how to roll a dutch master

How to roll a Dutch Master blunt

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Hey Farmers what’s good? I just thought I’d let you see how I spin my blunts as everyone seems to love them. I usually add about .3 of some bubble hash if I’m in for the night. Anyway here’s my tutorial on how I roll Dutch Masters – Corona Strawberry blunts. Enjoy and feel free to leave love and constructive criticism. :passingjoint:

The cigar *I’m in no way trying to advertise this companies product, I just favor this cigar, as I feel it is a great product.*

I enjoy this brand cigar because it is tasty, without the syrup flavor of todays blunt wraps, smooth as anything, burns even and slow, and I can order them by the box (50) for like $50 shipped. They come in a cigar box, of course, and are individually wrapped for freshness. They stay pretty fresh, though the last few are a little dry. The box comes wrapped in plastic as well.

There are a few different types of cigar products used to roll “blunts” these days and in the past. Most people that buy cigars for rolling purposes either buy what is called a “blunt wrap”, which consists of just the wrapping of a traditional cigar with tobacco inside. The second type of cigar product used is a traditional cigar with tobacco inside. On the East/North East Coast,USA, some prefer Phillies, White Owls, Garcia Vega, Dutch Master, Swisher Sweet, Backwoods, Black & Mild/Gold, and various other brands. These are all your typical looking, sized, shaped cigars available in gas stations, for instance. From what I have found on the West Coast most smokers prefer Swisher Sweets, and flavored blunt wraps. Though Swishers are good cigars, I have a very hard time finding the cigars that I loved growing up in the North East. I don’t know anyone who really knows what a Dutchy is let alone where I can get a box of 50. This is in smoke shops, and head shops. So I went online in search, and found them. You can even have your order repeat automatically so you don’t run out. lol

I would not recommend buying an “expensive” cigar for rolling purposes as they don’t work as well because they are rolled differently then the cheaper cigars. IMO Expensive cigars have multiple tobacco leaves wrapped around the tobacco, which is shredded in long to fine strands.

Dutch Master, the cigar we are working with today, just so happens to be my favorite. I have included a step-by-step picture tutorial to show you how to achieve good results from a Dutch. I am not saying that I feel my way is the best or that you can’t do it completely different or with a different brand cigar even. I am strictly posting this as a guide to those that “don’t know”.

So, As you can see in the pictures you can jack up parts of the cigar paper and even tear it slightly and still make it work. Very forgiving for the quality. I also use RAW rolling tips. Tips/crutches/filters whatever you call them, help keep bud out of your mouth, keep the mouth piece open and free from clog, and it allows you to smoke your blunt down to the “tip” without the use of a roach clip or other small blunt/joint technique being needed. Therefore you get to smoke all the bud, without a burn. I also like them because it gives you a sturdy base for a big blunt, and when you “out” your blunt it’s like a cigarette butt. Whatever lol

So this is an important tip! Pay attention to this small but important tip. Listening? Ok lol Break up/grind/cut your bud up BEFORE you even open your cigar! Reason being the cigar dries out FAST and therefore if not kept moist it WILL dry and fall apart/break like a potato chip. SO do this :

1-Weigh out your dose- in this example I rolled myself a 1.6g blunt of some of my SSSDH(SSH pheno)

2-Ensure that you remove ALL stalk/stem/seed? possible! Stems will poke holes in your blunt when you roll it, don’t be lazy! Ever smoke a seed? BOOM lol yeah they pop like popcorn. I use trimming type scissors.

3-Grind/cut/break up your buds

5-Prepare your rolling tip/crutch/filter

6-Open cigar wrapper

7-Using a cigar tip cutter, or knife, remove the BOTTOM(rounded) 1/2″ of the cigar

8-Hold your cigar like a cobb of corn and start doing passes on it with either your tongue, or you can use your fingertip dipped in water, sponge. Ensure the cigar is moist NOT SOAKED

9-Find the start of the outside leaf tip. Since there are two ends you might think what’s the difference? One end is on the top and the other end is on top of itself.

10-Gently peel the outside leaf off following the barber pool design. Be careful not to tear this or allow it to dry out.


*TIP* When getting used to this technique or difficult rolls, try wrapping this outside leaf (the lighter colored one) around a cold “sweaty” drink. This makes the leaf stick to it and it keeps it moist for you while you roll the first part. Be careful not to let it get too wet though!

11-Remove the “cancer paper” (sorry for the term)it’s the small wavy piece wrapped around one of the ends. It tastes bad when smoked. Locate the “seam” on the dark brown interior leaf of the cigar. Cut with a razor blade, or separate with your thumbs.

12-Discard tobacco from inside cigar. Clean any pieces stuck to the inside off.

13-With the inside of the cigar seam on the inside and on the bottom, prepare to roll by placing “rolling tip” either on your right or left side, whatever your preference is.

*TIP* The reason I put the seam down is because when you close the blunt you lick it like a joints glue strip. When you wet the seam side to seal with it the seal sometimes comes off putting a wrench in the roll. A way to skirt this issue is to remove the inside seam piece off with scissors prior to adding bud.

14-Add your bud. Spreading it evenly throughout the surface of the blunt between the end and the rolling tip.

*TIP* Prior to sealing your blunt try to roll the bud between your fingers making it form to the shape you want the blunt to be. This way you aren’t trying too hard to close the blunt around the bud. You can do this with joints as well.

15-Roll that blunt! ENSURE that you tuck the leaf around the bud like a straw or it will cause problems while smoking it, making it burn unevenly. This first leaf doesn’t need to be perfect. If you tear the paper don’t flip out! just keep it minor and don’t let it get worse. Be gentle and let the moisture work for you. As strange as it sounds, if either leaves get too dry I put them near my mouth and huff breath on it to moisturize it. It works perfect. When the leaves dry they will snap be careful.

*TIP* You can save an injured blunt with pieces that you have removed thus far. Like a patch kit. Just don’t make it bulky or it’ll burn funny.

16-Now pick up your outside leaf, or peel it off your cup. Lick the inside of the curled leaf completely. It’s okay if you get it a bit wet as this is what will seal the blunt.

17-Place the smoking tip end near the small squared off end of the outside leaf. (See pics) Begin by wrapping the mouth end a bit tightly and the while adding slight tension on the outside leaf tuck and roll that bad boy. Make it as tight or loose as you want. If you roll the first leaf loose/too loose you can tighten it up now. Don’t go too tight as the blunt will keep going out on you. I use a desk most of the time but you can get a nice tight blunt while holding it in your hands without a table around. Lick the outside to stick all that leaf on there. I tend to twist the end to allow transport without spillage. I trim the excess off, and any extra leaf around the smoking tip.

18-Not pictured are some “veins” on the secondary leaf. Sometimes you’ll get one that won’t stay down. Think bad hair day. Using your scissors remove the vein itself from the leaf. The remaining leaf is much easier to stick then the veins.

19-Pack your blunt now and then to ensure an even burn by tapping the rolling tip end on the table or a hard surface(kinda like how cigarette smokers pack their smokes), and feel free to pack that bud down lightly as you roll.

20-Spark it. You can also use a lighter to dry the blunt so it burns better, but don’t over dry or burn the leaf. I would only really worry about the dryness being more around the immediate area that will be burned first allowing the rest to dry slower.

Hey Farmers what's good? I just thought I'd let you see how I spin my blunts as everyone seems to love them. I usually add about .3 of some bubble hash if…

How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt

How to Roll a Dutch Masters Blunt: Dutch Masters are less prevalent on the West Coast as they are in the rest of the country, but provide an excellent blunt that burns smoothly. Blunts are less likely than joints to burn unevenly if the cannabis inside is broken down by hand. So, in cases where a grinder is not present, blunts are a perfect option, and dutch masters are a very popular alternative to blunt wraps or Swishers. Dutchs can be more delicate than some of the other cigars or blunt wraps, so it is important to make sure the dutch is not too old and fragile. A dutch master is a cigar that has be wrapped in an natural tobacco leaf. A regular blunt wrap is pressed tobacco leaf which is completely smooth, whereas a natural tobacco leaf has veins in it, much like any other leaf.

Step 1: Preparation

  • DutchMaster
  • Weed
  • A way to break your weed down
  • Razor, sharp knife, or similar

Step 2: Lick the Dutch

Wet the dutch, lick it all over moistening it. The glue that binds the natural leaf to the inside one is stronger than some other cigars. Let your dutch sit while you breakdown your weed.

Step 3: Grind Your Weed

Breakdown your weed, using a grinder, scissors or your fingers breakdown your weed, making sure to remove any little stems, for they can cause the dutch to rip.

Step 4: Remove Natural Leaf

Making sure the wrap is still moist, licking it again if necessary and being as gentle as can be, using either your fingernails or razor blade, begin to peel the outer wrap from the inner cigar. If you rip it you can cut off a small section of the cigar to create a flat edge that is easier to peel. The outer wrap will become easier to remove as you go, but make sure you do not go too quickly as it will rip.

Step 5: Cut Open

Using your razor blade (or similar) cut along the seam of the inside cigar, try to make this cut as straight as possible to make rolling easier.

Recreational and Medical Marijuana News, Articles and Information: Dutch Masters are less prevalent on the West Coast as they are in the rest of the country, but provide an excellent blunt that burns smoo…