how to use a dry herb vaporizer pen

How to Use Your Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Efficiency is key, especially if you want to get the most out of your vaping sessions and avoid wasting any of your herbs. But how do you start and what do you need to do in order to increase your efficiency? If you want to start vaping smarter, here are some tips on how you can become more efficient with your herbal vape pen!

How to Properly Use Your Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Using a dry herb vaporizer is very easy and it starts with turning on your vape. This is usually done by clicking the power button once or five times. Once it turns on, a light should be displayed. Using a grinder, grind your weed really fine. Oepn the mouthpiece and dump your herbs in. Make sure it’s about 1/4 to 1/2 the way of the chamber. Pack it down with a tool. Close the mouthpiece and set your vape to your desired temperature. Not all devices will come with the ability to change temperatures. It’s definitely a must have feature.

It will take about 10-60 seconds to heat up to the selected temperature. All vapes will be different. When the vapes light shows it’s ready, take a very slow draw form the mouthpiece. The harder you draw, the faster and cooler the chamber will get.

Tips on Using Your Vaporizer Efficiently?

When you make the decision to buy a vaporizer, it’s usually because you realize vaping is better than smoking . The learning curve on these devices is different than lighting up a cigarette and taking a drag. You want to make sure all your ducks are in line. It may sound intimidating but once you get used to it, it becomes second nature. Use the following steps next time you’re vaping to make sure you get the best vapor quality possible.

Preheat Your Vape

It’s important that you preheat your vape before you begin trying to take hits from it. Why? Well, not only will you get no vapor from your device if its not heated, it will also take additional time to heat up while you continue trying to take draws. Give your vape enough time to heat up to your desired temperature before you begin to start vaping. Read the instructions or reviews. It should give the time it takes to reach a specific temperature.

Set the temperature you wish to vaporize at. Make sure the mouthpiece is closed. When you’re ready, load your herbs in the chamber while it’s almost done heating up.

Have a Nice Grind

Grinding can be a challenge, especially if you do not have a high-quality grinder at home. However, it is important that you grind your herbs in order to get the most out of your vapor. Finely ground herb will give you the ability to fit more herb into your herbal chamber. It will also keep the chamber packed lightly so vapor has enough room to move through the herbs.

Throwing a big unbroken piece of herb in there will not get the whole thing vaporized. Grinding your herbs makes sure the heat vaporizes all parts of the herbs. This means you get an even heat distribution all around so you don’t waste anything.

Dry Herbs

If you use herbs quite a bit when you vape, you know that the level of moisture has a huge effect on the vaporization process. You want your herbs to be dry enough so that the heat will expel the active ingredients in the herbs through vapor. If your herbs are too moist, it is going to take a while before your device will be able to vaporize the herb.

You also do not want herbs that are too dry either. These can turn into smoke much quicker than vapor. Smoke is what you don’t want from vape pen.

Don’t Pack Too Tight

Like we said in the grinding section, you don’t want to pack too much herb into your herbal atomizer chamber. When you do this, it makes it more difficult for the vapors to move through the herbs and increases the draw resistance when you try to take pulls from your vaporizer. Also, your herbs will be vaporized unevenly. This means that you will be wasting more herbs and having to constantly take them out to sift them around. Remember to pack it down but don’t stomp it down.

Take Hits Slower

It can be easy to try to take quick, long hits when you first start out. However, these hits won’t do much for you. It will also just frustrate you over time when you realize that you’re not getting as much out of your vape as you should be. Instead of trying to force the vapor out of your vaporizer, take slow breaths and smaller hits. Try to inhale from your diaphram. This is especially important if you’re smoking marijuana. It could hit you quick if you have a low tolerance and are taking big hits.

Understand Temperature Control Selections

The temperature that you choose plays a big role in the effects that you get out of your chosen herb. Each herb has a certain temperature that it vaporizes at. It also has different temperatures which produce different effects on the herbs as well as you. Make sure you understand your herb of choice and the temperatures that effect it to get the most out of your sessions with your chosen herb.

Medical marijuana isn’t the only herb you can vaporize. There are many vapable herbs you can use and each one comes with a different effect along with the temperature to heat it at.

Clean Your Vape

Regular maintenance of your herbal vaporizer is the most important thing you need to remember if you want your vaporizer to run efficiently. When a vape is not maintained, residue from your herbs and its vapors build up inside. A clogged mouthpiece makes it harder for vapors to travel through the device and out through the mouthpiece. This means that over time, it will be harder for you to get quality vapor from it. Make sure to clean your device on a consistent basis so that this doesn’t happen.

Cleaning is not as hard or tedious as it sounds. Herbal units come with a brush tool. Use this brush tool to clean the inside of the chamber. You can lightly dip it into isopropyl alcohol to open up the sticky residue. Make sure the chamber is still pretty warm when you clean it. It helps the residue break apart easier.

Avoid Combustion

The point of vaporizing is to avoid inhaling smoke, which is harmful to your health. If you set your temperature settings so high, your herb begins to start burning rather than vaporizing. This will most likely cause some issues to the inside of your vape. Avoid combustion if you want your vaporizer to operate correctly and efficiently.

The best way to avoid combustion in a vaporizer is by going the convection route. Choosing a vaporizer that has convection heating will give you an advantage. Convection heating is where your herbs sit in a chamber that is heated to a certain temperature. Conduction heating is where the herbs sit on a coil directly. Anytime your herbs come in contact with the heating source, you will experience combustion. Combustion turns into smoke.

Pack Smaller Bowls

There are two reasons why a smaller bowl will help you use your herbal vaporizer more efficiently. The first reason is that a smaller bowl is easier to pack. It will produce more and better quality vapor. If you are someone who is heavily effected by certain herbs, such as marijuana, then a smaller bowl will allow you to take your time and to prevent from inhaling too much vapor.

Top Three Most Efficient Dry Herbal Vaporizers

Now that you know how to be more efficient at vaporizing dry herbs, here are the top three most efficient dry herbal vaporizers that will help you accomplish it!

G Pen Pro

The G Pen Pro vaporizer is an easy-to-use herbal vaporizer produced by Grenco Science. The G Pen Pro features a sleek, long, black body that is shaped almost like a rounded triangle rather than the skinny circular shape that you see with traditional vape pens. This vaporizer uses a simple interface, which includes a button to power on the device as well as three LED lights that show the different temperature levels.

Unlike many other vaporizers on the market, this one comes with its own tools to help you pack your herbs, clean your herb chamber, and grind your herbs finely. The battery that is built into the device takes only three hours to charge and lasts for around an hour. Overall, the G Pen Pro gives the beginner vaper everything they need to have an enjoyable and efficient vape session.

Boundless CFC 2.0

The Boundless CFC 2.0 vaporizer offers a bit more than the previous version, albeit in a less attractive format. The Boundless CFC 2.0 has a black body that looks similar to a thermometer, with a digital LED display on the front and three buttons that control the power on the device as well as the temperature. The device itself comes with a detachable mouthpiece as well as cleaning tools.

Unlike the previous herbal vaporizer, this vape has precision temperature control, offers a heat up time of approximately 30 seconds, and can hold up to half a gram of your herb of choice inside of its ceramic herbal chamber. This device was made to be durable and can withstand drops as well as pressure if is packed into a small space. If you’re looking for an efficient device that could also take a beating, the Boundless CFC 2.0 vaporizer is the one for you.

Pulsar Flow

Our last choice is the Pulsar Flow vaporizer. The Pulsar Flow definitely a unique design, featuring a metallic, tear-shaped body and a square mouthpiece. Like our other efficient choices, the Flow comes with special tools to keep your device clean and packed correctly. This vaporizer is also a bit smaller than our other choices and is designed to easily fit in the hand of the user.

Although the Flow does not offer precision temperature control or have a display on the front of the device, this vaporizer does come with five preset temperature settings and uses a long, isolated vapor path that keeps your device cool during your sessions. Along with the isolated airpath, the Flow offers a silicone mouthpiece, a quartz lined chamber, and a quick heat up time. If you are into a unique device, you might want to go for the Pulsar Flow.

There you go. Now you have plenty of tips to help you use your herbal vaporizer more efficiently and three herbal vaporizers that are designed with efficiency in mind. Were there any tips that you did not see featured in this guide? Were there some other efficient herbal vaporizers that you would’ve liked to see? Take a look at some of the other guides and vape reviews throughout our website!

Efficiency is key, especially if you want to get the most out of your vaping sessions and avoid wasting any of your herbs. But how do you start and what do you need to do in order to increase your efficiency? If you want to start vaping smarter, here are some tips on how you can become more efficient with your herbal v

How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Using a dry herb vaporizer correctly can dramatically improve sessions, save you weed, and will ensure the longevity of your vape. This guide explains how to use a dry herb vaporizer, from preparing your herbs to cleaning your vape. By the time you’re done, you’ll go from a vaping newbie to a vaping expert. At least where knowledge is concerned, you still have to learn the practical aspects yourself, but at least you’ll be ready. So, enough of the intro, it’s time to get started.

Charge It Up

Most vapes will include a USB cable in their kit, so if you want to charge your vape as quickly as possible, attach the USB cable to a wall adapter if possible, and plug it in. Larger vapes such as the Mighty (Review | Buy) and Solo 2 (Review | Buy) use a proprietary charger.

Some vaporizers use a removable battery or batteries, and if that is the case, then there might be different charging methods used. Typically the battery can be charged separately in a charger, or while it is still inside the vaporizer. If you have a removable battery. You might also consider investing in extra batteries as well since that means you will always have a fresh battery ready when one runs out. Weed vapes typically use 18650 batteries (view on Amazon), but a few, like the DaVinci Miqro (Review | Buy), use 18350 batteries instead.

TIP Plan Your Sessions A session is the amount of time that you vape the herb in the oven. You need to vape all the herb in the oven during that session because attempting to use one oven over multiple sessions will not work. That is because, even after you power down the vaporizer, the oven will retain some heat and continue heating the herb and possibly burn it. Reheating the herb inside the chamber makes that even worse, which means that you could end up with ashy tasting herb. So if you want to avoid that—and you do, then make sure to vape all of the herb in your oven during your session.

Dry herb vaping is easily the best way to use cannabis. If you’ve never tried it before, then learn how to use a dry herb vaporizer right here. ]]>