how to smoke moon rock in a blunt

How to smoke moon rocks

Microdosing is great , but when life finds you lost in the depths of a Mercurial retrograde, you need a macrodose of the interstellar variety. Enter moon rocks, the uber-potent, uber-affordable way to get out-of-this-world high, harkening back to the days before full-ish legality, long before dosage caps, child proof packing, and astronomical taxes changed the game.

Moon rocks — nugs that have been covered in a sticky concentrate then rolled in kief — exist somewhat outside the current zeitgeist of weed culture. In a world where mindfulness and wellness trump the heady highs and bloodshot eyes of the pre-legalization era, moonrocks triumph as a relic of yesteryear, reminding you it can still be fun to be too high to do anything but belly laugh and lay around.

So, what are moon rocks exactly? Why would you want to smoke them? And, of course, how do you smoke them, you ask? Never fear. Weedmaps News is here to moonwalk you through the process, from countdown to blastoff.

What are moon rocks?

Moon rocks are nugs of flower that have been dipped or covered in an extract like hash oil or shatter , then rolled in kief, a powder made of the trichomes, terpenes, and cannabinoids that have fallen from flower.

Moon rocks are often used as a type of “stoner hack.” These coated nugs are all about bang for your buck.

Moon Rocks: How to Smoke Them and How They’re Made

Tuesday October 8, 2019

A s you gaze at your recent purchase from your local dispensary, you may be thinking “Of course I know how to smoke moon rocks. How hard can it be?” You’re so sure of it that you don’t ask the budtender. Instead, you spend your time gazing at the beauty of this nug, which looks like a delicious green and purple hard candy offered by the weed gods themselves. The smell is amazing. Pungent and rich with terpenes. If it’s your first time trying to consume moon rocks though, it may be a more difficult experience than expected. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help make sure you don’t have any trouble smoking your newly purchased products.

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are one of those innovations in the weed game that could only be crafted by stoner mad scientists. It all starts with a high quality, perfectly trimmed bud; the kind that deserves its own platform in a tiny showroom. This stellar nug is then dipped in rich cannabis concentrate before being finished off with a generous dusting of kief.

If crafted properly, moon rocks have an intriguing and awe-inspiring appearance – making them a highly sought after product for tourists. Moon rocks aren’t just a novelty, though. Being a mixture of flower, concentrate and kief, moon rocks are highly potent and should be consumed mindfully. Keep on reading as we explore some of the best ways to smoke cannabis moon rocks:

1. Put Down the Grinder

Moon Rocks are not made to be ground up, either in your grinder or between your fingers. Grinding or crumbling your moon rocks means losing a bunch of that good concentrate and kief to the grinder’s teeth or melted onto your fingers. Instead of crumbling or grinding your moon rocks, the best method is to slice small sections off the rock, either using small scissors, a sharp knife, or a razor.

2. Pick Up Your Pipe

Moon Rocks are best consumed either in a bong or a pipe. Be sure to pack your moon rocks loosely in the bowl. Tilt it away from the mouthpiece so there’s plenty of air flow. Since moon rocks are already saturated with oil and sticky with kief, your bowl can pretty easily clog with resin once you apply some flame. Expect more oil than normal to run down your piece.

Also, consider using a piece with a smaller bowl as opposed to a larger one. As pleasant, tasty, and enticing as moon rocks are, you’re going to be doing the THC equivalent of drinking from a fire hose. A smaller-sized bowl will make sure you’re only smoking as much as you need. You’ll lose less to carbonization and can save the rest for later.

If you’re smoking your moon rocks in a bong, follow these same rules (to minimize oil loss, use an ice pinch slide). Be sure to clean and replace your bong water first. Again, if you’re smoking a high quality product, you might as well enjoy the full taste. Finally, it’s best to avoid smoking moon rocks out of a hand-held vaporizer, as the excess oil and resin can damage the components.

3. Add Moon Rocks onto Your Flower

Soaked with cannabis oil, sometimes it can be hard to get moon rocks to light. Slicing off a couple of pieces and placing them on top of some regular ground flower, whether in a joint, blunt, or a bowl is a good way to keep your fire lit while enjoying the full effects of moon rocks. Plus, you’ll save more of your products for next time. A second method is to create a “Landmine” by placing your moon rocks in between two ground up layers of bud. As far as smoking your moon rocks in a joint or a blunt, the best method is to break up the nug and add it into a base of weed (or tobacco if you’re into spliffs).

As already mentioned, moon rocks are pretty well saturated with cannabis oil, which can make them hard to light and harder to stay lit. Using the same techniques as you would for rolling a hash joint is a good way to keep them lit.

4. Partake in the Afternoon or Evening

Moon rocks are not the type of bud to consume when you’ve got anything else to do, especially not the first time. While it’s not a recommended product to consume for your regular wake and bake, moon rocks are great for your evening wind down. Put a movie on your screen or some music on your speakers and enjoy letting that couch cradle you all night.

5. Have Plenty of Water and Snacks On Hand

Once the full effects take hold, only the most motivated of cannabis consumer is going anywhere. This hat-trick of THC can also give you three times the cottonmouth as usual and no one wants to be both thirsty and couch locked. It’s also a good idea to drink a couple glasses of water before your first hit so you’re not starting at a thirst deficit, as well as keeping some more liquid near you. The same can go for your appetite, so be sure to have some snacks within easy reach once you put your bowl or your bong down.

So, now that you’re in the know about how to smoke moon rocks, grab some water, some scissors, and your favorite glassware and enjoy. Just don’t plan to do anything else for the day, especially if you’re new to consuming moon rocks!

Have you ever smoked cannabis moon rocks? Did you find them easy to consume? Why or why not? Share your experiences in the comments below!

Moon Rocks are one of those innovations in the weed game that could only be crafted by stoner mad scientists. If it’s your first time trying to consume moon rocks though, it may be a more difficult experience than expected. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help make sure you don’t have any trouble smoking your newly purchased products.