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Newfound Cannabis Compound May Be 30 Times More Potent Than THC

But we still don’t know if it causes a high or has medical benefits.

Two newfound cannabinoids have been discovered in the glands of the Cannabis plant, and one of them may be at least 30 times as potent as the high-inducing compound THC.

No one knows, however, exactly what effect these cannabinoids actually have on the human body.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, plugs into receptors in the brain and alters our ability to reason, record memories, coordinate movements, perceive time and experience pleasure. Cannabis contains over 140 similar chemicals that interface with receptors throughout the body, but as far as we know, only THC can induce a mind-bending high. Now, scientists have uncovered two new cannabinoids, one of which structurally resembles nonpsychoactive compound CBD and the other of which looks like THC but could elicit stronger effects — at least in theory.

The THC look-alike, named tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP), seems to interact with the same receptor as THC, the receptor known as CB1, according to a new study published Dec. 30 in the journal Scientific Reports. The key difference between THCP and its cousin lies in a chain of atoms jutting off the newfound compound.

Research suggests that the protruding structure, called an alkyl side chain, is what allows THC to plug into its preferred receptor. A cannabinoid must carry at least three carbon rings in its side chain to gain access to CB1, and THC compounds typically carry five. On paper, a cannabinoid equipped with more than five carbon rings would fit even more snuggly into the receptor, and eight carbon rings would supply the absolute perfect fit, eliciting the strongest biological response. But no such compounds have been uncovered in nature, the authors noted in their paper.

This compound boasts not five, not six, but seven carbon rings in its alkyl side chain. When applied to a makeshift receptor concocted in a lab dish, the compound tended to bind the substance 30 times more reliably than THC did.

The researchers then gave THCP to lab mice and found that the animals behaved as if they were on THC, meaning their movement slowed, their temperature decreased and their reactions to painful stimuli diminished. And the animals reached this state at relatively low doses of the newfound compound; it would take about twice as much THC to induce the same effects.

Although potent in the lab, THCP may or may not induce dramatic effects in humans, Vice reported. First of all, the compound appears to be present in plants in only small amounts, at least in the low-THC cannabis variety used by the researchers. Even assuming THCP can be grown in larger quantities, we still don’t know whether the compound would induce a high similar to that caused by its psychoactive cousin. And while THC offers some medicinal effects, including pain and nausea relief, no one knows if THCP has these qualities, Vice reported.

In addition to THCP, the researchers also uncovered a CBD look-alike with seven carbon rings, which they named cannabidiphorol (CBDP). The team found that this compound doesn’t bind strongly to either the CB1 receptor or the related receptor CB2. While CBD has been tied to anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-seizure effects, investigating these effects in CBDP “does not appear to be a high priority,” the authors wrote.

But we still don’t know if it causes a high or has medical benefits.

Adding THC solution to make weed MUCH stronger

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sputnik/Extraction/extract8.html and slightly dilute it with more everclear so it could be soaked up? would this transfer the almost pure thc into every part of the plant that is attached to the stem including the buds, stems, leaves etc? if so would this enable people to create weed with thc levels of around 70-90% maybe even more considering it would already have its own thc? and if all this were possible it would also mean that the stems and leaves could be smoked as well as the buds because they would have a higher than normal thc content.

hahah highdeas are the best and i would love to try this but i don’t grow, however if there is anyone out there with a big enough grow op to try this id love to see if it would work!

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For one, I am assuming that the “everclear” you refer to is alcohol?

Alcohol differs from many other organic chemicals by affecting the way cells operate. At high concentrations it is poisonous and can kill all forms of life, including micro-organisms, humans, plants.
I doubt that this would be of any benefit to your plant whatsoever.
Botany is such an intensively studied and researched topic. If something so simple would work, I am sure someone would have been doing it already for a few decades at least.

Any advancements made sans the assistance of newly developed material is likely to have been attempted previously.

Good luck anyway! And if you try it, let me know if it works.

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THC is not drawn up into buds and it does not change location within plants. THC, along with other cannabinoids, are created in trichome heads. You cannot ‘feed’ plants THC and increase THC within the plants by doing so.

I am just curious though, without growing a crop to them make THC ‘solution’ from where would the THC ‘solution’ come from? It would be kind of a pain and a long wait to grow one or two crops to be able to make the THC ‘solution’ to then be able to apply it to yet another crop. Wouldn’t it?

Elements in soil, just like with grape vines in a vineyard for making wine, cannabis plants will absorb different elements from the soil and at times that can cause a different taste/flavor, again just as with grape vines resulting in differing flavors and odors. But you will not draw much more than that into plants or alter them much more than that in other ways.

If you want to increase the amount of THC you take in while toking make bubble hash from your entire crop, buds and all. Hash, as I am sure you know, is a collection of trichome heads and trichome heads are where THC is found and since when you make bubble hash there is very little plant matter in the hash you get off the screen second from the last one, the second finest screen, is as potent as you will find until someone comes out with a true super-strain, which will occur by feeding a plant a THC ‘solution.’

You will be smoking little more than trichome heads so each toke will be like 3 or 5 or maybe 10 tokes of the very same pot if still in bud form.

That should be enjoyable enough for most people I would think.

I was just wondering if someone out there could tell me if this would work? so heres the general idea, i was reading a thread started by fdd2blk called the… ]]>