how to roll a zig zag

How to roll a joint with Zig Zag

So, you already know how to smoke a joint, and you have enjoyed the benefits that smoking weed has done for you. Problem is you need to learn how to roll a Zig Zag joint.

To roll a great joint, you need a few important items.

The Bud
Choosing a strain that fits perfectly for the occasion. A Sativa dominant strain is great for daytime use, perhaps Super Lemon Haze.

The Rolling Paper
Zig Zag this is the original standard size rolling paper, developed in France. These 1/1/4 size papers hold about ¼ more product than the single width, which is also available for the consumer who enjoys smoking weed with a type of paper.

The Grinder
This is an important item for perfecting evenly cut up bud. Try to pick a two-chamber grinder.

The Filter
This is not necessary, but an option that some people like; premade or custom cut.

Now that you have everything assembled let’s start to roll a Zig Zag joint.

• Choose the strain that you want to experience the effects of and place it in a grinder. Preferably you have a two-chamber quality grinder. Do not over-grind the bud: too fine and it will present with a powdery harsh taste, not ground enough, and it will be hard to burn.

• Choose what size zig zag paper that you will need, the 11/4 zigzag is known as the orange zig zag and measures about 78mm wide x 44mm tall, the single-wide which became known as the white zigzag rolling paper measures about 70mm wide x 36mm tall.

• Filter: this is an optional part of rolling a joint. A filter is not necessary, but useful in helping to ensure that your lips are not burnt and that the weed is not wasted. This could be a pre-made filter, or a DIY, from a stiff paper product perhaps, a business card.

• Tray: flat surface needed for assembling your joint.

Let’s get started:

Proceed with getting your tray ready. Place the grounded weed on your tray. Have your papers, and if necessary, the filter also ready.

Place paper with the glue side facing up on the tray

Evenly sprinkle your herb across the natural crease of the paper. Make sure that the side of the paper with the glue on is facing you. If you are choosing to use a filter, this is the time to insert it at one end of the paper. The best advice is to hold onto the filter with your thumb while you are sprinkling the herb across the rest of the paper.

Fold the paper to cover the cannabis, carefully lift the paper, make sure your thumbs are on top of the paper and start the rotation with a down-ward motion and the forefingers are sliding up and down the paper from behind, and slowly forming a cigarette shape. This is the making of your joint.

You may like to twist the end that has no filter to ensure that no weed will fall out. Hold your joint with the filter end and make sure your joint is evenly packed. You can do this by holding the end of the joint while tapping the filter end on your tray; this will pack down the joint. Now you can pinch the end together.

Smoking weed is one of the early methods of utilizing the cannabis plant, learning how to smoke a joint has several conditions or etiquette other than just inhaling the herb, that should be followed:

  1. Rollers rights, who-ever rolls start the journey
  2. Puff, puff, and pass just as stated
  3. Joint passed to the left is a Rastafarian tradition that some circles still follow today
  4. Saliva is not to be left on the joint, keep it dry
  5. Respect the space you are partaking
  6. Enjoy!

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Zig Zag this is the original standard size rolling paper, developed in France. These 1/1/4 size papers hold about ¼ more product than the single width

How To Roll A Zig Zag Blunt

Zig Zag is an internationally-acclaimed brand selling premium-quality rolling papers, cigar wraps and tubes, cones, and rolling accessories. For people who smoke the cigar, or use it to roll a blunt, the face printed on the packaging should be familiar. Not many do realize that this is the face of a “zouave” – a class of light infantry regiment of the French army. After a stray bullet damaged his clay pipe, the soldier had managed to roll tobacco using a strip of gunpowder bag.

Fourteen decades had passed, and Zig Zag continues to thrive, becoming a widely renowned cigar brand, and has found a niche among blunt users. It has transcended the tobacco industry, being inculcated in society and culture, having been alluded to in music and film.

Why Use Zig Zag Blunt Wraps

Cannabis is an emerging market. Even with the easing of prohibitions in some states and territories, these are but a needle in a haystack. The potential is so massive that many brands are now selling tobacco wrappers. This bodes well for anyone wishing to roll a blunt. Instead of being forced to buy whole cigars, empty wraps are more convenient to use, and cheaper too.

Aside from the flexibility of buying cigars or the wraps only, why else should you choose Zig Zag?

Zig Zag Marijuana Blunt Wraps

Zig Zag is already an established cigar brand in the world for decades. It is a discerning company that places a premium on using natural, high-quality tobacco. The commitment to producing remarkable products has cemented its place among aficionados as the go-to brand for cigars.

The cigars and blunt wraps come in various delicious flavors, such as apple, cherry, peach, orange, vanilla, and many more. For sure, there will definitely be at least one that suits the need, preference, mood, and occasion.

Zig Zag wrappers are not overly sturdy for rolling blunts. It also has enough structural integrity to hold the weed, maintain its shape, and burn smoothly, evenly, without collapsing.

One of the perks of being a bestselling brand is availability. Zig Zag is available in most convenience stores and gas stations. Blunt wraps, though, may not be as widely circulated, which is why you also need to know how to roll using cigars.

Zig Zag blunt wraps, in particular, are more convenient to use. Each wrapper has an adhesive strip, which practically eliminates the need to lick the leaf to moisten. It costs around $17.99 to $21.99 per 25 packs, each pack containing two wrappers. You can also buy singles (with two wraps) for around $1.

How To Roll A Zig Zag Blunt

Rolling a Zig Zag blunt is a no-brainer. The process involved is straightforward. For beginners, though, it may take a little bit of getting used to.

A couple of terms used are:

  • Cigar wrap. Refer to tobacco wrap obtained by slicing a cigar.
  • Blunt wrap. Sold by Zig Zag as plain wrappers without the fillings or tobacco innards.

Part One: Getting Ready

Before rolling the Zig Zag blunt, you will need to prepare the buds and the wrapper first.

Cannabis Buds

Take out the buds. You will only need around 1 to 2 grams – or up to 3 for a nice fat blunt. Grind the plant matter coarsely using a weed grinder. You want to have a fluffy consistency – not powdery – so do not pulverize too much. The small, uniformly-sized chunks will also facilitate the flow of air and even burning, resulting in smoother puffs.

If you do not have a proper grinder, use a pair of scissors to cut the buds into smaller pieces, keeping them more or less the same size.

Tobacco Wrap

Zig Zag Blunt Wraps are most convenient as there is nothing you need to do except to open the pack and take one out. It is already ready to use.

If in case it is not available, then you can resort to the traditional method of obtaining a wrapper – by getting a cigar, and splitting one side lengthwise.

The easiest way to do that is to pinch, forming a straight line to serve as a guide. Then, while holding the cigar in place using two hands, use thumbs to apply pressure on two each side, press gently away from each other to cause a split. It should be done from one end and slowly towards the other end. The fillers can be discarded or kept to make a spliff if desired.

Crutch (Optional)

Using a crutch or a filter is optional, but highly advisable if you want a smooth-sailing toking experience. It prevents the plant bits and ashes from entering the mouth and throat, helping reduce coughing, and also ensures that the fingers and lips will not get burned.

To make a crutch, cut a 1″ x 2″ strip from an index card or a junk mail postcard. Hold the paper horizontally, then bend a few pleats at the right end to form a W or an M. Roll it towards the left, so that the accordion-style folds are inside the cylinder. Pinch it slightly so that it will maintain the shape. You can also run a lighter over the crutch to keep the folds in place.

Alternatively, you can also buy rolling paper tips or pre-rolled filters.

Part Two: Rolling The Zig Zag Blunt

After making the necessary preparations, it is time to roll a Zig Zag blunt. Here’s how.

  1. Place a rolling tray on a flat surface.
  2. Open the pack of Zig Zag wrap and take out one piece. Reseal the pouch to maintain the freshness of the remaining blunt wrap. As for cigar wrap, make sure it is not too dry. If so, you can moisten by licking and using saliva.
  3. If the wrapper feels too moist, you can let it sit for a while, giving moisture time to evaporate.
  4. Lay the blunt wrap lengthwise on the tray with the adhesive strip side upward, facing you. The orientation does not matter for a cigar wrap.
  5. Place the crutch on one end.
  6. Sprinkle ground herbs in the wrap while holding the crutch in place. A regular blunt usually would contain 1 gram. You can pack it with 2 or up to 3 grams.
  7. Make sure to distribute the weed uniformly.
  8. After filling, pick up the blunt gently with two hands, both thumbs on top. Start rolling from one end all the way to the other end gently until forming a cylinder.
  9. Tuck the exposed bottom flap of the leaf unto itself. Lick the adhesive strip to moisten and press it over the tucked side. Do it slowly, beginning from the butt (where the crutch is) and work your way to the other end. As cigar wraps do not have an adhesive strip, you may have to lick more.
  10. Run a lighter flame over the blunt exterior to make it even more secure. Make sure not to hold the lighter too close. Afterward, blaze up, take a hit, and indulge in the powerful buzz.

Zig Zag Blunts Are Popular For A Reason

Zig Zag has become a mainstay in the weed smoking scene – and for a good reason. Aside from producing high-quality rolling papers (for the classic joints), they also offer equally remarkable cigar wraps for those who prefer smoking blunts. Even better, these ready-to-use wraps make the art of blunt rolling a breeze.

Even if you were to run out of wrappers, it is easy to buy from gasoline stations and convenience stores. Granted that not all stores may carry blunt wraps, the chances are high that they sell the cigars, from which you could obtain the tobacco leaf wrapper.

Not all tobacco products are the same. Zig Zag happens to be one of the brands that offer premium quality cigars and wrappers – natural, classic, and flavorful – that suits the taste of most people.

By using Zig Zag wraps, you can roll and enjoy a potent and flavorful blunt with less effort. Here's what you need to know about this premium cigar brand.