how to roll cool blunts

Coolest Ways to Roll a Joint

While some of these joints may not even seem smoke-able (but they are).. These are pictures of some of the coolest and most interesting ways I’ve seen on the Internet to roll a joint. In fact after they start to look more like crazy architecture created by the mad-stoner. That’s neither here nor there. Feel free to send our Twitter correspondent @420_Report all of your cool blunt and joint designs for our next update!

These are some of the unique joint rolling methods that are sure to turn heads, if not spin them. Pictures and videos can be found toward the bottom of the page.

How to Roll Weird Joints

Rolling Styles:

  • Regular Joint – This is the first type of joint you need to learn how to roll. The main idea here is to grind some weed, put it in some rolling paper (gum-side up), roll it up to the gum, lick the gum, seal the joint, and smoke it. There are many short cuts of learning how to do this, but in the end, you’ll want to learn to do it without using any extra tools or anything so keep that in mind! This video will teach you how to roll a joint without any tricks. This article will teach you the “dollar bill” method. The “stuffing” method is basically where you empty out a cigarette or roll something really loose and stuff the bits of weed in individually. I couldn’t find a video, sorry. This is a little machine to roll for you.
  • Pinner – A ‘pinner’ or ‘pin joint’ is a really thin regular joint. A lot of people like to roll with a very short (width-wise) paper because the joint won’t hold a lot of weed. These are awesome for little personal joints.
  • The L – This is basically just an extended joint. Enjoy!
  • Inside Out –These are premium for eliminating excess paper to increase taste. They look impressive when you roll them and are healthier than regular joints because you’re smoking less carcinogens! This is how you roll one.
  • Cross – We all saw this in the movie ‘Pineapple Express’. The famed 3 headed joint! These are cool looking and there’s a lot of ways to roll one. They aren’t too easy to roll OR smoke, however they’re worth a try. This is how you roll one.
  • Dutch Tulip – These are really cool looking and produce a really heavy hit like a cigar. They look like a tulip as they burn. The cherry gets huge on these and will stay in one piece until the very end. They are easy and quick to roll. This is how you roll one.
  • XXL – This is basically a reeeeaaaalllyyy lonnnngggg joint. They’re pretty cool for a long, uninterrupted toke. This is how you roll one.
  • Twin Sisters – This is basically just smoking two joints at the same time, sideways. This is how you roll one.
  • Blunt – Blunts are made out of tobacco leaves and get you a nice and rich high. Blunts are a little trickier to roll because of the material they’re made out of. You’re going to want to use a moist blunt wrap or cigarillo. The dryer it is, the more brittle it is for rolling and the worse it smokes. There are a few methods to rolling blunts, but I think I’ll only list my favorite two. The first (and most practical/common/quickest) way is to use a blade of some sort to cut a straight line all the way down the middle of the blunt. After it’s open, empty the tobacco. Once that is done, you basically put the grinded weed in and roll it like a regular joint. The second (and most satisfying/smoothest) way is to unravel the blunt’s outside flavoring leaves and then cut the inside layer right on the crease. Put the grinded weed up, seal it, and re-roll the outside flavoring leaves as they were in the beginning.
  • Plumbers Joint – These have a line through the middle, for best airflow and smoothness these work really nicely. Instagrams TonyGreenHands (Creative genius behind most the joints in the joint gallery below) made a tutorial for rolling plumbers joints.

Popular Tips and Lingo:

  • Sparking it – When lighting a joint (or sparking it) it is important to make sure the joint is completely dry and closed. To ensure that the joint burns evenly, light the area in front of the joint and lightly puff until the flame makes the tip burn a small amount. Rotate the joint rotisserie style until the cherry develops. Congrats, you lit it!
  • Cherry – This is the lit and burning part of the joint. When the joint is cherried, then someone should be hitting it so it doesn’t get wasted or go out. Be careful, it’s hot!
  • Ashing – When the cherry burns through the joint the remnants of the weed will be left hanging at the end, burnt and smoked. It’s important to keep the cherry away from the ash by “ashing” the joint so that the hit won’t be muffled, taste nasty, or make a mess. To ash, simply put the joint’s ash-end where you want the ash to go and lightly tap the mouth-end until the ash falls off.
  • Roach – This is what remains on an already-smoked joint. They are filled with resin and a very small amount of sort of gross weed. It’s good to save roaches for hard times and make a full roach joint. They’re not too tasty but they get you fucked.
  • Spliff – I spliff is a joint that was rolled with tobacco mixed in.
  • Crutch – A lot of people call these different things (filter, tip, catch, end, etc) but the proper name is “crutch” when it comes to weed. These make rolling easier by providing a shape for the end of the joint. They also catch some of the tar and allow you to smoke the joint to the very end. Most people use a small square portion of the box from the rolling papers and roll it into a tiny cylinder to make one but you can also buy them on their own.
  • Keep it even! – To keep a joint from burning unevenly, it’s important to lightly puff on the joint. Long, hard hits will surely make the flame run down the side. If the joint is running, a good way to keep it from doing that is to turn the joint so that the side with the most paper is facing upward. If that doesn’t stop it, get a little spit on your finger and tap the paper in front of where it’s running. This will slow the burning of the running part. If it’s still not working, use the lighter to burn the excess paper.
  • Puff, Puff, Pass – Don’t take more than two hits when smoking in a group before you pass it. Also, don’t cradle it.

Paper Preferences: Everyone has their own preference about which paper they like the best so I will tell you which types of rolling papers are my favorite and why.

  • RAW– For rolling plain and simple joints, I like to use RAW papers. They are a very clean and tasty, slow burning, natural smoke that will not leave you unsatisfied in the end. These are the best for just a plain old joint, but if you try rolling fancy stuff with these they tend to fall apart easier than the other brands.
  • DLX– The absolute best when it comes to rolling paper. By far the hardest to find, but truly worth it to the cannaseur.
  • Randy’s Wired Papers – These are awesome because you don’t need to use a crutch. The joint can burn to the very end because there’s a little wire that runs along the side of the joint that you can hold instead of burning your finger tips.
  • Elements – These are my favorite for when I’m rolling something complicated. The gum is pretty reliable and when everything comes together, it burns pretty nicely.
  • Dutch Master Vanilla – These are my favorite for rolling blunts.

Collection of joints rolled in all different styles. Almost every type of creative joint rolling method we've ever seen.

Feel The Force Of The Blunt: How To Roll In 6 Steps

The biggest, most badass roll-up of them all is the classic homemade cannabis cigar. This one is for the blunt smokers. We’ll guide you through the process so you can handcraft your very own blunts. Get ready to super-size your next session with a fine blunt rolled to perfection.

Just in case any newbies happen to be reading this blog, allow us to briefly explain what a blunt is. In ordinary decent stoner terms, a blunt is a weed-packed roll-up that differs from the average joint, because instead of a rolling paper, it’s wrapped in a hollowed-out cigar. Welcome to flavour country.


To craft your very own fine “cannagar”, you need two key ingredients and a couple of tools. Obviously, you need some bud and ideally, you should break it down with a weed grinder. You’ll also need a cigar or cigarillo. And perhaps a sharp knife to cut it open with.



First, you need to open up that cigar. If you have the touch, by all means, go for it by hand. However, for a precision split running through the centre of the cigar from end to end, a sharp pocket knife is preferred. Take care not to tear the cigar apart. Only split the top shell of tobacco leaf.

  • STEP 2: DUMP

Gut the cigar. Remove all the tobacco innards to make room for your marijuana.


Pack that blunt. You really need at least 1g, preferably 2–3g for a nice fat blunt. Try to spread out an even, sticky green stuffing. If you want to add hash or some other gooey concentrates, you should sandwich the extract in flower for an even burn. A concentrated core is not the most efficient way to enjoy extracts, but definitely one of the tastiest.

  • STEP 4: LICK

This is the messy part. A liberal slobber of saliva will be required. There is no choice but to give both sides of the tobacco leaf a good wet lick. It won’t taste pleasant, but it’s unavoidable. Plus, it’s worth it and you’ll soon have a tasty blunt to toke.

  • STEP 5: ROLL

The penultimate step is to roll up that fatty. If you can roll a joint, then you can absolutely roll a blunt. Just be extra gentle with the tobacco leaf. Flip, fold, and done. Also, it’s no harm to add a roach tip like you would for a spliff.

  • STEP 6: SEAL

Remember, it’s just spit holding your blunt together. So you must cook it to make sure it’s sealed shut. Carefully run the flame of a lighter over the blunt exterior. Make sure you keep the flame moving and don’t scorch the tobacco leaf. After a couple of minutes cooking, you’ve got a perfectly finished, classic blunt. Blaze up and enjoy.


Of course, you can just buy a packet of blunt wraps. These are ready to roll right out of the packet and are available in a wide variety of delicious flavours. You can keep it simple and enjoy some juicy blueberry or indulge in some peanut butter and jelly if you fancy. These days, the selection is incredible and they don’t just taste great to lick, the flavour permeates every draw.


Blunts are a king-size dose of THC. Unfortunately, they really are like Darth Vader—all that sticky green goodness is wrapped in a toxic tobacco sleeve. Blunts are certainly not the healthiest way to get high. That being said, a fine blunt is best reserved for a special occasion or a social gathering. A few puffs from a fat blunt can be enjoyed by the whole party like an appetiser.

Blunts are the cannabis cigar of choice for those who prefer to roll-up, rather than dab or vape. This is your guide to rolling the perfect blunt.