how to make weed brownies without smell

Will Making Brownies Make The Whole House Smell Like Marijuana?

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Make it into butter first, and when its ready just melt the butter and replace the oil on a “just add water and oil” packet of brownie mix. REALLY simple!

EDIT: Iv never baked with just ground up weed, so I cant answer your original question, but making butter doesnt smell too strongly, not more than smoking a joint anyways.

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I typically find it smells worse when I make the butter as opposed to when I bake it into something. It will still smell a little though when baking, depending on the strength of the butter.

I like to make cannabutter using a crock pot, a stick or two of butter, and a bunch of trim. Add the trim and butter to the crock, then top it off with water. Leave for 10-12 hours on LOW (I usually start it at high for a couple hours and switch it to low after an hour or two), stirring occasionally and adding more water if necessary. When finished, I strain out the plant material using a standard grocery store tea strainer, and put the butter + water mixture into a large dish/bowl and put in the fridge for a few hours. The butter will form a visible layer on top of the water which is easily removed once hardened. I wrap the finished product in foil and toss it in the freezer until I need it.

The beauty of this method is it traps the nasty unwanted plant material in the water, which you then discard once you’ve removed the butter.

One stick of butter can hold a ridiculous amount of THC (in the range of ounces), so it is up to you how strong to make it.

I whole-heartedly disagree with the comments of Harrekin above that making butter doesn’t smell too strong. It stinks up EVERYTHING when making it, far less so when baking with it.

I've never ever used marijuana when baking something.. I'm planning to do some experimenting next week so I just want to know if it will stink up my house…

Get Rid of Cannabutter Smell at Home

According to one study, edibles are the second most popular way to consume cannabis, behind only smoking flower. Cannabis-infused butter (“cannabutter”) is an often-used vehicle for mixing cannabis into brownies, cookies, candies, drinks, and other baked goods, resulting in a tasty batch of potent edibles.

But making cannabutter isn’t easy, and the smell it leaves behind can be stubborn, lingering in your kitchen for days . After all, it requires an extensive process of slowly heating cannabis buds to effectively decarboxylate (“decarb”) the flower — grinding, simmering, and straining — leaving opportunity for odor molecules to escape into the air and cling to kitchen surfaces.

While mixing in other spices with the infused butter may work to disguise the smell, they’re often not enough to keep marijuana odors away . Fragrance-based air fresheners often mask the smell temporarily, but do little to attack odors at the source, neutralizing them for good.

Instead of filling in your kitchen with a mist of chemical-based air fresheners, get rid of cannabutter smell effectively with these steps:

1. Prepare Your Kitchen

If you haven’t started baking yet, take a minute to light a Cannabolish Odor Removing Candle. These soy-based candles aren’t scented to mask odors — instead, its wax serves to remove odor molecules directly from the air . The candle’s soy-based wax releases Cannabolish into the air when lit, attacking odor molecules at the source.

For best results, light the candle about 30 minutes before you make your butter to give the wax an opportunity to melt and pool. Keep it burning during and after you back to remove any lingering odors.

2. Air Out Your Rooms

Open as many windows as possible in your kitchen and nearby rooms. Turn on surrounding fans and the stove vent to ensure odor molecules can disperse rather than collecting on kitchen surfaces.

3. Spray Away The Smell

During and after the baking process, spritz Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray in the air, on counters and dish towels, and any other odor-harboring surfaces. The natural plant oils in the Cannabolish Spray find and eliminate weed smells , without fake perfumes or harmful chemicals.

Several homemade edible fans and pro-marijuana bakers have shared their methods for producing odor-free cannabutter, but these recipes often include more equipment and time for straining. If you want to stick with your tried-and-true method without stinking up your apartment for days, just grab a set of Cannabolish Odor Eliminating Candles and Sprays and get to baking!

Get Rid of Cannabutter Smell at Home According to one study, edibles are the second most popular way to consume cannabis, behind only smoking flower. Cannabis-infused butter (“cannabutter”) is an