how to make a seashell pipe

Is it safe to smoke out of a seashell?

No, it is not safe to smoke anything out of a seashell because your lighter might cause calcium carbonate to enter your lungs which could lead to silicosis. Don’t believe me? Read this study on the decomposition of calcium carbonate in cockle shells. Next, check out this article which describes what temperature different parts of a flame burn at. While a candle flame is slightly chemically different than a butane lighter flame, it is a close approximation. Here’s a guess by Quora users which put the temperature of an average lighter flame at around 1000 degrees Celsius – which is more than hot enough to start causing calcium carbonate to transfer from your seashell pipe to your lungs

But a seashell pipe looks so cool, and is so readily available!

Whenever I am at the beach, I am always looking around for fun stuff. I often collect seaweed to eat or try to pick up shells that litter the sand. It’s also fun to look at the birds eating the ocean’s bounty – or the food that beach goers brought. Sometimes I look at a shell and I think, damn that looks like it’d be a cool pipe. For anyone else that has ever picked up a cool piece of seashell that already has a hole at the end for a mouthpiece and a hole at the top for a mouthpiece the next thought should be: “Should I smoke out of this?”

Doesn’t matter: Seashells are not safe to smoke out of

Here’s a breakdown of why it is not safe to smoke out of a seashell.

Seashells are made of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate starts its thermal decomposition around 825 degrees Celsius which means that seashell pipe smokers will be inhaling calcium carbonate if they regularly use a seashell pipe. What’s so bad about smoking calcium carbonate you might ask? According to the dictionary, Silicosis is a type of “lung fibrosis caused by the inhalation of dust containing silica.”

While the flower itself that’s used in the seashell will combust at safe temperatures (under 825 C), most smokers use a BIC lighter to light their bowls and that flame will burn at higher than 825 C. What the exact temperatures are will vary depending on your locale, humidity, wind conditions, pressure, etc – but just to be safe – it’s better to avoid smoking out of seashells. Please, stick to glass.

If smoking out of shells is dangerous… Why did OceanTokes sell seashell pipes?

OceanTokes is a California company that used to sells seashell pipes a few years back. When OceanTokes was confronted by a concerned Redditor asking about the safety of smoking out of a seashell pipe, they responded with this:

Great question. Most shells are primarily calcium carbonate. Calcium Carbonate has a melting point of over 1,300 degrees Celsius. ( >[1] ). Herbs (like marijuana) will burn and produce toxins as temperatures increase beyond 200 degrees Celsius. ( >[2] ) The reality is that smoking through a shell does not break down its chemical structure.

While it is true that the flower won’t burn at a high enough temperature to cause issues, the lighter absolutely will. The melting point is not the point at which thermal decomposition starts to occur. Why the OceanTokes staff is willfully ignorant about this fact is up to anyone’s guess, but my guess is plain ol’ greed.

The good news is that it seems like OceanTokes is now out of business. My guess is the owner sought some professional advice and was told to shut down ASAP.

Aspiring trailblazer. As seen on MERRY JANE, LV Cannabis Reviews, Slyng, and The Stoned Gamer.

Aspiring trailblazer. As seen on MERRY JANE, LV Cannabis Reviews, Slyng, and The Stoned Gamer.

10 Coolest Homemade Pipes and Bongs

Homemade pipes and bongs are generally the first thing many people smoke out of in their budding stoner-careers. They can be as simple as an apple or pen pipe, or as extravagant as some of the pipes listed below.

10 of the Most Impressive Homemade Pipes and Bongs

It is important to us that you puff safely though. Using plastic containers or sugary snacks as the medium for your next pipe could have lethal consequences. The fumes from these toxic materials can do serious damage to your lungs and will leave you feeling more sick than high.

Enough of the safety lessons though, let’s take a look at some of the most impressive homemade pipes and bongs from the cannabis community.

Watermelon Pipe

Everyone has made an apple pipe at some point, maybe you didn’t have your pipe on hand, or maybe you just wanted to give it a try. The watermelon pipe is just a much larger variation, and you can get as creative as you want! (see picture above)

Easily convert your watermelon pipe into a watermelon bong by hollowing out the center, putting in some liquid, and using a carrot as a bowl / stem.

Pumpkin Pipe

/u/leafstripe on Reddit and kleidoscopeeyez on Tumblr

Not much different than the watermelon pipe above, but the pumpkin pipe is perfect for Halloween tokes!

Pumpkins have quite a bit of hollow space inside, so pumpkin bongs are probably a better bet. Where as a gourd (see pic) makes a perfect little pipe.

Seashell Pipe

I am sure this is an old trick for plenty of stoner-surfers, but OceanTokes took it to the next level with their line of seashell pipes.

If you want to make your own seashell pipe, you will just need to hunt down the perfect shell, wash it out real nice, and toss in a screen.

Earth pipe

A super quick and easy option if you only have a lighter, some herb and a stick. Use the same principle for an apple pipe, except the earth is your apple.

Find some wet sand or dirt, not too wet though, you want to be able to mold it without it breaking apart. Poke two holes into the ground forming a V shape underground. One of the holes is used as the bowl, the other as the mouthpiece.

If you have half of a bottle or a straw on hand you can mold the dirt onto the more sanitary mouthpiece.

Starburst Pipe

Not every delicious treat can be crafted into a pipe, but most probably can! Take this very crafty Starburst pipe for example, with a little bit of stoner-ingenuity anything is possible!

Users say that the starburst pipe delivers a delicious fruity flavor, who would have guessed?! Heavy use will result in a gooey mess, also be warned that smoking starburst is absolutely terrible for your lungs.

Booze Bottle Bong

This homemade bong takes a bit more preparation than some of the others, you will also need a diamond tipped drill bit.

To make your very own booze bottle bong, you will first need to select your favorite empty bottle. Proceed to drill a hole in the side, start small, be sure whatever you are using for a stem will fit snugly with a rubber washer.

Lego Bong

Time to dig up the old lego collection and put it to good use! Your imagination is your only limitation here, go as big or as small as you want!

“Having to build your bong before smoking really adds to the whole experience” says one lego-loving stoner.

N64 Controller Pipe

Anyone who has owned a Nintendo 64 has a broken controller somewhere. Instead of sitting around taking up space, put that old broken N64 controller to good use and fashion it into a nostalgic smoking device.

Open up the controller and gut it, remove the joystick but keep the buttons. Put your controller back together and put your bowl in the joystick hole. Use the cord hole at the top of the controller as your mouthpiece and you are good to go!

Tic-Tac Bong

via Joe Harrison on youtube

This thing is streets ahead of the classic pen pipe, any old tic-tac container can quickly be fashioned into a mini-bubbler. No, you won’t be getting giant clouds of smoke with this petite smoking device, but it’ll impress your buds in a pinch.

Fan Powered Pipe

A truly impressive feat of stoner engineering. For anyone who feels that smoking is just too much work. All that inhaling can be taxing, so let the pipe do the work for you!

The fan powered pipe uses a small computer fan to draw air through the bowl and into the chamber. Necessary? Of course not, but it’s pretty damn cool!

If you have an awesome homemade pipe / bong you want to show off, let us know! We just might add it to the list.

10 Coolest Homemade Pipes and Bongs Homemade pipes and bongs are generally the first thing many people smoke out of in their budding stoner-careers. They can be as simple as an apple or pen pipe,