how to roll wraps

How to Fold a Wrap, Step by Step

Wraps, like humans, come in many forms. But unlike all but the smallest humans, wraps are happiest when their insides are secured in a big, soft blanket—I mean, tortilla. If you’ve ever struggled with how to fold a wrap without losing control of your fillings, we’re here to help. Here’s your step-by-step guide to folding a wrap, the right way.

1. Start with a large flour tortilla

Yes, we’re talking a 10-inch flour tortilla here. Any smaller than that, and it’ll be tough to wrap your wrap properly. Make sure the tortilla you’re using is soft—if it’s coming straight out of a package or the fridge, your best bet is to quickly warm it in the microwave or in a dry skillet before using it to ensure that your tortilla is malleable enough to wrap around your fillings without tearing.

2. Spread the filling

Pile a small amount of filling (less than you think you need—overfilling a wrap is the kiss of death) in a line, leaving more than half of the tortilla free on the top and a couple inches free on each side.

3. Fold in the sides

Fold in sides, almost enough so they touch, but with an inch or so between them, so some of the filling still peeks out.

4. Bring up the bottom flap, then continue to roll

Keep those side flaps pulled in while using your thumbs to bring the bottom flap over the sides. Continue pulling the bottom flap taut and use it to wrap over the filling and the side flaps, rolling one or two more times, until the whole thing is secured.

Now that you’re a pro at how to fold a wrap, it’s time to get creative with your fillings. This recipe’s a great place to start.

This technique will show you how to fold a wrap properly, so your sandwich fillings can rest safely inside of a tortilla.