how to make cool filters for joints

How to Make a Filter (Crutch) and Roll a Filtered Cannabis Joint

Thursday November 21, 2019

W hether home growing your own cannabis flower or picking up some tasty nugs from a dispensary, there’s something about the process of rolling and smoking a cannabis joint that makes the experience so much more rewarding. Though we’ve discussed the basic procedure for rolling a joint in the past, today we want to discuss another element of the whole doobie-rolling process: rolling a filtered joint.

Why Use a Filter in a Joint?

A filter, or crutch, is a great way to improve the joint smoking experience by improving airflow, maintaining the integrity of a joint, and blocking little bits of weed from hitting the back of the throat upon inhale. Additionally, many joint-rolling experts use filters as a form of creative expression, for example, by shaping them into a pot leaf or other 420-friendly symbol.

How to Roll a Filtered Joint

Filters are the stiff cardboard-like paper on the mouth end of most dispensary joints. Though most dispensaries use pre-formed “cones” in which to stuff ground cannabis, you can roll something similar using regular rolling papers and a crutch or piece of card stock. There are even brands that make books of filter tips that allow you to roll a filter consistently every time.

To roll a filtered joint, gather the following items:

What You’ll Need:

  • Rolling papers such as Raw or Element brands
  • Cardboard crutch or a 1X2” piece of untreated cardboard stock
  • Fully cured cannabis flower, ground
  • Herb grinder


  1. Begin by grinding about half to one gram of cannabis flower into a soft texture then set to the side
  2. Next, hold the unused filter or card stock by the short side and fold quarter-inch of the filter up toward the opposite end
  3. Turn the filter over and fold another quarter-inch up toward the opposite end so that an accordion shape starts to form
  4. Turn the filter paper over and fold a third time, creating an “M” or “W” shape. There should be just over an inch of unfolded filter at this time. You can also make a spiral shape instead of a “W” if you prefer
  1. Hold the three folded sections together and wrap the remaining unfolded filter around the three folds so that the “W” is wrapped in the rest of the filter
  2. At this point, you should have a round filter with the letter “W” (or “M”) proudly displayed in the middle
  3. You can adjust the size of the filter by tightening or loosening the wrap around the “W. Set your filter to the side
  4. For the next step, hold a rolling paper in your non-dominant hand with the glue strip farthest away from you
  5. Sprinkle your ground bud along the crease of the paper ensuring even distribution across the length of the paper. Place your filter along one side of the paper, usually the side closest to your non-dominant hand
  6. Pinch the rolling paper between your thumbs and index fingers and roll gently back and forth until the cannabis begins taking a cigarette shape
  7. Once the bud has taken form, roll the flower to the base of the paper (closest to your body), tuck the end of the paper closest to you between the rolled flower and the other side of the paper then gently roll up so that the flower becomes trapped inside of the paper. Lick the glue strip on the rolling paper then finish rolling to glue the loose end in place.

If necessary, you can push the filter back inside of the joint, ensuring that there is no gap between the filter and the cannabis inside of the joint. Use a pen or other tool to poke cannabis from the end opposite of the filter deep into the joint then twist the end to hold all cannabis in place and give you an easy place to light your joint. Take a moment to admire your work them spark it up, and enjoy!

We love using filters on our home-rolled joints. Do you? Share your thoughts, tips and techniques in the comments below!

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Rolling a filtered joint is considered the standard for cannabis consumers nowadays. Learn how to roll a filter tip for your joint and how to include it in your next rolling session.

How To Make Awesome Filters For Your Joint

The most important part of a joint is its filter or tip as some call it. The filter is what gives a joint its structure and if you do it good, it does look pretty cool, taking an ok-rolled joint to the special tier. Here we have three cool joint filter designs. They are all pretty easy to do, though some practice is required. Take your joint filter rolling skills to the next level!

1. The Hemp Filter

This might be on the harder side of the filter spectrum, but it cool and bound to impress any stoner. Do not worry if it does not look anything like a hemp leaf at first, the filter on the photo was my 4th try and is still far from perfect. I used normal sized tips that I bought, but if you manage to find larger ones or cardboard that you can cut out, that would make it much easier.

Step I

You start the filter by making a tiny fold. Then you continue to fold the paper until you have 3 “waves” like in the photo. It is important that they increase in size after each fold and that they all start off from the same base. In other words, the top parts are increasing and the bottom ones are staying in the same line.

Step II

You continue by doing two more “waves”, this time they are getting smaller than the last one. You need your folds to be symmetrical, meaning that the “waves” before and after the biggest (middle) one are the same size as a mirror image. The “waves” are the leaves of the marijuana and you want them to be the same, just look up a hemp leaf for some inspiration for this cool filter.

Step III

You are almost ready. All that is left is to roll the joints. you have to push the folds together, maybe play around with it a little until it starts to look like a hemp leaf and start rolling. When rolling be careful not to squeeze the design, especially the highest leaf. It may take a few tries to make it look recognizably like a hemp leaf, but do not worry it gets easier.

2 Magic W Filter

This is the most famous filter design. You will even find the folds for doing it pre-marked on some brands of filters. Some people call it an M, but W is way cooler for some reason, so we’ll stick to that. The beauty of this tip is not just its simplicity, but also that it does what it is meant to do – it stops small weed particles from entering your mouth when smoking. It also does not take up much space and does not make the joint harder to smoke.

Step I

As you can see on the photo it only takes 3 folds to make this filter. What is important is that they are all the same size. Also keep in mind that your filter will be as big as the fold you start with ( it is the diameter of the filter), so depending on the size of the joint you want make a bigger or smaller W. Once you have the 3 folds, begin rolling the rest of the filter towards the W.

That is really it, it is a very simple filter that takes practice to master, so keep on rolling until you reach perfection.

3 Spiral Filter

This is not a very common one, but looks great and is the easiest to do. All you have to do is make a very small fold and they continue rolling around it. If you want a nice, small and tight spiral, you need to make sure that the first fold is really tiny. As small as you can humanly get it to be. The filter looks great and will not let any weed pass through to your mouth. The only thing that you have to be careful about is not to make it too tight, or it will be hard to take puffs from the joint. However, this can be easily fixed by unrolling the filter and then rolling it again.

Overall rolling a good filter, is one of the most important components of a good joint. A lot of people neglect it or simply roll a circle, but in reality, a good filter is 100% necessary for a good joint. It gives it a better shape and structure and prevents small particles from entering your mouth when you are smoking. But above all a nice filter looks cool, and honestly, isn’t that enough to make you want to learn how to make one?

How To Make Awesome Filters For Your Joint The most important part of a joint is its filter or tip as some call it. The filter is what gives a joint its structure and if you do it good, it does ]]>