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Hobbit’s Weed

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Lots of people have posted the recipe for this as well, which I believe is the same as one of the referenced tobaccos @nortac linked.

Most I have seen are like this:
50% Lane BCA
25% Lane Very Cherry
25% Sutliff 1m Vanilla

I’ve seen the recipe vary between Sutfliff 1-M and Lane 1-Q. I do a version with the above recipe, but I use Lane Black Raspberry in place of Lane Very Cherry, because I don’t really care for cherry flavor. I also add in some Carter Hall to give the smoke more body and help prevent it from burning hot.

Used to have fun with Commander Yellow Pantyhose

I’ve smoked Hobbit’s Weed, and it was pretty good. Definitely a cherry aromatic that doesn’t suck. Lots of recipes out there to replicate, as others have mentioned, but I haven’t tried any of those.

For cherry blends, I prefer the GH Cherry Cream Flake, GH Black Cherry Rope, and Solani Blue 369 (sometimes called the Sweetness of Perique, but the perique is very mild in it).


Tewksbury and CO was my home Tobacconist for almost twenty years. Those guys would ship Hobbits Weed to every corner of the pipe smoking world. It was sad to see them shut their doors a few years ago, they left a large hole in downtown Denver tobacco community for sure.

Glad to see the pursuit of Hobbits Weed staying alive however.

So there is this mythical blend I have been reading about that has been discontinued for a spell. Anyone here know the blend and try it themselves? I feel…