how to hit a gas mask bong

How to Make and Use a Gas Mask Bong

One of the new ways to smoke weed is really taking the marijuana world by storm.

A gas mask bong is a unique contraption only a stoner could have come up with, a combination of acrylic bong and gas mask, a unique way to truly get an incredible high.

At first glance, you might think this smoking device is going to be costly, but building your homemade gas mask bong is not as costly as you might think.

Collect the parts at your local home center or hardware store on a budget, then follow the steps to assemble the pieces and you will be smoking weed like never before.

The most important part of the bong is the gas mask, these are available at auction sites all over the internet.

The air inlet on the mask is the most important part, it will be where the hose and bong are connected.

Here are the other materials you will need to build your bong:

1. Plastic Tube
2. Weed Pipe or Water Bong
3. Electrical Tape
4. Rubber Gasket/Fitting
5. Barbed Screw
6. Barbed T-Pipe

Here are the simple steps for assembling your own gas mask bong now that you have all the pieces:
1. Start by attaching the plastic tubes to the cartileges on both sides of the gas mask.
2. Use a rubber gasket between the cartilege and tubes so smoke does not escape.
3. Secure both tubes to the mask using electrical tape.
4. Place the barbed t-pipe between the ends of the tubes, secure with electrical tape.
5. Use a barbed screw on the barbed t-pipe to act as the inlet for smoke.
6. Place the weed pipe on to the inlet.

This picture presents completely homemade gas mask bong

Photo From: WIkiHow

How to Correctly Use Your Gas Mask Bong

If this is your first time using the gas mask bong, you might want to take things very slowly from here out.

Unlike vaporizers and joints, the gas mask will quickly fill your lungs with more smoke than you may be able to handle at first.

This is really the pinnacle of every stoner’s smoking paraphernalia, so you have to step back and take it slow at first.

The gas mask can hold a very large capacity of smoke, so proceed with caution:

1. Place warm water in the bong, just enough to keep the stem submerged.
2. Pack a bowl with your sweet buds, don’t over pack or air flow will be restricted.
3. Similar to taking a hit from your bong or glass pipe, breathe in and allow the mask to fill with smoke.
4. If you secured all the openings with tape, the mask will fill, up with sweet smoke, allowing you to inhale at will.

Buying Your Own Gas Mask Bong

If you do not want to assemble your own gas mask bong, you will find plenty of them for sale at stoner sites across the web.

These masks are completely sealed, except for the opening where your mouth is.

The flexible tube easily connects to your bong or water pipe, allowing all the smoke to be trapped in the mask for an extremely powerful smoking experience.

Remember that no smoke is going to be escaping, so each time you take a hit, you are going to get a full shot of pure herbal essence.

Take it slow at first, this will certainly become the most powerful and enjoyable weed smoking experience of your life.

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How to Make and Use a Gas Mask Bong One of the new ways to smoke weed is really taking the marijuana world by storm. A gas mask bong is a unique contraption only a stoner could have come up

A quick guide to using gas mask bongs

Now that marijuana is a legal substance to consume for recreational purposes in Canada, and much of the western world, Canadians seem to have infinite options for weed accessories to choose from. Smoking device companies are being less discreet with their advertising and product placement, making it easy for someone like me, to get my hands on something as epic as a gas mask bong. In case you don’t know what a gas mask bong is, I will give you a quick rundown of the basics before letting you in on how it all went down.

What is a gas mask bong?

Most versions of gas mask bongs don’t look too different than a typical water bong, with the most important difference being a mask that is attached by the mouth to the mouthpiece of a bong. This is necessary to create a seal so that the smoke doesn’t escape through gaping openings around the water bong stem. The mask attached is also more rubbery than a traditional gas mask to seal against the edges of your face in a much more comfortable way.

How to use a gas mask bong

Using a gas mask bong is fairly straightforward and requires little to no prior experience. The only critical components are not being claustrophobic, and basic knowledge of how to function a water bong. Before you begin, I highly recommend that you remove any jewelry, including earrings or facial piercings because they will get tugged on as you situate the mask.

  1. To start, you will need to open the gas mask bong box and flatten it out to get a good look at all the pieces. It’s best to familiarize yourself with it now. Before it is filled with water and attached to your face being used.
  2. Fill the water chamber in the bong portion of the contraption approximately ½ of the way full.
  3. Pre-Grind whatever weed you are going to try to smoke through it now and set it aside in an easy to reach the place.
  4. Pull the mask over the top of your head, until it covers your entire face.
  5. Now gently tug at all the rubber edges to ensure they are lying flat. This will create a necessary seal around your face.
  6. Test the seal by either inhaling or exhaling. If you see bubbles begin to form in the water bong, then you should be good to go.
  7. Fill the bowl carefully. I’d recommend less than halfway for the first time; in case it gets to be too much, and you must take it off in a hurry.
  8. Light the bowl using a lighter and take a deep inhale.
  9. Exhale the smoke inside of the mask and go back for as much as you can handle after that.
  10. Once finished, wipe the rubber of the gas mask bong with a towel, empty the chamber, and store in a dry place until it’s needed again.

Should you try a gas mask bong?

At first, it was sort of awkward to get comfortable with the rubber, but I will admit that I am slightly claustrophobic so in the end I was happy with how easy it was to get on. A good visual of a full bowl and I was ready to go, so I sparked it up and took a good long haul. All went swimmingly until I needed to take a breath in to take a second hit. My eyes began to water, my heart began to race, and I could feel the beads of sweat building up around the rubber on the sides of my cheeks. I survived three hits before needing to come out for air. By the time I was finished, not only was I so much higher than normal, but I also felt like my eyes were stoned. A nice warm fuzzy feeling that was unique to this smoking experience.

Though I wouldn’t recommend anyone try to smoke out of a gas mask bong full time, for the occasional super intense high it’s a great tool that should be in every stoner’s arsenal. Just be aware, especially if you have a limited lung capacity, that this device does impact breathing while it’s on, so if you ever feel the need to remove it, don’t be afraid to. Other than that, it’s an amazing invention that I get out now to show all of my cannabis enthusiast friends.

In case you don’t know what a gas mask bong is, I will give you a quick rundown of the basics before letting you in on how it all went down. ]]>