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Can You Freeze Cannabis Edibles for Storage?

Saturday August 1, 2020

S o, you’ve found yourself with more edibles on hand than you’re looking to consume at the moment. Maybe you baked a big tray of cookies for a party that you had to cancel for some reason. Maybe your favorite brand of gummy just returned to your local dispensary after months of waiting and you wanted to stock up. Maybe you had to use up your extra cannabutter before heading out of the country for a while on a long vacation (one can dream, right?).

Whatever the reason, you have a lot of edibles on hand. This isn’t the worst problem to have, but you want to make sure that they don’t all go bad. That would be a waste of all your time, money, and effort. You can either consume them all once before their expiration date (please, please do not do this) or you can find a way to store them for the long term.

Shelf Life of Cannabis Edibles

The good news is that once THC is extracted into cannabutter, oil, or distillate, the activated molecule will lose only a little potency over time. This means that your brownies, if properly stored, will hit just about as hard after a month or two as when you pulled them out of the oven.

The bad news is that cannabutter, oil, and baked goods can spoil pretty fast once they’re out in the air. Most edibles aren’t made with a lot of preservatives, which in some ways makes them much healthier than other store bought desserts.

However, all the sugar and fats that makes that treat so tasty also means that mold, mildew, bacteria, and other things you want to avoid will grow pretty quickly on your food and start to colonize it. Most sugar-based edibles like hard candy and gummies can stay good in their containers for a long time without any extra storage steps (besides keeping them in a cool, dry place). So instead, let’s focus on baked goods.

How to Store Your Edibles Long-term

While it’s not recommended to store baked goods on your shelves, your edibles will last for a while in the freezer and still remain, well, edible. That is, as long as you follow these helpful tips.

Darkness is Your Ally

While light is a necessary part of every plant’s growth, the moment the buds are separated from the branches and packaged is when that relationship should end. Light can degrade cannabis. The same goes for cannabutter, oil, and distillate. When storing your edibles in the freezer, be sure to place them in an opaque container that keeps the light off of them. This will prevent the THC molecules from breaking apart.

Wrap it Up

If you can, avoid putting your edibles in sandwich baggies or wrapping them with plastic wrap. Not only does the plastic wrap affect the taste, but it can stick to the edibles once frozen and be hard to get off.

Instead, consider using waxed paper for edibles. This comes off much easier and preserves the taste of your pastries while also making sure they don’t stick together.

Keep It As Airtight As Possible

Glass Jars and silicone containers are your best bet for freezing your edibles long-term. Both have the advantage of letting in less air and less moisture than other storage methods. Allowing air and moisture in will affect the potency of your edible, as well as leading it to spoil faster since it feeds bacterias and molds. Additionally, though we don’t often think of it as one, air can actually be a pretty destructive substance that contributes to the breakdown all kinds of substances (like iron), including THC. However, be aware, if you’re storing cannabutter or oil, be sure to leave plenty of room at the top of your jars or containers.

Liquids will expand once they freeze, and the last thing you want to be dealing with is a cracked glass jar

in your freezer. You should also make sure that the product reaches room temperature before putting it in the freezer (for the same reason). If you’re using glass jars to store your edibles, wrap the jars in an opaque bag to stop light from coming in. If you’re using plastic baggies, try to squeeze as much air out of it as possible before freezing your edibles. If you have a vacuum sealer, even better.

Save the Date

Whether THC-infused or not, it’s not worth the risk of finding out that what you ate was expired. Luckily there are two pretty clear signs that your edibles are a no-go before they start rioting in your bowels.

Signs of Spoiled Edibles:

  1. If there are condensation droplets in the container, that is a sign that some bacterial reactions could be happening.
  2. If the product feels brittle, dry, or rough, it’s probably gone bad. Your edible should still have a strong smell of weed, and no signs of mildew, mold, or discoloration.

Even wrapped up, airtight, and in the dark, try to consume your cannabutter, oil, or edible within six months of putting it into the deep freeze. Unfortunately, any longer than that and you risk your cannabutter or oil going rancid. Bacteria are always on the move, even in the frozen depths. Candies made with pure sugar like hard candy or gummies will last much longer than that since they don’t have the high fat content that bacteria and mold loves.

As a side note, chocolate will last up to a year in the freezer, but it may develop a sugar bloom, which is a harmless white film caused by condensation.

Be sure to take the type of food your storing into consideration whenever you package edibles in the freezer.

Keep it Separated

If you’re storing cannabutter or oil, a solid tip is to freeze them in ice cube trays rather than as one whole batch, then store them together in a jar or silicone tray. This way you can grab a couple of doses when you need to cook without having to defrost and refreeze the entire batch.

Similarly, if you’re freezing brownies be sure to cut them into smaller portions before wrapping them up for storage. If you’re looking for a smaller dose or trying to ration your supply this is much easier than trying to cut into a frozen pastry.

Storage Solutions

Follow these simple tips once your baking is done and you’ll be able to enjoy your edibles for up to half a year. Maybe you’ll even be able to pop one pre-boarding before a well-deserved vacation out of this country (once the pandemic is over, of course). Again, one can dream, right?

Have you had any success storing edibles longterm? Share your experiences in the comments!

So, you’ve found yourself with more edibles on hand than you’re looking to consume at the moment. This isn’t the worst problem to have, but you want to make sure that they don’t all go bad. Click here to find out how to properly store your edibles long-term.

Blog Post

Can You Freeze Pot Brownies? Complete Guide To Marijuana Brownies

You may have heard of marijuana brownies by the name of weed brownies, magic brownies, pot brownies, hash brownies, fun brownies or any other unique name that they may go by. For some unknown reason marijuana brownies seem to be the undisputed champ of any pot edible, at Goldbuds we can completely understand why stoners would choose this amazing treat to be the king of edibles. Many times when you just mention brownies, stoners will skip over the actually though of the snack item and their minds will race over and begin to think of the pot based snack instead.

Because of the popularity and demand for the edibles for sale online on our website we decided to write this article to provide some insight and answer a question that many stoners have had but have not had addressed. The main question that we will be addressing in this article is if you can freeze pot brownies and if you do choose to freeze edibles how they will be after their trip to the freezer.

The quick and simple answer is that yes you can freeze pot brownies and in the long run they will definitely last better in the freezer when compared to any other edibles you may have made.

Our team at Goldbuds really wants to help people dive into how they can learn how to make great edibles and that is why we have decided to launch new blogs daily which may cover how you can learn to cook your own edibles.

You can continually check into this blog to keep an eye out for how you can make the following list of brownies as we will continually update this blog with new links as soon as pot brownie recipes are published.

  • Fudge Peanut Butter Brownies
  • Coconut Oil Brownies
  • Cheesecake Marble Swirl Pot Brownies
  • Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies
  • Almond Joy Brownies
  • Chocolate Heaven Brownies
  • Christmas Peppermint Brownies
  • Gluten Free Pot Brownies
  • Pecan Brownies With Chocolate Chips

Our team is obsessed with pot brownies simply because they taste so good, don’t require too much to make, leave little to no mess and when your done you can eat them all or even pop them in the freezer to save for another time. You should definitely attempt to make some of these unreal recipes at least once in your life.

So How Do You Make Pot Brownies, Is It Hard To Make Weed Brownies?

Maybe you read our recipes above for how we make our marijuana recipes and perhaps it isn’t your taste and you’d rather learn how you can add some kick to the brownie recipe of your choice. Luckily for you this is actually much easier than you may have thought, by the time you are done reading this article you should be able to rest knowing that you can create your own version of pot brownies.

So your probably wondering at this point what the secret is to medicate your choice of brownies, it is really as simple as switching out the butter that’s in your regular brownie recipe to cannabis butter. Take some time to begin by making your cannabis butter and as soon as that is done you should be able to mix it into any brownie recipe you would like.

One thing you may have to be aware of is that not all brownie recipes will be using butter, so when you find yourself in this situation what can you do to ensure that your brownies can still come out being “fun brownies”. The secret to this is using marijuana oil instead of butter for those unique recipes.

You should also be careful when creating marijuana butter to not make it too potent for recipes which require a ton of butter in the brownie making process. Nothing would suck more than only being able to enjoy a quarter of your delicious brownie treat simply because it is too potent for you.

Pot Brownies Are Made For Your Freezer

Ok so we all clearly know that brownies are a gift from god, asides from how amazing they taste they also freeze better than other edible that we have experimented with. Many times when someone makes pot brownies the biggest issue is the fact that they probably cannot enjoy all of the treats at once simply because of the potency so they wonder what they can do?

Freezing the brownies is the right answer in this case. In order to freeze your brownies you want to first begin by baking them, separating them into the correct size portions, letting the pot brownies cool to room temperature, label each brownie and then simply put them into your freezer to enjoy for another time.

Next time you have a craving for a pot edible all you need to do is open up your freezer and take out the edible and allow it to come to room temperature if your looking for a great tasting brownie, however you can even eat them straight out of the freezer if you are feeling a little impatient!

When Is The Best Time To Medicate, Pot Brownie Safety Tips

Generally the best time to take an edible is once you day has come to an end and you do not have anything planned for the rest of the day with the exception of simply relaxing. This is because sometimes edibles can give you a quite intense high if your not too experienced with them or if the batch was made a little too strong.

Edibles can take up to two hours to truly hit you and give you their full effect, this is based on a research study that was published by ( ). Some of the case studies that they published are from a time when pot wasn’t as strong as it is today because of this it can be beneficial to add some more time when waiting to redose.

Taking pot brownies with someone who is experienced and can help you in making the brownies as well as take a dose with you if its your first time can be extremely helpful as well. Im sure we have all heard horror stories of someone who has taken edibles and had a bad trip but this can definitely be avoided by taking small doses or by enjoying the edibles with someone who has experience with edibles.

In the case that you have a bad trip you can become calm just like any other time that you dose, it is as simple as taking a step back and watching something calming, listening to some calming music or shutting your eyes and going to sleep

Are Edibles Safe When You Are Pregnant?

The other major thing to keep in mind is that you generally shouldn’t smoke pot when you are pregnant and this also means that you shouldn’t dose with edibles as well. Smoking or eating edibles can lead you to transfer those chemicals including THC to your baby through the placenta.

If you are interested in learning more about how smoking marijuana or ingesting it can effect you and your baby you can read more about it over here at babycentre ( )

While edibles aren’t the most ideal snack when you are pregnant they can be the ideal snack if you are looking elevate your sexual experience. There are many marijuana strains that are the best strains for sex and female arousal.

Do You Agree That Pot Brownies Are Great?

At this point you are probably with us when we say that pot brownies are amazing, not only because they taste great but thanks to all the other benefits they bring. Marijuana brownies can be made in a wide variety of forms, they can be made relatively quickly when compared to all the other options when it comes to edibles, they are also incredibly easy to clean up after. The final point which probably makes pot brownies the king of edibles is the fact that they are able to be frozen and enjoyed after prolonged periods of time!

If you take advantage of any of the following tips in our article we hope that you give us a tag on social media so we can look at your delicious cooking and potentially enter you in to win some of the prizes we give away to our viewers!

Although this article was a fairly in-depth dive into some commonly asked questions surrounding pot brownies we completely understand that you may have other questions surrounding pot brownies and if this is the case please do not hesitate to reach out to our team as we would be more than happy to help you out or provide any recommendations to what you can order fro our online store.

You may have heard of marijuana brownies by the name of weed brownies, magic brownies, pot brownies, hash brownies, fun brownies or any other unique name that