up with a couple of ideas one being hiding it in Christmas gifts and another inside food containers and such. I would appreciate any other ideas.

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Cops check the spare. it’s way overdone

Half a pound? Your best hope is not getting pulled over

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how bout try not smoking in that motherfucker.

dont have your little RICE krispy treat smelling like weed. dont speed, why even speed if you know you got weed on you?

third, dont be rev’n up and taunt people nor drawing attention to yourself.

fourth, i hope you got license.

fifth, wherever you hide it. never in plain sight, if it takes you 15 minutes, it will take an officer at least an hour to find.

dogs cant smell up high. let a cat be in your car so the scent can be in there. that way the dog will be like fuck the weed, where is the damn cat.

or hide it with food. when the dog alerts the handler will just think he is trying to get the food.

I am going back to college and need to hide around a half pound in my car. I have a little import car that is riced out and I have a semi good chance of…