how to make a apple bong

The easiest way to make an apple bong at home

For centuries weed smokers have been perfecting the art of creating their very own homemade pipe masterpieces with little more than a handful of random objects. Whether you just broke your bong, are stuck without any way to retrieve it, or are just looking for a new DIY weed pipe to try. Then the Apple Bong may be perfect for you. The best part about them is that chances are you already have everything you need just lying around the house.

The Apple Bong

The apple bong is a classic and has been around for ages. It is so popular that it has been portrayed across the big screen in movies for years. Most recently earning its very own scenes in the 40-Year-Old-Virgin and the Showtime TV series Nurse Jackie (season 2 episode 4). An apple bong is easy to make, requires only three things and is a must try for every stoner out there. The bonus of using a fruit base is that the sweet taste and smell of the apple you choose will contribute to the taste of your weed. Then, of course. There’s the fact you can eat it after making it more environmentally friendly than most other popular homemade contraptions. Creating one should take less than ten minutes and only requires two items.

For this one you will need:

  • 1 apple
  • 1 tool to cut into the apple with (small drill, knife, empty pen sleeve)

How to make a bowl for weed in 5 Steps:

Step 1 – Use your cutting device to drill into the top of the apple just enough to remove the stem. Once the stem is gone, it will be easier to see what you are doing.

Step 2 – Take your cutting tool and make a hole from the bottom of the apple through the center on top on an angle. Make sure you begin approximately half an inch away from the base to give you the corner needed to create a chamber.

Step 3 – Make your third and final hole with your cutting tool from the side of the apple into the center where the already created chamber is. This whole will need to be covered with the user’s finger when lighting the bowl, so make sure it is placed in a comfortable spot to reach.

Step 4 – Use your cutting tool (preferably a knife) to create a weed bowl in the top center of the apple.

Step 5 –Now you are ready to use it! Pack the weed bowl with as much cannabis as you’d like. Then place your finger over the side hole and your mouth over the bottom one. Now light it, you should be able to draw a toke with ease. If you can’t then double check to ensure the holes you created all lineup. Clean them out a bit and try again.

The most commonly asked question about the apple bong is, “If I eat the apple will it get me high?”. The answer to that is no. For the apple itself to contain enough THC to give you any buzz, you would need to use it for way longer than any apple could stay fresh for. While the apple may not get you stoned, this DIY bong is a fan favorite and the easiest way we know of to make a bong at home.

For centuries stoners have been perfecting the art of creating their very own homemade pipe masterpieces with little more than a handful of random objects.

How To Make An Apple Bong

By Jane Street Staff February 14, 2017

At some point in your smoking life, you’re going to find yourself without a pipe and without papers, but with some great weed you’d really like to smoke. There’s one time-tested trick to get you high in this situation, and it’s making an apple pipe.

Despite the seeming complexity, it’s pretty easy to make an apple pipe.

Step 1: Twist off the stem

Step 2: Bore a hole where you removed the stem. Using a pen, bamboo skewer, knife, or a screwdriver, drill through from the top towards the opposite end. Don’t go all the way through, though. You’re going to want to stop halfway to keep your bowl airtight. Don’t make it too wide either; the top is going to function as the bowl for holding the bud.

Step 3: Use your hole-making tool to create your mouthpiece. That’s where you’re going to smoke your cannabis from. Bore a hole to make another chamber, but one that connects with the first chamber you drilled.

Step 4: Your apple bong is ready. Pack the top where the stem used to be with your bud, light up, and inhale as you would from any other pipe.

Although apples have enjoyed most of the DIY pipe limelight, a number of fruits and vegetables can function as a makeshift piece. Many have the same principle, while others can be made into chillums, etc. Try them all out, and maybe experiment with different types of strains. This could be conducive to experiential experimentation, particularly in terms of aromatic flavors.

Our simple four-step guide reveals everything you need to know about making an Apple Bong. Read our Apple Bong guide now!