how to make weed last longer

10 Life Hacks to Make Your Weed Last Longer and Save You a Bunch of Money

Want To Extend The Use of Your Weed? Read This Now To Learn How To Make Your Weed Last Longer.

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Want To Extend The Use of Your Weed? Read This Now To Learn How To Make Your Weed Last Longer.

So, you’ve stopped by because you want to learn how to make your weed last longer. Well, read on to get some great tips on how to make weed last.

With just a few seasoned stoner tips you’re going to see tangible results of how your weed can last longer. This will help you enjoy weed every day if you wish rather than binging on it once in a while. It’s obvious, the only reason you don’t smoke it everyday already is the cost, right?

So, have a look at these tips on how to make your weed last longer.

Ration Your Stash

You can break your weekly stash down into 7 smaller daily ration packs. Seal each pack individually and be disciplined about only using one each day. Stick to this and you’ll stretch your stash. You may even drop your tolerance and get better highs.

Cook Your Cannabis

It may not seem like a good idea at first glance, but donning your apron and getting stuck into making some edibles is a great solution for how to make your weed last longer. That’s because the highs you achieve from edibles lasts about 3 to 4 hours longer than if you smoke. Longer highs, longer lasting weed.

Rescue Your Roaches

They may not seem appealing when weed is plentiful but wait until the middle of the month when funds are low and so is your stash. Those roaches are going to seem like manna from heaven! So, buy a mason jar and start recycling them, now.

Escape With A Vape

A change is as good as a break, they say. Well, the same goes for weed. Try swapping your smoking habit for a vape once in a while. Studies have found that vaping produced more effects than smoking did and used less weed. Now that’s the kind of break you want.

Don’t Show Greed, Preserve Your Weed

When you smoke, smoke efficiently, not greedily. Lighting up a whole bowl at once shows naivety and will waste much of your stash. Light a corner at a time; this is the sensible, experienced way to smoke a bowl. Try swapping your bowl for a pinner joint or mini bowl now and again; it will reduce your tolerance, save you money and make your weed last longer.

Try A One Hit Wonder

With one-hitters, you’ll more than likely have several in one sesh. But, you’re only consuming a little each time and there’s no waste like with a large bowl. Conscious consumption such as this will definitely make your weed last longer.

Leave Some Home Alone

Carry around every morsel of weed that you possess and guess what? It’s going to get smoked. Be sure to treat yourself as well as your friends; leave some at home just for you, for when you really need it.

Stick To A Wick

Try using a hemp wick instead of a lighter. Lighting your bong this way will mean the cannabis burns slower and your weed will last longer. It also means you’ll avoid inhaling nasty butane fumes.

Longevity You’ll Find With A 3-Tier Grind

Use a 3 tier grinder to collect the kief droppings. You’ll soon collect enough, that would otherwise have been wasted, to have a few delicious bowls of THC rich trichomes. This is a really good way of making your weed last longer. There is some upfront investment required to buy a grinder, but well worth it in the long run.

Budget For The Bargains

The thing you should be paying close attention to is the technical data, not the pretty pictures on the front of the box. Very often, your paying for the brand – is that really important when you’re smoking weed? It didn’t seem to matter not so long ago! Check the THC level in the bargains; you’ll be surprised that you can often get more potency for less price.

So, of course, you wanted to know how to make your weed last longer. Hopefully, now you do.

If you want to know how to make your weed last longer, or just how to make your weed last one week, this is an article for you.