how to clean glass blunt

How to Clean and Maintain a Glass Blunt

Glass blunts are simple to use and easy to clean. Cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep the flavor of your herb clean and crisp. Here’s how to clean your twisty and slider glass blunt at home.

Cleaning a twisty glass blunt

A twisty glass blunt may look complicated to clean because of the screw. When you look closely at it, the screw can be your tool for cleaning. You will need:

  • Blunt wipes (you can cut them according to the size of your blunt)
  • The smallest pipe brush included in your blunt combo kit
  • Q-tips
  • 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol
  • A small dish or cup
  1. Pour alcohol in the dish and soak the brush.
  2. Dispose of the used up ash inside the blunt. You can use a Q-tip to push out any debris gently.
  3. Get a piece of blunt wipe and wrap it around the screw.
  4. Push the wrapped screw inside the glass blunt. Twist the screw and slide it back and forth inside the blunt to clean the inner chamber.
  5. Once you get all the dirt out of the glass blunt, take out the screw. Don’t remove the wipe.
  6. Hold the mouthpiece in one hand and grab hold of the screw and wipe beneath the mouthpiece. Press firmly as you twist the screw clockwise. This will rub the wipe against the screw, removing the debris.
  7. Get the soaked wire brush and push it through the holes of the mouthpiece.
  8. Push it through repeatedly inside the holes until it comes out clean. You can rinse the brush out in the basin of alcohol, so you don’t push back the resin.
  9. Wipe clean with the blunt wipes and use as desired.

Cleaning a Glass Slider Blunt

Cleaning a slider is almost the same, except for the inner glass tube. Materials you’ll need will be:

  • Blunt wipes
  • Small pipe cleaner brush
  • Small chenille pipe cleaner
  • Q-tips
  • 90% alcohol
  • A small dish or cup
  1. Soak the brushes in alcohol
  2. Dispose of the used up ash inside the blunt. You can also use a Q-tip to push out any debris gently.
  3. Wrap a piece of blunt wipe around the small inner tube or the brush pipe cleaner. Push it through the other end of the glass blunt and scrub the inner wall of your blunt.
  4. Get a chenille pipe cleaner and fold it in half. Bend the thick part to form a small “L.”
  5. Push the bent end inside the hole of the mouthpiece. The chenille will be soft enough to let you reach the curved sides of the mouthpiece. Scrub until you get all the dirt out.
  6. Use the cleaner end of the chenille pipe cleaner and push it through the opposite end of the mouthpiece.
  7. Scrub the tube, moistening and replacing the cleaner as needed.

Cleaning your glass blunt this way should be done after every use. It’s easier to clean a newly used glass blunt instead of waiting for days. You can use baby wipes, but they do not contain the same cleaning agents as those of blunt wipes. Ordinary wipes can clean your glass blunts, but they won’t provide the same efficiency. You may end up using several wipes, or the thin fiber may tear up and get stuck inside your blunt.

Wondering How to Unclog a Glass Blunt?

There are two reasons why you cannot get smoke from your glass blunt: you packed it too tightly or your glass blunt is clogged. Let’s get that baby unclogged so that you can use it for the next Glass Blunt Challenge.

Unclogging your glass blunt is very similar to the process described above, but with a few extra steps and items. In addition to the steps above, you can try:

  1. Adding salt to the iso-alcohol mixture. Place the pieces in a ziplock bag and shake around to loosen any debris
  2. Then use pipe cleaners to clean the remaining resin from the mouthpiece, inner tube, and slider. Pipe cleaners can be found at most craft/hobby stores. Any remaining resin will be easily cleaned off after it has been loosened by the salt/iso mixture.
  3. One more rinse with hot water to clean off any remaining alcohol/debris.
  4. Good as new!!

Things to consider

Be careful when using hard wires on your slider. Although our slider glass blunt from Pulsar is made from high-grade borosilicate glass, metal will always win over glass. Also, you will hear people say that twisty pipes can’t be soaked for long. That may be true, but only if you get cheap knockoffs from unknown head shops. Our 7pipe twisty glass blunts are guaranteed original, safe to use and easy to clean. Boiling the glass blunts is also not advised. You can damage the material if you make a mistake in the temperature.

Do you have any special techniques that you practice to unclog your glass blunt? Please share them at the comment section below!

It's essential to know how to clean a glass blunt to ensure continuous enjoyment. Cleaning is easily done using simple tools and cleaning agents.

How do I clean a glass blunt?

First, push out all the excess materials from the glass blunt (as if you were ashing). Then we recommend letting your glass blunt sit and soak in a smokeware cleaning solution or isopropyl alcohol and salt. That will really get your blunt clean.

You can let your glass blunt soak in isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt overnight (give it a couple of good shakes so that salt can scrub out some of the grunge and grime).

There are tons of great cleaners on the market, and some not-so-great ones. Personal opinion, ingredients, and type of residue you are wanting to remove are all factors when selecting the best cleaning solution for your needs.

First, push out all the excess materials from the glass blunt (as if you were ashing). Then we recommend letting your glass blunt sit and soak in a smokeware cl